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Radiation Sickness Symptoms Nausea and VOMITING,  Diarrhea   Bloody Diarrhea at the last.

Blood counts = Normal Range No Exposure to fallout  

White Blood Cells = WBC- 3600 to 10,600 ...fight infections

Neutrophils = NE- percent, 39.7 to 70.9 % remove bacteria

Lymphocytes = LY- percent, 20.4 to 48.9 % form antibodies

Platelets = PLT- 140,000 to 440,000 1st stage of blood clotting

Red Blood Cells = RBC- 440 to 580 Billion Carry oxygen in blood

Hemoglobin = HGB- 13.3 to 16.7 carry oxygen ON the red cells

All Cells BEGIN AS stem cells in the bone marrow, so if your bone marrow is destroyed from to much radiation exposure then you are doomed to death. How much time you have to live depends on how much damage you have received. Protect your chest to your knees as the most critical area of your body. More marrow is made there.

One person with hospital equipment can read and diagnose 200 people PER HOUR. So check the sickest people 1st. And you can estimate times till death, and make plans for their removal.

All the Stinking bodies I have seen in vision are really gross!

People who only have 50% Lymphocytes AND Platelets, can expect death soon, so don’t waste medicine on them.
At 50 R blood changes begin to happen. LY, are the 1st to go. PLT, take a few days to drop. 100 R and some people will vomit. Initial phase 1 to 2 days. Latent phase after sickness, up to 2 weeks things seem fine. THEN sickness reoccurs, and progresses. Hemorrhage, infection, dehydration, blotches on the skin, bleeding at every hole in your body. Hair falls out. Fever, sore throat, sores in your mouth, penis bleeds, nervous system collapses. Pneumonia, lapse into coma, and death. Rot! Dead bodies "really stink", the ammonia from the decay will make you gag, retch, vomit, throw up. Oh! It is horrible! !

   RADIATION EXPOSURE:      It is NOT contagious, passed from person to Person. 
Each person will only get sick from their own exposure to fallout.

A person with 200 R, the latent phase declines. At 400 R only 1 week until sickness reoccurs. At 450 R about of the people will be dead within one month. That is called the Lethal Dose, the LD of 450 R.  
A key to survival is how soon are you sick? See below.

Don’t be discouraged, your hair may fall out and then grow back if you live. Convalescence may take a year. So prepare now.
IF you can live for 6 weeks, you probably will live IF you get no more exposure. Wounds will be very slow to heal.

Read all my web pages and know what to expect and how to live
fallout rate chart.JPG (34268 bytes) This chart made 1995
NO COST NOW ON THE Internet. I had to charge $13 decades ago to cover the printing costs for the Survival Information Packet. With the Internet I give it all away. 
To explain this chart,
THAT "1" Hour After a bomb hits the "R" in the fallout is  1000 "R" PER HOUR. And 450 "R" will kill 1/2 of the people. So if you are in the fallout for 1/2 hour then 1/2 of the people exposed will die from that exposure. That is the tall column to the left of the chart.   You can see the "Radiation" power drops rapidly,    SO THAT when 7 (seven) hours have passed it has decayed down to 100 "R" Per hour. AND if you are out in the fallout for 1 hour you will have blood changes take place in your body.  We see the curve goes down and across the chart until at 48 HOURS (2-days) after the bomb hits the"R" has decayed to 10 "R" PER HOUR.
IF you spent 5 hours out side you will have blood changes happen. 10r/hr X 5 hours = 50"R" 

You need to stay sheltered until the rate drops to 1/2 "R" PER HOUR.    Do not fool yourself about the QUICK DROP in radiation, That is  measured PER HOUR, , SO "IF" you are out in new fallout a few hours after the explosion, and exposed for a couple of hours you get a deadly dose.
They are hundreds of miles from the Target that is hit. The fallout does not get to them on the winds that blow UNTIL 7 hours after the hit. IF they are not sheltered as the fallout arrives they are getting 100 "R" PER HOUR    "PER HOUR"    PER HOUR   That is BAD

SO if they just ignore it in a few more hours they have gotten a deadly dose, and it  will be days before they realize it and they will be dead within a month.
IF YOU are 1 day away from the explosion, and are unsheltered---you can get a dose of 50 "R" PER HOUR- and a few hours of exposure and you are walking dead meat ! ! !

I realize that some people will have to expose themselves to some"R"    Life must go on.  SO IF they will limit their daily exposure to 5 OR 6 "R" PER DAY-At most. They will be able to accept that daily exposure for about 2 months. BUT they "MUST" be sheltered at  night with "0" exposure.  Police, Truckers, Military, Medical people are a few.   Over 350 R in a week and you have a  50%  chance of death within one month.     
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  Radiation Effects "REM"=Radiation= "roentgen equivalent in man."  Radiation Effects on humans How soon are you sick?  
5-20 REM (.05 – .2 Sv)   
No directly observable physical symptoms. US annual Federal Limit for workers to radiation exposure is 5 REM (.05 Sv).
20-50 REM (.2-.5 Sv)   No noticeable symptoms by the exposed person. Red blood cell count decreases temporarily. @ 50 REM.
50-100 REM (.5-1 Sv)   Light radiation poisoning, 10% fatality after 30 days (LD=Lethal Dose 10/30). Typical symptoms include mild to moderate nausea (50% probability at 2 Sv), with occasional vomiting, beginning 3 to 6 hours after irradiation and lasting for up to one day. This is followed by a 10 to 14 day latent phase, after which light symptoms like general illness and fatigue appear (50% probability at 2 Sv). The immune system is depressed, with convalescence extended and increased risk of infection. Temporary male sterility is common. Spontaneous abortion or stillbirth will occur in pregnant women.
200-300 REM (2-3 Sv)   Moderate radiation poisoning, 35% fatality after 30 days (LD 35/30). Nausea is common (100% at 3 Sv), with 50% risk of vomiting at 2.8 Sv. Symptoms onset at 1 to 6 hours after irradiation and last for 1 to 2 days. After that, there is a 7 to 14 day latent phase, after which the following symptoms appear: loss of hair all over the body (50% probability at 3 Sv), fatigue and general illness. There is a massive loss of leukocytes (white blood cells), greatly increasing the risk of infection. Permanent female sterility is possible. Convalescence takes one to several months.
300-400 REM (3-4 Sv)   Severe radiation poisoning, 50% fatality after 30 days (LD 50/30). Other symptoms are similar to the 2–3 Sv dose above, with uncontrollable bleeding in the mouth, under the skin and in the kidneys (50% probability at 4 Sv) after the latent phase.
400-600 REM (4-6 Sv)   Acute radiation poisoning, 60% fatality after 30 days (LD 60/30). Fatality increase from 60% at 4.5 Sv to 90% at 6 Sv (unless there is intense medical care). Symptoms start half an hour to two hours after irradiation and last for up to 2 days. After that, there is a 7 to 14 day latent phase, after which generally the same symptoms appear as with 3-4 Sv irradiation, with increased intensity. Female sterility is common at this point. Convalescence takes several months to a year.
The primary causes of death (in general 2 to 12 weeks after irradiation) are infections and internal bleeding.
600-1,000 REM (6-10 Sv)   Very Acute radiation poisoning, near 100% fatality after 14 days (LD 100/14). Survival depends on intense medical care. Bone marrow is nearly or completely destroyed, (No health in the navel OR marrow in the bones) so a bone marrow transplant is required. Gastric and intestinal tissue is severely damaged. Symptoms start 15 to 30 minutes after irradiation and last for up to 2 days. Subsequently, there is a 5 to 10 day latent phase, after which the person dies of infection or internal bleeding. Recovery would take several years and probably would never be complete.
1,000-5,000 REM (10-50 Sv) "Fatal" radiation poisoning, 100% fatality after 7 days (LD 100/7). An exposure this high leads to spontaneous symptoms after 5 to 30 minutes. After powerful fatigue and immediate nausea caused by direct activation of chemical receptors in the brain by the irradiation, there is a period of several days of comparative well-being, called the latent (or “walking ghost”) phase. After that, cell death in the gastric and intestinal tissue, causing massive diarrhea, intestinal bleeding and loss of water, leads to water-electrolyte imbalance. Death sets in with delirium and coma due to breakdown of circulation. Death is currently inevitable; the only treatment that can be offered is pain therapy. 
>5,000 REM (>50 Sv) 100% Fatality. Death, typically within 48 hours.

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