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"TRUE" Helaman 4 and LDS Today in 2022 Helaman 4 here.

Joseph Smith said: "I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon WAS the most correct of any book on earth, AND (and) the keystone of our religion, and (AND) a man would get nearer TO God by (BY) abiding by its precepts, than by any other book." Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith page 194

TODAY in 2022 Few people "really" believe WHAT the Book Of Mormon tells us. In the Book Of Mormon we read Helaman Chapter 4 and WHAT caused the DESTRUCTION OF the People. The SUN comes up every day, AND HIStory REPEATS again, and again, and again. Even IN 2022 We READ Helaman Chapter 4

1 And it came to pass in the fifty and fourth year there were many dissensions in the church, (the church) and there was also a contention among (among) the people, insomuch that there was much bloodshed. (In USA) 2 And the rebellious (rebellious) part were slain (slain) and driven out (out) of the land. (Beginning "NEAR" Christmas time the rebellious part will be slain AND driven OUT of the land of the living.)

(So 7 years of trouble happened, AND THEN)

11 Now this great loss of the Nephites, and the great slaughter which was among (among) them, would not have happened had it not been for (FOR) their wickedness and (AND) their abomination which was among them; yea, and it was (WAS) among those also who (WHO) professed to belong to the church of God. (The Church)

12 And it was because (BECAUSE) of the pride of their hearts, (WE ARE the Lords people) because of their exceeding riches, yea, (WE have "Billions of $$) it was because of their oppression to the poor, withholding their food from the hungry, withholding their clothing from the naked, and smiting their humble brethren upon the cheek, making a mock of that which was sacred, denying (denying) the spirit of prophecy (PROPHECY from a man in Parowan Utah, who has seen and talked WITH God) and of revelation, (Revelations, many DOZEN revelations that can be read on the Internet. NOW In 2022 HERE is "ONE" AND another 20 years apart )

13 And because (Because) of this their (LDS) great wickedness, and their boastings (WE are the Latter-Day SAINTS) in their own strength, they were left in their own strength; therefore they did not prosper, but were afflicted and smitten, (SMITTEN == WHEN Nuclear Missiles begin to kill millions of LDS; along with others WHO DO NOT BELIEVE GOD, and what he says in The Book Of Mormon.)

21 Yea, they (THEY) began to remember the prophecies of Alma, and also (also) the words of Mosiah; and they saw (saw) that they had been a stiffnecked (stiffnecked) people, and that they had set at naught the commandments of God; (AND just followed their leaders INTO HELL with their children.)

22 And that they (they) had altered and trampled under their feet the laws of Mosiah, (Joseph) or that which the Lord (the LORD) commanded him to give unto the people; and they saw that their laws (laws) had become corrupted, and that they (they) had become a wicked people, insomuch that they were wicked even like unto the Lamanites. (They the LDS have Christmas trees that Jeremiah 10 forbids to act just like the HEATHENS who know not (NOT) God. AND do NOT believe WHAT GOD Says. SEE the LDS TREE )

23 And because (because) of their iniquity the church (The CHURCH) had begun to dwindle; (Among "WHITE" Converts) and they (they) began to disbelieve (disbelieve) in the spirit of prophecy and (and) in the spirit of revelation; and (AND) the judgments of God did stare them in the face. (Some people CAN SEE my Prophecies are true. BUT THEY Procrastinate like Alma 34:34-35 tells.)

25 Therefore the Lord (Lord) did cease to preserve (cease TO preserve) them (them) by his miraculous and matchless power, for they (they) had fallen into a state of unbelief and (AND) awful wickedness; (since 1978) and they saw that the Lamanites (Russians AND BLACKS) were exceedingly more numerous than they, and except they should cleave unto the Lord their God they must unavoidably perish. (So hold to the rod, the Iron Rod. In 1 Nephi 8 OR BE LOST.)

26 For behold, they saw that the strength of the Lamanites (Russians) was as great as their strength, even man for man. And thus had they (they) fallen into this great transgression; yea, thus had they become weak, (without faith and true belief) because of their transgression, in the space of not many years." (not many years) END Of Helaman Chapter 4 in the Book Of Mormon.

(NOT MANY YEARS, (44 years) Since Spencer W. Kimball said "he" wanted to give the Blacks the Priesthood in 1978. HE Prayed AND Pled with God TO GIVE the Blacks HIS priesthood.) SEE That HOW come people can not see WITH THEIR EYES? Because they do not (NOT) want to see.

4 For the preparation wherewith I design to prepare mine apostles to prune my vineyard for the last time, that I may bring to pass my STRANGE ACT, that I may pour OUT my Spirit upon all (ALL) flesh—

5 But behold, verily I say unto you, that there are many who (who) have been ordained among you, whom I have called but few of them are chosen. 6 They who are not (NOT) chosen have sinned a very grievous sin, (SIN) in that they are walking in darkness at noon-day. Doctrine and Covenants 95:4-6

Now 9/1/2022 Sincere Leaders "Testify" the LORD "Leads" HIS Church. I ask? Does God want his (HIS) people KILLED in Nuclear War Coming Very SOON! Just MONTHS away from now. 9/1/2022