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I Pass This Flyer Out At Lectures On Nuclear War Survival

Some people don't want to know the future that prophets have foretold about World War III and the seven years of tribulation.

Congratulations you "may" live through it all. By expressing your interest in survival, your chances have improved 100%. I realize that there are as many opinions as there are people. But MOST people will die because of their own ignorance of survival techniques. A prophet is a "scout" FOR mankind. He is to tell what is ahead. Don't quit now! The New Testament (Acts 2:17-19) speaks of the LAST DAYS, dreams, and visions on MY SERVANTS, blood, fire, and smoke (H-Bombs). 2 Peter 3:3-5 speaks of the LAST DAYS, SCOFFERS, who are "willingly ignorant." THOSE hypocrites are as Jude 18 tells us: "There should be mockers in the LAST TIME."


One Medicine  
Plan To Live!


WHEN the surprise attack comes upon the United States you can be prepared. Millions will die because they don't know what to do. They will say, "Oh, I wish I had listened and prepared."

You would not want to be on the Titanic about to hit an iceberg without a life jacket. The cost of one funeral is more than the cost to protect a large family. Some targets are "Hard" targets where the bomb must hit the surface to crater a hole in the earth. Such targets are missile silos, airport runways, industrial areas, hydroelectric dams, power plants, military command and control centers. MANY OTHER targets are "SOFT" target such as our cities, where the bomb will be exploded high in the sky like Hiroshima, to create damage over a much LARGER AREA. Get your self at least 10 miles from any target. Say a missile is launched from a submarine in the Atlantic OR the Pacific Oceans. Russia does have SS-20 missiles that can fly 3,000 miles across the USA. to targets. Suppose a SS-20 comes from 1,000 miles away, you only have about "six minutes" to get protected. so prepare now! a missile from the Soviet Union that comes over the North Pole in one half hour, puts us on the front lines of battle. With a one megaton "Soft" target warhead the bomb will explode from 6,000 to 10,000 feet high FOR maximum damage. The Blast Wave and overpressure will crush all buildings, even skyscrapers for 5 miles out like a giant foot stepped on them. "Ten seconds" after the blast the fireball will be 1 mile across and millions of degrees. Four miles away the wind will be 180 MPH. The flash (50 times brighter than the sun) will last 22 seconds and start fires 20 miles away. People within 7 miles will begin to burn unless they duck for cover quickly.

The BLAST wave moves out at 1,100 feet per second. OR 1 mile every 5 seconds. If you are 10 miles away you only have 50 seconds until it hits you. A house will stand at 12 Miles, BUT the glass windows will "implode" into the house with enough force for the glass to cut you up and kill you. Nuclear Fire is unquenchable. In fact some bombs are hydrogen bombs like hydrogen that is in water.

Matthew 3:12 says: "He will gather his wheat, BUT he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." (Millions of degrees HOT!)

Don't look at the fireball, people 30 miles away CAN be blinded. The mushroom cloud will rise to 80,000 feet (16 miles) and be 25 to 30 miles round in 10 minutes. Fallout begins in 15 minutes very, very deadly so you have little time to prepare. WHEN, the flash of light begins "FALL" flat to the ground, the human body can stand 8 times more force laying flat than standing. While laying flat count out loud to 200 before you get up. If the BLAST wave does not hit you by 200, then get up and look for shelter quick with water for a week's stay.

If a bomb was a "surface" hit then the dirt, steel, concrete, etc. will be vaporized into about 300 radioactive elements ALL very deadly to begin to fallout of the sky when they cool. The hole will be 1/3 mile across and as deep as a 10 story building. About 40+ acres. About 80% of the stuff from that hole will fallout of the sky within 24 hours WITHIN hundreds of miles away. Remember we are only talking about a one megaton bomb. Bomb Blast overpressure of 2 Pounds PER square inch (psi) will crush a house.

Distance Overpressure Wind speed

  • at 1.5 miles 24 psi    600 mph

  • at 3 miles 9 psi     250 mph

  • at 6 miles 3.2 psi  100 mph houses crushed TO Rubble 6 miles from ground Zero= 12 Miles across

  • at 10 miles 1.5 psi    50 mph

  • at 12 miles 1.0 psi     40 mph

5 psi WILL break the eardrums of people. You can see that people within a few miles of the hit are dead, OR have only a short while to suffer. BUT, you can be protect yourself from fallout and radiation.


Fallout is Very dangerous FOR the first few days. Radiation is measured in "R" and 450 "R" will kill the people. The other will be very sick, but may survive. I say "may" survive. Downwind of a surface hit the "R" levels will be 18,000 "R" for 20 miles, 40 miles 1,300 "R", 60 miles 400 "R", 80 miles 130 "R", 140 miles 40 "R." The truth is that MORE people will die a long, slow, painful, death from the fallout. SOME people say " I want to die at the beginning." B-S! They will be hiding just like everyone else, those rotten hypocrites. Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are some of the best studied people in medical history. We now know what to do to prepare for good survival. The human body can take "Some" radiation "R." LESS IS BETTER. A one mega hit produces 1000 "R" PER hour at 1 hour after the hit. Seven hours later it has decayed to 100 "R" PER hour. Seven times that or 49 hours (2 days) it has decayed to 10 "R" PER hour. Seven times that 2 days or 2 weeks it is down to 1 "R" PER hour. THAT is called the 7/10 Rule (remember 7-11 stores.) Cumulative doses add up in your body. Don't get more than 25"R" in one day. 125 "R" in one week, 300 "R" in three months, stay sheltered until it drops to "R" PER hour. You can see that IF you are out in "early fallout" just a short time you can get a deadly dose. Find and fix a shelter now OR be sick until you and your loved ones die a horrible death.

You CAN estimate the bomb size from the flash time.

  • megaton flash 15 seconds

  • 1 megaton flash 22 seconds

  • 2 megaton flash 28 seconds

  • 5 megaton flash 40 seconds

  • 10 megaton flash 55 seconds

  • 20 megaton flash 70 seconds

AS a bomb increases "ten fold" the damage doubles. A 10 mega only doubles the damage of "one" mega, SO you can see there will be a lot of 1 mega hits. A 10 mega hole is 1 mile across and 20 stories deep.   That is a BIG radioactive hole.                                               

     Click Here to see a Fallout Map prepared by the USA Government.

Here I suggest you send for the "Survival Information" that I publish.
Now FREE on the Internet (You are here now)  for a lot of good ideas
that can save your life and people you care about. Be prepared like the Boy Scouts.   Read the radiation "CURVE CHART" at the end of the link below, about radiation sickness.


Shelter is your ticket to the future. Just think where you can get so someone cannot shoot you WITH a deer rifle. Radiation "R" is just like deer rifle bullets. The only thing that will stop them is "mass." You need 150 pounds of "mass PER" square foot between you and the "R" fallout.

Examples: 1 foot thick concrete - even overhead, OR 2 feet of packed earth. You need to un-learn all the foolish stories you have heard over the past years. I'm telling you simple truth, you can survive "if" you prepare. AIR is not poisoned, just don't breath fallout dust. A 50 cent dust mask from a paint or hardware store does the job just fine. Don't let anyone track fallout dust into your shelter on their shoes or clothes; sweep them clean.

The human body puts off as much heat as a 100 watt Bulb. SO, soon in crowded conditions heat will build up in a few hours. You need air circulation of 10 cubic feet per person per minute TO carry off carbon dioxide from breathing and body heat. In a sealed shelter, one "cubic" yard of air is enough for "one" hour for "one" person. BLUE lips and headache show a lack of oxygen.   SHELTER PLANS    


Carbon dioxide build up will be a problem before the oxygen is gone. Normal air is 20% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide. At 2% carbon dioxide, breathing IS deeper. At 4% carbon dioxide, deeper, quicker, some discomfort. At 5%, headache, nausea, labored breathing. 7% to 9% limit of tolerance. People should "lay" still as possible. Take turns "fanning" air into the shelter. Use a TV tray, cardboard, or two people with a bed-sheet to scoop air like a sail into the shelter.


One of the first effects of radiation sickness is nausea, vomiting AND diarrhea. THAT produces loss of body fluids at both ends. Body electrolytes AND fluid can be replaced by mixing 4 teaspoons of salt PLUS 2 teaspoons of baking soda (Arm & Hammer) WITH 1 small package of Jell-O IN ONE GALLON OF WATER. Just a lot of water,juice,soda pop, or beer, will NOT help. You must replace the body electrolytes too! Millions will die NOT KNOWING what you have read here. Save those plastic milk jugs to carry to a hole somewhere. One gallon of water "per" day for two weeks stay. Fourteen (14) gallons "PER" person! Do it now! City water will stop a long time. Drink a lot, that helps flush radiation effects out of your body in urine. When vomiting, just sip fluids at room temperature. USE empty milk jugs to hold urine in a shelter. Men pee in a jug. Women work a similar arrangement (cut the bottom out of one jug). Have a five (5) gallon trash pail lined with garbage bags. Crumple some newspaper IN the bottom. Dung into the can (each person) crumple newspaper over their own business, AND have five (5) ROLLS of toilet paper EACH! When the can is about full, tie off the bag and replace it. Set it carefully aside AND punch a couple of pin holes in the top of bag to keep it from exploding from gasses from decay. WHEN you can, take them outside. BUT NOT in the first few days of deadly fallout.

Don't take aspirin for headache. It makes your stomach bleed when exposed to radiation.
   Use a acetaminophen base like Tylenol, or Excedrin.

A box of 80 baby wipes costs about $ 3 to wash face, hands, underarms, groin, feet, daily while in your shelter, and have some cologne. EACH person have their own plastic cup, bowl, spoon and a little dish soap. Diseases spread quickly in crowded conditions. BUY 100 hour candles for light. A few changes of socks and underwear really make it better. A Bible, good books, AND our survival information about the famine to come, foods to keep you healthy, AND how to make a water filter to eliminate radiation in water.



ALL fallout has "radioactive iodine" which is attracted TO your thyroid gland in your neck like steel to a magnet. Protect yourself now. GET (SSKI) "Potassium iodide", at your Pharmacy. 1 Ounce per person, WITH an eyedropper. Keep it in a cool dark place. WHEN the attack begins and you know that fallout is coming; THEN take 5 drops for adults, 3 drops for kids and 1 drops for infants.(less than 1 year) DAILY for 100 days.      
     For Radiation Protection Iodine 131 and 133  

Twice the dosage does not help. You can put the drops in milk or juice even put the drops on a cracker or piece of bread.
Try not to chew too much. The stuff tastes terrible, BUT it sure will help protect you! When Chernobyl happened in Russia in 1986 the world flew in 1/3 of a million doses. BUT nobody else will help us when the attack comes here. IF you are not protected, you'll probably get cancer of the throat in 10 or 15 years. That's terrible to think of for the youth of today. Kids who are not protected with "KI" and get some "radioactive iodine" WILL be stunted in their growth, BECAUSE the thyroid gland controls growth. There are other medicines listed in our Survival Information as well. IF you can get "KI" tablets, a person needs 130 milligrams DAILY, for the 100 days after fallout begins. KI tablets sell in packages of 14 tablets for $10 to $15 dollars "PER pack. 

People realize that some cancer patients get small doses of radiation that makes their hair fall out. TWO weeks after fallout begins people will start to go bald. Hair will grow back "if" you survive. IF you don't survive, who is going to bury you? People you love OR some stranger who will push you into an unmarked grave?
to Live - Don't Die!

The Lord tells us: "The sword is without, and the pestilence AND THE FAMINE within; he that is in the field (without a fallout shelter) shall die with the sword: (of war) AND he that is in the city, FAMINE and pestilence (radiation sickness and disease) shall devour him. AND shame shall be upon all their faces (because they didn't listen and prepare) AND BALDNESS UPON ALL THEIR HEADS (radiation doses OF 300 "R" makes your hair fall out AND kills about 20% of the people within 6 weeks - See Prophecy today book and sheet 1982 G.) They shall cast their silver in the streets and their gold shall be removed (from backing the USA currency in 1971.) Their Silver AND their Gold SHALL NOT be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath OF THE LORD: they shall NOT satisfy their souls NEITHER FILL THEIR BOWELS (not enough to eat.)"

Bible Ezekiel 7:15,18,19

Smokers and sick, vomiting people NEAR the air exhaust. IF flush toilets available everyone SIT to do all business. You can live days without food, BUT you must have water. A pillow, blanket, toothbrush, comb, some food and just SIT and wait. Learn the patience of Job in the Bible. With a candle and food and water you'll have it made while MILLIONS of smart, intelligent, talented, wealthy people are dying. Just be patient and wait. Some people can go outside for supplies in shifts. Keep track of each person's total doses added up.