Revelation this weekend below Photos

      Brian Head 1 Ski lift @ 9600 feet high.  Can handle 10,000 people per hour on 9 Lifts. 
       The highest Ski Resort in Utah, 65 runs. Tubing Park also. Get on your SnowBoard.  

     What a Servant of the most High God looks like on Thanksgiving 2008 at Brian Head Utah.

                  Up higher near top of 11,000 feet, in the Clouds and snowing "White-Out"

            Snow blowing at 20 Miles Per Hour.   Can't see very far.   640 acres to Ski, Snowboard.
Above the top of the Ski Lifts near 11,000 feet high. Snow blowing causes "streaks" on the camera.
                        Brian Head Ski Resort has 425 (35 feet) annual inches of light, Utah powder.  

                             "Burr" --Very cold! 5 degrees, 20 MPH Wind. "Blizzard" conditions.  
                                Let's go home to the fire, where it's warm. See this place in the summer. 
   Following:  Cold and wet July 6, 2006  http://www.parowanprophet.com/July%202006%20Photos.htm     http://www.brianhead.com/    
   "Behold thus saith the Lord. The day is come that I will bring my wrath upon this land that has polluted mine words. Ye have forsaken my statutes and judgments. Ye feed and shelter the murders while widows struggle and mourn. Who is foolish enough to take authority over the words of God?
Thy leaders profess they know more than your God does.

Oh Zion, do I not have the right to punish those who forget and scorn mine words? Why do ye oppose mine rule? The daughters in Zion have provoked me to wrath. They covet much and have driven their husbands to labor for wealth, and not for the establishment of Zion.

Ye esteem it worthy to shield the guilty, with crafty defense ye lawyers bring down curses upon mine people. Ye legislate law to circumvent my commands. Therefore your wives shall be given to others. Yea and they shall wear sackcloth, in a time of desolation. The women who are arrogant and haughty shall never have companions, for eternity they shall weep alone.

I have set watchmen to warn, but ye would not hear them.
Your wise men shall mourn; and they shall be cut off, and the summer harvest ended, and their souls not saved. Therefore will I give their wives to others. Because they have no shame, they have no repentance. They are the proud.
Behold they shall be cut off, as I have said before because they will not abide that which is written.
Your children ye have corrupted. Therefore no reason is to save them. They would only further your apostasy. Look now at what is accepted that decades ago were a reproach. Queers roam at will. Women marry not to keep the commandments, but for passion and when that is gone they are divorced. Many marry not for children, but because of children. When that passion has left, divorce abounds. Children learn to serve themselves, their passions and desires, and not the God eternal. Selfish corrupters they are, just like their parents.

Yea, the guilty taketh truth to be hard. Some it cutteth unto repentance; most it hardeneth their heart unto destruction. The faint hearted shall be condemned, as they have always.
Yea fierce battles will I bring. That the fire may cleanse this land of the tares when the field is burned. The time is come that ashes shall blow on the winds, to the death of millions. Yea, I have tried, but ye would not hear mine servant's words.
I the Lord make peace and create evil: I the Lord will fulfill all mine words.
Yea in the beginning I was as the word. Yea, but men worship not my word. They have gods of their own creation and imagination. Woe unto them that have striven against mine word. Because, I have not spoken in dark secrets.
Mine words are plainly written to read with light in this day. Yet men walk in darkness at noonday. They refuse to see what is plain to see. Why should I excuse mine wrath? Those who reject mine word will I reject.
Death shall come from the Sea, and the Sky, and from the Land. When people reject revelation for their good, what else is left but for mine word to come to pass? Desolation's are abound, so the people are worthy of more desolation. Truly shall they reap as they have sown. I will take vengeance upon the wicked that refuse to see. For they will not repent. With so much pride, they refuse to see.

I have striven with this people but they would not heed mine words. Hypocrisy is to profess to obey, yet to ignore my simple commandments. Hypocrites live for today, they consider not the resurrection; to that, as they are now. They procrastinate to become perfect. They shall rise with eternal regret. They reject thee not my son, but they have rejected me and my words ye speak.
The proud have always thought that they are the chosen people. Yet how many times have I had to bring down my wrath upon them because of their selfish pride.

They shall see the fire. Yea, too late shall they seek my face! Anguish eternal shall they regret, because they would not heed mine written words plain for all to see. Zion has polluted their inheritance, so for wrath's have they qualified. My judgment is just. I have no other choice or I would cease to be your God. Mine words stand forever. Oh ye wise hypocrites, shall ye soon feel my wrath.
This whole nation seeks but in vain. They are blind because they will not forego pleasure to keep all my commands. When the wicked rule, the people mourn. Yea look around and see that mine words shall come to pass. They have no respect for what I have already said. Nevertheless my mercy is for those who change. A new start they require. For this life is the time to prepare for eternity. That when they are cut off they have already chosen forever that which is eternal.
After this field is burned,
I shall set mine hand to gather the blood of Israel from the four winds, that they may establish ZionFor Zion shall be built upon the laws of the Celestial Kingdom.
No other people are worthy of heaven but those who obey mine commandments. Foolish men preach false doctrine that all shall be saved. But what shall they be saved for? Some for eternal punishment. Does not my word say so?
Do this people desire to see hell? Then tell them to reconsider my son. They are bound to foolish traditions that their foolish fathers have professed. This has always brought destruction.
I have no mercy for the un-repentant, why should I? They scoff at mine words. Do ye all not reject, those who scoff and mock and reject you? Ye understand not that I am man, though like my father, who also is man. Woman we are not. We can bring down wrath upon whomsoever we will. Woman we are not. Yet ye have ye so feminized your ideas of God, that ye have no fear of man's wrath.

Yet mine servants fear mine words, and why do they suffer your rejections? Because they do my will, other than yours. Oh ye hypocrites, I shall laugh at your calamity, ye shall weep bitter tears for your sins of unbelief. Yet some shall have no time for repentance. They have already sealed their own doom. Believing hearts are required, not death bed regret. Scriptures are plain for those with eyes to see. Be not fooled by those who can quote them for hours, yet understand not, and disobey what is plainly written. Puffed up, traditional in pride they are. They cannot see visions as ye have, for their love is not for mine rule, but for the things of this world. Because ye have forsaken the world,
I speak unto thee. Ye shall reap as ye have sown. Hypocrites are they, and are not worthy of mercy.

They can read what I have commanded, but have rejected me, and others they follow. So have I not the right to punish mine own household? Yea as a Father his family. Yea, Judgment shall begin upon my house. Do people praise a father when he punishes his own? No, they scorn him, so that men have become effeminate and abusers of themselves. Yea, revilers shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Why do they profess all, to enter heaven when they die? Not once have I said that.
Lying hypocrites are they.
The days of the ungodly are at hand. My servants shall seem terrible to those who scorn mine words. Yea Zion shall become very terrible unto the wicked. They shall fear to go up to battle with Zion for the power of God shall be there.
At the words of mine servants shall much destruction come upon them.
Yea those who desire to save their life shall lose it. And those who lose their life for mine sake shall find life everlasting. Mine army shall become great and very terrible unto the wicked of the world. Angels shall go to battle with them and shield them. Fear not even unto death. Angels will escort those who give a willing sacrifice for my kingdom, into this place. Fear not unto death, for I have power over death. But fear him that has power to destroy both body and soul in hell. Be ye washed and clean, that mine army will have faith to do mighty works. Avenge me of mine adversaries.
He that is slothful shall not be worthy to stand.
The end is nigh so prepare your hearts for the sacrifice that will soon come. Be ye clean, ye that bear the vessels of the Lord. This shall be a generation to behold mine glory.

Cease fornication against your God, that ye incur not mine wrath. Great men shall arise to battle with the wicked. I have foreordained some for this cause. The devil shall be bound after his last stand. In chains shall he rule in hell. Yea, even the devils now in hell, believe in the power of God.
Prepare the hearts of those who would become saints, for all of the judgments of wrath, about to come upon the earth. Those that because of their transgressions they may faint not in the day of Jacobs trouble. The keys ye have been given use for the benefit of my people.

Gather into the barn the chosen
and curse those who will not hear. For the time of cursing the devils kingdom has come.
It shall be shaken to the bone. The marrow shall be gone. And flesh shall fall from their bone.

Turn the hearts of the children unto their Fathers, the sons of Jacob-Israel. That the earth may not be smitten totally with this curse. I have said that upon mine own house would desolation begin, so is it all to come true. When I appear I shall come in a vesture of blood, 
             those I have slain. Thus saith, amen, saith your God."

     Leland I got the list done finally, I may have left out one or two, but you get the picture. 
Also at the bottom is an excerpt from part of the letter I gave to my stake President, so he not only heard with his ears he can also read with his eyes, this way he HAS NO EXCUSE and my garments are washed clean.

               All of them are in the Doctrine and Covenants ...have fun!!!!

5:19...Desolating Scourge
19:3-7...fire and endless torment  
31:4....field ready for burning
38:12...Tares to be gathered and burned
43:32-33...Earth to pass away by fire/wicked will suffer eternal fire
45:31....Desolating Scourge/
45:39-42...Vapors of smoke/
49:23-24...Earth to real to and fro as drunken man
63:37......desolation upon the wicked
63:54......Unquenchable fire/
64:23.....burned at his coming
84:56...scourge and judgement
85:3....day of burning
86:7...field ready to be burned
101:24-25...elements to melt with fervent heat/all flesh to be consumed
101:89,90,91...Vex the nation/hot displeasure.
106: 4-5...........theif in the night
109: 45-46......Judgements without measure, day of burning
112: 24-26.......Day of wrath, lamentation, burning, whirlwind
115:6..............Wrath without mixture
124:8,10.........day of visitation
128:24...........great day of the Lord
133:64.........burn as an oven

God is really going to burn the earth with real fire.  You can go on your internet to "parowanprophet.com" and see just exactly how he is going to do that, if you stay there and read with the intent to learn and put aside your false traditions you have been taught all your life, you just might learn something new.  God has sent prophets to warn the people of their wickedness, Nobody ever listens until it is to late, he sent Noah, they didn't listen, he flooded the earth and killed them all, He sent Jeremiah, Lehi and others to warn Jeruselam to repent and they didn't do it so they were carried away captive into Babylon.  He sent Christ, they didn't listen, so the blessing was taken and given to another group.  In fact NOBODY in the scriptures ever believed a true Prophet when they came to warn them of iminate destruction, EXCEPT the people of NINIVAH.  What makes us EXEMPT from that pattern?  Now he has sent another Prophet to tell us how, when and why he is going to burn this place clean, how to survive, where the best places are to be, and nobody is listening, they are just setting around waiting to see if it will really happen or not.  Ask yourself how much proof is enough proof?  Sidney Rigdon seen Christ himself and was shown all the kingdoms and alot of stuff in a vision and he still apostasized from the truth, so seeing is not believing, or he wouldn't have apostasized if he really had believed it.  The Pharisees seen Christ feed the 5000 with 2 loaves and 5 fishes and still demanded a sign!!!  We are showing our belief not by what we have seen but by our actions in keeping the laws of God.  If we get cut off from the church over it, then you can be assured who you have cut off.  It is of no use to belong to an organization that prohibits you from living the laws and commandments of God because they are trying to make themselves look good in the eye's of the world,(see Mormon 8:38) we want no part of the world, we are not ashamed of the gospel and we intend to show that through our actions.