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To USA. Thus Saith The Lord. Because ye have rejected MY Commands. Your New Moon shall come with darkness and pain and blood. As MY Kingdom is born much blood shall be shed in the land. As MY Servants have told since Adam. Only MY Blood shall redeem the children of Adam.

Those who have rejected MY blood for their sins shall be in eternal Fire. My Coming shall be in Eternal Fire. Soon the SIGNS of MY Coming shall be seen by all men on earth. My GREAT and TERRIBLE DAY of MY Coming WILL BURN men alive. Among the HEATHEN, men will curse their God and die.

The Deaf will not hear my words. The blind refuse to see. Ignorant men rule this people. Teachers are proud and stiff-necked. Everyone wants to accomplish their will, and not what I have spoken in my commandments. Everyone hurries for gain, not for eternal happiness. They will reap Eternal Misery. They who rejected thee shall be rejected, because they have not obeyed my written words to see.

Why do men apologize for what I have commanded? I am God and I will slay the dis-obedient as I will.
Judgment cannot rob mercy. Mercy cannot rob justice. Eternal LAW does really exist on every world I have made. Men live in Eternity, this life is a drop of water in Eternity. How many drops of water exist in all the water of this earth? I know and you do not. Study my words written with OPEN EYES.

Tomorrow the earth will rest for 1000 years. Why do men NOT keep my Sabbath's commanded? Because they strive for GAIN and NOT Eternal Wisdom. Eternal weeping is their eternal reward.
The TARES are now being bound to BURN. I spoke plainly to LIVE BY EVERY WORD out of the mouth of God. Rest now my son. 1/12/22 @ 12:30am Revelation December 1, 2022

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