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Mayor as a Chosen leader, your people Expect you to LEAD. SO HELP Warn People.

Doctrine and Covenants  88:81

2 Nephi 28 About Nuclear War on Zion

D&C 1:12-38 Nigh, Anger of the Lord
D&C 29:7-21 Nigh, Soon, I will burn them up
D&C 45:31,41 Over flowing Scourge (fallout) blood, fire, smoke
D&C 112:24-26 Wrath, burning, Weeping, My House
D&C 64:38-40 Zion shall judge liars AND hypocrites
D&C 88:81-87 WARN the people, NO EXCUSE, Not many days hence
D&C 101:90-95 HOT Displeasure, Anger, CUT OFF unbelievers
D&C 101:43-66 Parable of Zion
D&C 97:17-26 Unholy temples, Lord's Scourge (fallout) night & day,
D&C 84:55-58 Whole Church under Condemnation
D&C 76:31-35 DENY the truth, denied the Holy Spirit

D&C 45:2 Hearken, lest death overtake you
Hymn 274 The Iron Rod is God's word, and the KEY to hang onto.

PRINT THIS OUT and show others what a Prophet said, "IF" you want anyone to live tell them
to see:      See FREE  and prepare.    

                                            Why Oh, Why? You Must Read This

People make decisions of life or deathwith about as much information as can be put on a bumper sticker.
Their attention span is only a 30-second commercial. Many think they are smarter than God is, and will not listen to a true prophet. They argue with him about what they think God will do,not believing what God has said.
The New Testament can be read in 10 hours, the Old Testament in 40. So 50 hours for the whole Bible. But they who are smarter than God, have not even read what he has said will happen, so that his "kingdom can come." The Bible has 31,124 verses. Of these, 8,352 deal in prophecies of 737 events to happen in the world's history.
God is not going to change HIS-STORY and his words to his prophets just because people are too lazy or preoccupied to read what he has said.

There are many other books of scripture also available to see what God has said to many different people. Because some people can only do basic math, it does not make algebra or trigonometry false or wrong. Because some people can only believe the Bible, it does not make it impossible for God to have spoken to others also.

People will say: "Lord, why didn't you send us a prophet to warn us?" And he will say: I did send many prophets, but you would not hear their words.   I have always sent my servants to prepare those who would listen. It will be evident who has followed the right path to receive my kingdom.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching for all men, yet they persist in unbelief and hold to false traditions. Their hearts are set on the things of this world, and pleasure and honors of men. They ridicule my warnings of mine Holy Prophets, and seek prophets of their own choice to tell them that they wish to hear. The deaf hear nothing when they are warned. The blind see not that which is before their eyes. The scourge that they mock shall consume their flesh, because they would not see and hear.

Like I said, Why, oh, why won't people listen? I have spoken on some radio stations with 50,000 listeners for an hour and not had one single response. They scoff and mock my warning and effort to save their lives. They will get what they deserve, no help at all from God, because they would not listen.

God said in Isaiah 65:12 Therefore will I number you to the sword, and ye shall all bow down to the slaughter: Because when I called, ye did not answer; When I spake, ye did not hear; but did evil before mine eyes, and did choose that wherein I delighted not."  Bless readers with a 6th. Grade Reading ability. 
Jesus said in Luke 19:27 If people don’t want him to rule, then bring them before him to kill them so he can see them die. He wants to watch.

He said in Matthew 10 that he came NOT for peace, but with a sword to kill. 
A sword is not used to butter your daily bread.
Not like a pocket knife, but a big sword. To cut their mortal heads off. That is a bloody job. See Luke 19:27 yourself.