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FREE   Last of the Last Days  WHY LDS can't? WHAT is the Reason? PEACEMAKER EXCUSES We Make So, I Tell You   "WHY"   NEMO Revelation Given 3/13   DENY GOD   The REASON What They SEE AD Warning Truth Radio Station Ads 43 year old Prophecy NOW   Pretenders   Mark A Man A Prophet Red Moon Hurrah USA at War FAITH  What Does It Mean? "after": Elijah has come Say WHAT? Find the Truth   Index Page  So Simple So Sorry  Signs  Utah Mayors  Revelation 12/1/22  TRUE  A Secret A Test Winds for FALLOUT  WINDS   And much  BLOODSHED      Targets Lawyers   Can You READ     "1"

      Don CLICK HERE  So Explain 2000  So I ask now 9/13/2022 will ANY NEW Revelation SAVE ANY LDS lives? With WAR on our porch? Shake  AFTER Elections 2022 we START the 3rd. YEAR for Biden. Trump WINS Again ADs Damn Servants  SIN Attack Shortly  GOD Visions GOD HIStory  Note Salvation AVOW Them What Who Kills  Life Time Because What are you? "1" $247 for Shelter Why? Sin 25 years ago 6/18=age 77  Preparing Excuses  WAR 19 years Beginning Soon NOW Why Hypocrites Die 381/2 & 1600 Targets A Joke? Passover God in a Box? Proof Many False  Prophets Laugh Say WHAT? DAY WHY God Speaks  Cinderella  Santa  Shake So Explain 2000 WHY Did God YOU $$ Amazing Letters Proof Pro Bias The Elect Slaves  Sealings  Laugh  BLAME   Fight   ANY Sin TRUE END  PHOTO   Why   War  18! 7!!  Truth  SO  You ?    25 TEST  BOOM  NOW   Where  Riddle     WHY SEE 11/22= MISERABLE We Reap The END   Shelters HERE   LAST Days  VISIONS  DOOR to Heaven  To Zion    Prostitutes and Prophecy  RUSSIA  so Who WILL DIE  Mine enemies  10  Racist  GOD IS Racist  GOD IS  Bloodshed    A Prophet  Delayed  Your LIFE Prophecy REAL  Cattle DOOM  Signs Foretold  Last Days  Truth  NO Joke RIOTS  ?   WHO  3:15AM  LDS  Prophecy  Leaders  Letter  $247 For Shelter Joel 2: Trump in Zion Alarm  Soon  911   Death Maps     Lucky Mormons  Milk and Honey & Love To Live  KOG the Truth  Honesty and Hypocrites  Calling Election Sure  Damn Traditions  KILL People  Believe  The Righteous see WHO Abinadi   A Man  Diana  Mormon Polygamy  CHINA Threat What is the Reason  IF BLOODSHED so  Revelation   Servants Do Speak
        Prophecy Delayed  WHO Believes?     Who is Destined To  WOW Millions  Put God in a Box   The FUTURE   WAR Visions   
did God
  Rather DIE  LDS cannot have Zion Kill People  An Apocalypse  Believe 6 7 8 9 Read Carefully Part 10  11 12 END of the Empire 13  14
Discriminating Hypocrites Warned Realize a man with a TRUCK on July 14, killed 84 people in Nice, France. Not a Gun or a Bomb. We cannot forbid or outlaw Trucks. It is belief that's wrong. Believe THE TRUTH
Jackie Biskupski New 2016 
Gay Mayor of Salt Lake City
got 51.55% of the vote. Now God must apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if he does not burn her city SEE HERE
April 19, 2016 The Salt Lake City Council unanimously VOTED to re-name 900 South street after GAY Leader  Harvey Milk. So burn, burnburn, Salt Lake City. July 28, 2016 the US Navy will build a Ship named Harvey Milk, and All of USA will burn also. And with the new $20 Dollar Bill with President Andrew Jacksons photo will be replaced with abolitionst negro woman Harriet Tubman. My Mistake
SEE: Compromise and die. Salt Lake City 35% LDS. Utah is 67% LDS.
3 Million in Utah and A million will die there soon.
What happens to the Wicked.   Salt Lake City Wicked.

I said
  God can see!   EVERYTHING You Do! CLICK HERE. When Music Starts then Click on Photos.
So  Why  Christmas  Life or Bloodshed  A Test 
Santa's DEAD   KI Protection     
2 Months END 3Months left $500  Fight 4 Months left
Bias  Tabernacles   Love  Isaiah SAID  Do you believe the Manifesto? Going TO WAR A Thought Fall of Greece The Mormons Cannot have Zion CLICK HERE  TODAY May 18, 2015 We have
7 Months Left CLICK HERE WAR   Real servants WERE   A Video of the Parowan Prophet  Truth Video Know THIS  The Obvious Read the FUTURE
Last of the Last Days  ADs Ages-Ago
Saturday March 21st. 2015   Traditions KILL People SEE YOURSELF
Minutes Ago Are You One In A Million What is the Reason Russia wants War HERE! Crimea was part of Russia for the past 200 years. Bull Sh*t they invaded them. The USA has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, wanted Syria, now Ukraine= Bankers want to plunder. I say B.S. leave the Ukrainians alone.   
NOT Dead  HIStory of Wars
Noah's message "Get in the boat" My message "Get a Fallout Shelter" before December.
           This WILL Kill You, The War you don't know about!         
Warning my DAILY Letters  About the LEADERS  Newspaper's Stories

11/14/14 @ 11 am. Parowan
Utah .Thus saith the Lord; Ah, this sinful nation of people. Nevertheless I will not utterly destroy all the house of Jacob, but will leave a remnant who will believe my words given. The sinners who ignore me shall die by the sword as they pollute this land.
They say the evil will not come, we are righteous. But the day of the Lord is near. The angels cry day and night for permission to begin the reaping of the earth. Why should I bear with this people any longer?
Be strong my son, all blessings I have sealed upon thy head shall soon come to pass. The scoffers shall vomit their words day by day. I am thy God as a consuming fire, and a jealous God. Amen.on Internet @ 11:14 am. `    

TODAY See This Here April 10, 2014    ClassWarFilms Here
Imperial Decay Here  What went WRONG with the Mormons
171 Year old Prophecy now HERE GOOGLE VIDEO about the WAR see Here

I just tried to order ammunition. None available!4/11/13New Moon tonight, so 14 days to the Real Passover.
Get any ammo you can.
 DO "NOT" be fooled by people who say USA will be saved. God has said: millions will die soon! absolutely! MY ASS! 
12/5 @ 8pm L.D.S. Monson Dies
Soon Read it ALL

  # 1=one  2013= $801 on Christmas "OR" $247 for Shelter
Symbols of WAR! Prelude to December See AL  $$
Milk and Honey  Asian's "OR" Blacks Utah Sheriffs
11/1/13 China Can NUKE USA   Sheriff Owns Obama
Warning TO Live  RUSSIA ATTACKS Near Christmas time Video
December 15, 2012
Shelter made in one day. Bloody Moon
Feb 24, 13 I hope you find a basement shelter before April 25 when the "True" Passover begins.
THE MARK  Everyone should carry a GUN, and be able to defend themselves.  
Nuclear War Comes"Nigh at hand" December
Some things you must know to be able to survive. Joel 2 and 3
The Great Seal of the USA
God's Sign's in the U.S.A. This will open your eyes.
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Diana Princess of Wales
Nostradamus and his prophecies, and some of my prophecies.
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Live or Die Soon - millennium approaches
Caucasian "white" people all over the world, and What makes God mad.
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A Trojan Horse
Visions from the past about nuclear war, and some more survival information your traditions could kill you
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Polygamy and Mormons
Reasons for polygamy and words of Isaiah about plural marriage today
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Flyer For the Month
Maybe "one" from the past, "Dozens" from the years past are available.
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How long do you want to LIVE?
How much do you want to know?         
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                                       This Black Man Speaks the truth Amen CLICK HERE  I love the TRUTH
                           The TRUTH is out about Obama. CLICK HERE A Very smart BLACK man HERE.
                               Why Black (lack) People make good slaves CLICK HERE say's a Black man.
                   The State against Blacks Basic Economics Thomas Sowell a Smart Black! $ Money HOLE                                                      

                 Hot Nukes        A Radio Show sample

  If God inspires you to help His Kingdom, click Donate. 

Amazing , Believe it or Not
Were these False Apostles &
Prophets? Real Prophecy Here 
Mormon said: See the Eclipse 2012 in Utah

Disaster Setup 1/2 USA Aircraft Carriers NOW in One Port Norfolk, VA. March 2013
Just "ONE" Nuke from a Enemy Submarine will take OUT 1/2 the USA Carrier Fleet.
A retired Farmer in Parowan is not stupid! Who is? Another Pearl Harbor? 

Meet the Prophet

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     HIStory shows that most people don't believe a prophet from GOD. Will you? The Prophets Were!
Once Upon a Time Here 
The TRUE Resurrection Morning Here 



Feb 24, 13 I hope you find a basement shelter before April 25 when the "True" Passover begins. PASSOVER Instructions    
Truth Last Warning War in December  Video  The Obvious To You  "IF" SUU News  This Prophet
So who kills the Lawyers?
April 7, 2011 Note to Utah Governor
Chernobyl was a graphite moderated reactor.  The graphite ignited and burned the fuel rods, lofting large quantities of incinerated fuel high into the atmosphere which caused widespread contamination.  The Japanese reactors involved are boiling water reactors (BWR) and use water as the moderator.  Should the cores of these reactors meltdown, it would not cause the same level of wide spread contamination that was seen in the Ukraine and Northern Europe.  Meltdown of the fuel rods of a BWR typically result in the aerosolized release of Iodine 131 (131I), Cesium 137 (137Cs) and Strontium 90 (90Sr).
1/10/2011 @ 4:35 am   And not many days away and Salt Lake City shall shake violently and another river shall appear and flow into the valley. Not the Jordan River from Utah County. But a new river shall begin small and become a large river.
.Say that Salt Lake City shall soon be shaken back to its foundations. Waters shall flow forth from the mountains and the wise shall perish. The wicked to be burned as a new river will appear and grow the seasons. The temple destroyed with the new river of blood. Fire and floods shall make a man cry. Hidden valleys will bring new waters. Good trees will grow upon desolate lands. Fish will swim in the Great Lake. Fishers will search them. The last shall be the first. The deaf and blind will see and hear. The earth will shake and rest. The rest shall be shaken. Women will cry and be happy. And men will be happy to die. And the bees shall search for the fruits of the trees. What is written will be spoken that ye may read. Resist God and ye shall lose. Lose thyself and find God. Blind dogs will eat their own vomit. From ashes will come beauty. The Eagle will be plucked. The bride will show her jewels. So God will rejoice. I come in the fire. Tares in the fire will clean the earth. And trees shall rejoice when the orchard is burned. When smoke is gone. Then men will live. And brides will have a new song. The avenger will rejoice. Prepare for that day. Great stink in the desolate cities. As mountains are laid low. Egypt.s plagues will return..
  Now August 30, 2011 Revelation      Last of the Last Days 
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