More Information -- On Psychological Readiness


Get your head on, "RIGHT" now. Says

Because if you donít want to think about it now, You and those you love are doomed to a horrible death soon. If you think and learn now, then you can prepare for what God said will happen. Some very stupid ignorant people think they are going to change Godís plans that he has shown to HIS servants for thousands of years. No friends, nobody is going to change Godís plans! HIStory will prove he was correct. So get your head on now, and prepare.

The more you learn and prepare the greater are your chances of doing well when the attack begins. As you get ready, you develop the ability to cope with stress that will cause most people to do things wrong, and that will kill them. When the surprise attack begins your survival can depend on what a person does in the first ½ hour. Thirty (30) minutes for your life or death. No time then to sit down and read what needs to be done. When you have a plan, you donít "panic." That can save your life. Make plans and rehearse them. Many people will experience terror when explosions begin. The 1st stage of terror is apathy: people become indifferent to their own safety. Stage two is the compulsion to flee. Terror in contagious, think of a fire in a theater, everyone can get out in an orderly quick plan. But some people have terror and rush and overcrowd the door way. Some people get crushed and trampled on and they die under the feet of the mob with terror. There is no food shortage now, so stock up on the items you need. Some stupid people who think they can force others to feed them when things get hard may get shot. They have their toys now and wonít listen to the prophets, they deserve to get really hungry. There will not be help from outside your community. Everyone will be in the same mess. Millions will become disparate and will begin to loot and be law breakers. They will have to die by the millions.

Emotions will swing wildly, shame and guilt will be common. Terror and apathy will result. Get families protected, and then individuals will work on projects to help others. Get routines to stabilize people in the midst of all the chaos and confusion. Bravery is not lack of fear, but fear controlled by the circumstances. To be able to keep "Priorities" correct. People with knowledge can cope well, so make many copies of my "Priority List." My web pages give you a "Key" to the future. Study them. "Keys" are knowledge,  no keys, and ignorant people will die.

Reassure the children now that you wonít leave them, or get yourself killed off by some stupid mistake because you waited to long to prepare. Plan your response when you hear the attack has began. Everyone should know what to do. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Where is the best shelter for all of you for two weeks? Do you have water stored? Do you have blankets for warmth while the power is off for months? It will be a long cold winter here in the USA, after the attack begins. Do you have food to last? How will you deal with human waste, when no toilet works for weeks with the city water off. Do you have several months supply of toilet paper? You must have lots of Garbage bags, Candles, matches, salt, soda, Jell-O. Absolute necessities! You must have.

Remember that meat in cans or dried, both take a lot more water to digest. Plan on more starchy foods. Cereals, potatoes, rice, Noodles, macaroni, and raisins, nuts, dried fruit.

The more sudden the attack the greater the trauma for more people. Now you know what will happen. Donít kill yourself out in fallout helping people who just laughed at you. Make a list of things to do and give it to them, and go get in your shelter. Some lying hypocrites who say they want to be the first to die now, they will be the first to try to take your shelter and life away. I have said in other flyers to have Guns and ammo to protect yourself. Everyone has the right to self defense.     Eliminate them if you are in danger of them.

I can tell you now so that you will know that when you see the mushroom cloud. That if you didnít know that it carried death with it, that you would think if it, as one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. They are orange and purple and green, yellow, red, blue, every color imaginable all mixed and changing. The flashes of lightning and the colors. The thunder. They really are beautiful to behold, except that you know that it means death.

Now that I have given you some "Keys" for your survival. Share this information with others. Get discussion and survival groups started. God has revealed what will happen soon. SO Prepare now.

When you know what to expect, as you have now read, there is no surprise. Nothing to be afraid of, you can keep your head on the right priorities to save your life, and others too!

Because there will be no available outside help most people will not have the proper survival information. COPY MY Priority List of information for them, IF everyone will make just 25 copies for others, SOON everybody will know what to do. Look at the math! 25 people make 25 copies each =625 copies passed out.

Those 625 people make 25 copies for others and 15,625 copies are passed out and it has only been copied twice. IF those 15,625 people make 25 copies to pass out = 390,625 people are told how to make the correct decisions. AND only 3 times it has been copied. A copy, of a copy, of a copy, 3 times is a good copy to read. And you have helped over 1/3 of a million lives to live.

Study all my web pages well, "IF" you want to live much longer.

Most people are double minded people, a little religion is enough. Repentance means a change of your heart. What you really love. Praise, money, and friends with the world, or God.

The Apostle James tells us: Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleans your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.   James 4:8-10