So who kills the Lawyers  
   Just like the USA today. So who kills the Lawyers? 

“For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.

Yea, and this was not all; they were a stiffnecked people, insomuch that they could not be governed by the law nor justice, save it were to their destruction.”  Helaman 5:2-3

The people in the United States need to realize that there is one lawyer for every 265 people in the USA. That means that for them to have jobs their needs to be fighting, suing, divorce, quarrels, and crime to prosecute. Every man, woman, and child has to support and pay for Lawyers and the legal system. And the Judges and Lawyers make lots of money.  That means an average LDS Ward of 500 people is Paying to support 2 Lawyers, their Offices, Staff, Vehicles, Homes, and vacations. 2 Lawyers PER Ward.

And as Helaman says: “therefore they were ripening for destruction.”

Lawyers Population People/Lawyer 
USA: Lawyers: 1,143,358    Population: 303 Million people = Pop/Lawyers =265
50% of the Worlds Lawyers in the top 7 nations are USA Lawyers. We are “nuts.”
The USA with over 2.5 million prisoners in Prisons, and over a million lawyers means every Lawyer can have two clients, and who pays for their defense? The Public does! Because of taxes needed to defend the criminals. Now just WHO are the crooks? 

Another “Fact” reported last Thursday June 23, 2011 is that NOW! Less than 50% of the babies born in the USA are “white” babies. Colored/mixed/black/brown babies are the majority.

“White” senior citizens are dying out and in another generation the USA will be minority white.
Hawaii, California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Mississippi all now have a majority of NON White babies born. And within 9 more years the States of Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, North and South Carolina, Delaware, and Connecticut will have more minorities born than “whites.”

Right now this minute there are MORE single Black mothers than Married Black mothers. Welfare is paying the blacks to have more kids. And do nothing but get on welfare.  3rd and 4th generations are on Welfare. You and I can do nothing about the Lawyers and the screwed up Welfare system. BUT “GOD” is about to begin his judgments upon the USA because “we” don’t keep his commandments.

And Many, many millions will die. Millions of disobedient “whites” and I hope at least a million lawyers, and many, many millions of the minorities. I don’t push the button to begin the “surprise” Nuclear Attack in December. I don’t even “Target” the missiles and where they will kill millions of people. But I do know what God has said and I believe him.

Do you want to know “some” of what I know? OR just procrastinate away your own life and not even have a look?  See the “Targets” CLICK HERE  to be hit.
In Washington D.C. where the USA Laws are made there are 276 Lawyers for every 10,000 people. Here in Utah we have 9 Lawyers for every 10,000 people. And I am sick of Washington D.C. telling us here what to do. Let’s decide to let God rule and say what is right or wrong. Some of the worst dictators in the world don’t have prison populations like the USA. The “Majority” of Politicians are Lawyers. Who all think they know more than God.
Just ask a lawyer about Caveat emptor: that is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”
Or Pro Bono: “
for the public good”   OR Amicus curiae: “friend of the court”
Now ask the lawyer hypocrites what is a Niger: “Black” in Latin that any educated person should  know. You can always tell when a lawyer is lying, because his lips move.   Some artists idea of Washington D.C. after a Nuke.   


    Actually, I don't think D.C. will look that good. But see what the LDS Prophet John Taylor saw about the WAR.  CLICK HERE  

Start watching your Judges and Lawyers. And insist that they put the Laws AND Commandments in the scriptures first in their decisions OR “impeach” them and run them out of office, and business. The News press people need to begin to use the press. Because the pen is mightier than the sword. An idea whose time has come is just like a sprouting seed.
It has to be nourished or we will never live to see the millennium. God will kill us off and find a very few left who will listen to what he has already said. Hypocrites PRAY Thy Kingdom come, THY WILL be done on earth. Matthew 6:10
But they will NOT do as he said. They don't want Gods will to be done here on earth. The Hypocrites!  

I don’t even have to give you the NEW Revelations that he has given me, because you can read and don’t even want to obey what he has already said for thousands of years. So shut your eyes and then it’s easy to get to see hell.  
Most People, the “hypocrites” say they will die for God. Yup, but they won’t live for him; and do as he has said.
So I say, just go somewhere else and die!   

God has said that the “meek” shall inherit the earth. The “Proud” will be cut down like grass. The high and mighty will go up in those high and mighty mushroom clouds, OR even better they will get a chance to get so sick from all of the fallout that they Puke themselves to death because of the radiation in the fallout. No reason for them to die quickly, let them suffer for 6 weeks. Jesus said in Luke 19:27 If people don’t want him to rule, then bring them before him to kill them so he can see them die. He wants to watch.

He said in Matthew 10 that he came NOT for peace, but with a sword to kill. A sword is not used to butter your daily bread.
  Not like a pocket knife, but a big sword. To cut their mortal heads off. That is a bloody job. See Luke 19:27 yourself.  

The USA NOW in 2011, has 28,000 military people in Korea. The USA Southern Border is just a few miles short of 2000 miles long. We need to bring our troops back from Korea, and the 13 year War in Afghanistan, and Iraq and Lybia. They could stop the 10,000 people every day who are invading the USA.    Revelation 14:10 tells us that people WILL be tormented ‘WITH Fire” and brimstone, IN the presence OF Jesus and his angels.

Because you don’t want to know what God has said or commanded. You don’t want to hear the bad news, that he is fed up with us and will kill us. So you can go to hell where nobody talks about God. It’s plenty hot there.

Revelation 14:11 says: “AND the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever.”   I am guessing that you like it hot.  Revelation 14 goes on to talk about Jesus with a Crown on his head, using a sharp sickle (sword) to cut people down.
It says that the earth was reaped with FIRE. The WRATH OF GOD.
And there was blood everywhere. Because using a sword to cut their f…ing heads off makes for a bloody job. BUT somebody has to do it, so God uses the Angel of Fire, and other angels too.
Revelation 19:11 says that Jesus Christ who is faithful and true, judges and makes WAR and decides who he wants to kill.  That is what wars are for, = to kill people.
Revelation 19:13 says that Christ clothes are all red and bloody, AND the Armies IN Heaven followed him. 
                         I have a wooden sign over the front steps of my home in Parowan, that says
                                                                      Resist God and you will lose
                                           See my Front Porch Photo. CLICK HERE
What idiot in the world will fight God and his Armies? I can tell you for sure. Any idiot who does not believe what God has already commanded in the scriptures that we have. That idiot deserves to die.
If they will not obey God, there is no use for them in the Millennium. Now you have NO excuse, because I have warned you as I have been told to do.  Somewhere in the future, some idiot will shed my blood and pay for my ticket to heaven. He will get to pay forever because I have received the promises of God already.

That’s all that can be done to shut me up. I’ll be back with the Armies of heaven to take vengeance on this rotten world. I’ll come wearing the Crown that Jesus Christ has given me also. Like Revelation 18:20 says that I can REJOICE when God avenges me. 

Like Revelation 5:10 says, Kings wear Crowns in the Kingdom of God and WE shall reign on earth.
Revelation 6:2 says that Jesus Christ our King went forth conquering, and to conquer.
     When you conquer people, you kick their butts and make them servants.

But if you are afraid like Revelation 21:8 says the unbelievers are, then you WILL get to have your part in the lake of FIRE and brimstone coming soon.
Do you want to see what that looks like then CLICK HERE = Romeo 4

Luke 12:46-51 Says Christ will come to everyones surprise, and kill unbelivers. You are going to be beaten. Not just talked to, or scolded. BUT "Beaten" with many stripes or a few. But you are going to get "beaten." Now you understand that you are an unbeliever now. So how long are you going to wait and see if God really means what he said? The Mormons think they will get passed over because they are such good people. But Nephi said different.
He warned the latter-day churches. In 2 Nephi 28:7-on,
 he talks about the good time Mormons. He says they teach false, vain, and foolish doctrines. And they are proud, with stiff necks and high heads. They are PUFFED UP, in pride and the kingdom of the devil must shake. They say all is well in Zion, so the devil leads them down to hell.

See fhe January 10, 2011 Revelation @ 4:35 in the morning on my first HomePage, about the Devils Kingdom in Salt Lake City getting shaken with the earthquqke. Their Temple Destroyed and the wicked BURNED, including kids. 
See how bad it will be CLICK HERE  Proverbs 19:29 says Judgments, and stripes, ARE FOR fools. Are you a fool?

About 2400 years ago, the Prophet Mormon wrote a warning to the LDS today. In the Book of Mormon he said the hypocrites and teachers, HAVE Polluted the Holy Church of God. Mormon 8:38 And in verse 41 he says the SWORD of Vengeance SOON cometh. In 9:2 he says the elements SHALL MELT. Steel, concrete, everything gone with a NUKE!  

Yesterday Friday June 24, 2011 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the death warrant for many, many millions there. Now NY State Law says “ok” to Gay marriage, when God says in Leviticus 20:13 to kill them all. Which he is going to do it himself soon. Thousands of Gay couples will soon be married so millions can soon die. Nuclear FIRE does not just pick out the Gay houses in your town. It gets everybody.
Those 11 million degrees Warheads burning for a few miles across gets very hot. Thousands of Warheads on the USA.
Attorneys in NY all have sworn to uphold State law instead of Gods law. Utah lawyers have done the same.
They say, go tell God to get away from us and we will do what we want.

So I expect almost a million people to die soon here in Utah also. I lost a friend years ago because I said if his son went to BYU and became an attorney he would have to swear to disregard what God has said and uphold Utah State law. Now his son is damned, and he has to obey Utah State law instead of God’s law. I like the kid, but now I have become his enemy because I believe God instead of the Utah Lawmakers. I like a lot of lawyers, but God is going to kill them off himself soon. Just like he has in the past so see Jeremiah Chapter 8.   They are too proud to repent, AND, they think they are smarter than God.

Jesus said those servants who did not obey would be cast into outer darkness. When he comes in glory he will divide the nations, his sheep from the goats. No more race mixing. See all of Matthew 25 Where he sends the goats who are cursed into everlasting FIRE.
See Matthew 25: 31-33, 41    “Hypocrites” say in Matthew 7:21- 29   “Lord, Lord.”

See Matthew 23 what Jesus said about the “hypocrites” among us. And those of you who are smarter than God can just put away all of that Old Testament stuff. Even when Jesus Christ, the King of kings said in Matthew 5:17 that he did NOT COME to destroy the law. He said in verse 18 that every single dot and crossing of the T must be fulfilled.  
All of you Lawyers and businessmen who are smarter than God just see what he has done in the past.
Jeremiah Chapter 8 tells the full story about the “wise” men, who have rejected the word of the Lord. Verse 19 says we have PROVOKED him to anger.
He says we are burnt to a crisp, we are black. And there are NO doctors to ease the pain. 
Actually there are 2000 burn centers in the USA. But most are in big cities that will be hit with the thousands of Nuclear Warheads at 11 million degrees each that will BURN many, many millions of people.
So a cool pool of water to lay in to help ease the pain until you die will become non existent. 

 Do you realize that since Satan beguiled Eve 6000 years ago we have been under the curse of the woman.
God said that in your Bible in Genesis 3:17 but you don’t believe that do you.
So for the past 6000 years a very few men would say: “Dear Lady I love you, BUT I love God more, and I believe him more than I do you. So there is the door if you don’t want to stay and try to keep his commandments.” 

Isaiah said what the problem was about 2700 years ago. He said 3:11-14 Woe to the wicked, women rule and so people make mistakes. And so the Lord will JUDGE the people.  Because the daughters are haughty he is going to scab their heads, and they WILL BE BALD because of the radiation in the fallout. 16-24 And your men are going to die from his sword, and you will weep. 25-26    That is what you have to look for. UNLESS you repent and re- examine your future.
I can tell you from personal experience that until you have cried as much as I have, you are not going to commit yourself to change your own life. And believe what God has said.  

He says the LORD is angry with the people, and their torn bodies WILL be in the streets.  Isaiah 5:25 
Now you readers who have studied my web site know when I think this will happen. Who else is trying to warn you? Probably nobody, because nobody knows what I know or is willing to be so unpopular and called all kinds of names like I am called.

But you see that I
have a friend, and he has called me HIS friend. And he loves me so much that he died for all of my mistakes. He gave me a blessing that no mortal person can take away from me even when they shed my blood. My Savior has promised me eternal life by his side.  Isaiah saw the Lord too. Chapter 6  And John the revelator in Revelations 1:1 as well as King Solomon who had 700 wives. See 1 Kings 11:3 and 9 where God got angry with, because Solomon listened to his wives. Even after God had appeared to him twice. “Two” times.       So when God gets pissed, people will die. 

"Go tell Jeroboam, Thus SAITH THE LORD -Therefore, behold (watch) I WILL bring evil upon the house of Jeroboam, AND WILL cut off from Jeroboam him that PISSETH against the wall. HIM that dieth of Jeroboam IN THE CITY shall the dogs eat." 1 Kings 14:7,10,11
So dogs will eat lawyers, and wise men too, who don’t believe what God has already said that they won’t read.  Did you read Jeremiah 8 yet about the wise men?    (Think about that! HIM that pisseth against the wall. Women SIT down, only Men stand to pee.)
So now go smoke that in your pipe awhile. 

On April 11, 2005 Utah Attorney Robert Henderson said: I will not take the oath UNLESS I really have to. The story is, I hope, well known. Greatly oversimplified, Henry VIII wanted to dump his wife for the divine Ms. Boleyn. The King greatly desired Thomas More's blessing. Unfortunately for all, especially More, the desired blessing took the form of requiring More to state that he believed several things that he did not believe, i.e., that an Act of Parliament took priority over the Law of God, 
that the King could bestow Supremacy of the Church, and that the immunity promised the Church in the Magna Carta and in the King's own coronation oath could be ignored.

Even worse, for More, it required him to state that he believed these things which he did not believe under oath. This More, who embraced the full, rich enjoyment of life, and who surely knew and understood the consequences of refusing, refused to do. To More, life was valueless if he disclaimed his heart by taking an oath he did not believe. As More put it, " . . . first men will disclaim their hearts and presently they will have no hearts.' (Heady stuff, eh? Brilliant. Moving. I've done a lot of bad stuff, but God help me if I disclaim my heart.)

More: "I insult no one. I will not take the oath. I will not tell you why I will not."(Merely stating why he would not take the oath would have, itself, constituted treason.)

Norfolk: "Then your reasons must be treasonable."

More: "Not 'must be'; may be."

Norfolk: "It's a fair assumption."

More: "The law requires more than an assumption. The law requires a fact."

More: "Some men think the earth is round, others think it flat; it is a matter capable of question.
But if it is flat, will the King's command make it round? And if it is round, will the King's command flatten it? No, I will not sign."

More felt so strongly that his life was valueless if he took an oath that he did not believe that he chose beheading and became "A Man for All Seasons," a play by Robert Bolt, a great read that you can easily scarf down in an evening, then later a movie. Paul Scofield won both a Tony and an Oscar for his portrayal of Sir Thomas More. Has that ever happened before or since?

I love sports analogies: I couldn't carry More's jock strap. Let's face it - I am past the apex of a mediocre career.
If pushed, I will take The Pledge. Meanwhile, I hope for the day when my own, private pledge, without reservation, in my own heart and mind and soul, that I "will not deny to any man (or woman) either justice or right" (remember this from the Great or "Magna" Charta of June 15, 1215 at Runnymede on the Thames?) will suffice. I hope for the day of truly equal opportunity, racial, gender, and religious harmony, and widespread prosperity, liberty and happiness.
I also hope for the end to banal "Diversity" pledges, not to mention hoping for Fatherhood, The Love of My Life, and The Runnin' Utes. (University of Utah Football Team.)  Posted by at April 11, 2005 04:40 PM   Robert Henderson, Utah Attorney now deceased. He attended the University of Utah Law School, where he graduated first in his class in 1973

 William Shakespeare wrote in Henry the Sixth, Part 2, Act 4, scene 2:
All: God save your majesty!

Cade: I thank you, good people—there shall be no money; all shall eat
and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.

Dick: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

Cade: Nay, that I mean to do.

Dick the butcher, a character no one remembers, utters one of the few memorable lines from the entire three-part Henry the Sixth cycle. Dick's Utopian idea to kill all England's lawyers is his addition to the promises of the traitorous Jack Cade, who envisions a quasi-communistic social revolution, with himself installed as autocrat. Cade alleges that all lawyers do is shuffle parchments back and forth in a systematic attempt to ruin the common people. His demagoguery is simply a calculated appeal to simple folks' longing to be left alone. Yet one may recognize Cade's moral failings and still sympathize with Dick.

In 1987, three Supreme Court Justices convened for a mock trial, in which representatives of the poetaster Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford (1550–1604), challenged Shakespeare's authorship of the plays. The president of American University in Washington, D.C., which sponsored the event, "drew some nervous laughter from the legal contingent in the crowd," the New York Times reported, "when he yielded to the temptation to quote the world's most-quoted English author (whoever he was) by saying, 'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers. . . .'" Unsurprisingly, the justices ruled in favor of the Bard of Avon.   
God does his own work, he kills the lawyers.

 Back 51 years ago when I was a senior in Bakersfield High School the entire senior class of 1000 kids took the Kuder Aptitude Test. My results came back that I should become a Lawyer.  I thought I could be a good one.  I was so proud and I told my Father.
He said to me
:   Leland let me tell you something about lawyers. They will come up to you and put their arm around your shoulder and tell you that you are hot and sweating. And all the time they will be pissing up your back.   
So I followed my Fathers advice and never became a Lawyer.

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    So do you "really" love God? OR are you selfish? IF you "really" love someone, 'anyone,' then you try to make them happy.

  Jesus said IF ye love me, KEEP MY Commandments. AND IF a man love me, he WILL keep my words.
  See John 14:15-24
  Jesus also said IF you don't KEEP his words, then you don't love him.        
  SO the ParowanProphet says: Quit lieing to God. Because I don't want you to have to go to hell.
  Because 2 Nephi 9:34 says: Wo unto liars, they SHALL be thrust down to hell.

   May 2, 2011 marked the 400 year Anniversary of the printing of the King James Bible we have.
   And we are much "Worse" than the Puritans, or the Pilgrims. Who came to Americe for the love of God.