I would give anything for a drink of water.

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Water Filter Plans

The best deal I have ever seen is at Wal*Mart (September 98) They have on sale a 20 Gallon Tote Box, made by STERILITE, for $5.00 So for $10 get (2) and have water for 40 days at one-1 gallon per day. They are built strong and you can store 160 pounds of water. So you can’t drag it around very much. Get 2 for every person in the family. Have 40 Gallons to drink, so they don’t have to die. Water is heavy. 8 pounds per gallon.

The problem of storing enough water is BIG! For most people the hot water heater, and Bathtub full when the attack begins, will not be enough water to last. So dig a hole in the yard, about as big as the bathtub, BUT 4 OR 5 feet deep. Line it with cheap wall insulation, the Paper side to the dirt. The fibreglass to the inside of the hole. Then 2 layers of 10 mill clear plastic. It comes in rolls 20 feet wide, when unfolded. You are making a big bubble of water in the ground. Fill it and tie the plastic at the top like a garbage bag. AND lay a sheet of plywood over the top. When no other water is around you can uncover it and drink. Oh ya, how great to have a drink of water.

Plan to store enough water for 100 days. OR you may get real thirsty. A small rubber hose 8 feet long, with a weight on the end to sink it in the bag, WHEN you fill it with water, will allow you to suck a drink out of the bag and never untie it. Medical surgical tubing works well. Just bunch the plastic "around" the plastic, or rubber hose, so it does not restrict you sucking the water out. That will leave you about 4 feet of hose to be sticking out the top of the bag. Just cover it under the plywood. And have a drink when you need it.

IF you do not have a yard, and plan to stay in a basement shelter you can put a"FEW" trash bags in a pillowcase, and fill it with water. It will be about 5 gallons, and 40 pounds. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Bleach per 5 gallons of water. Just Gooseneck the top and tie it for storage. Bigger water bags can be in a gunny sack or duffle bag, BUT they are heaver. Even use new garbage cans triple lined with trash bags. Real heavy, and can’t be moved. WHATEVER you use, put about 12 drops of "hypochlorite (5.25%) Bleach" PER gallon of water when you store it away.

IF, you do not prepare water now you may be like Isaiah 36:12 tells us "...that they may eat their own dung,(shit) AND drink their own piss,(urine) with you?" SO IF you have to drink piss, boil it before you drink it.(King James translation of the Bible)

Save those empty liter pop bottles now. Or Milk bottles, water weighs 8 pounds PER Gallon. Do not store water in Glass containers. To disinfect new water, put 3 drops of Bleach PER Quart of water, shake it, AND WAIT hour before you drink it.

To measure 3 drops, "dip" the teaspoon "into" the Bleach, so it is wet. Carefully pour out 90% of the Bleach IN the spoon. Very slowly you can count the 3 drops into a quart of water, stir it well. Give it time to kill the germs, AT least 1/2 hour. Water stored for a long time is flat. Pour it back and forth a few times to get air into it. And flavor it with tea, bullion, Kool aid, Jell-o, pancake syrup, vanilla, jam, or anything you like. That masks over the Bleach taste a little bit.

Do NOT rely on water purification tablets, they lose their effectiveness 2 or 3 years after they are made. Just like OLD Bleach does not work well. BOIL, water for 2 minutes kills Bacteria. It takes a 10 minute BOIL, to kill other rare infectious organisms. You may recall 1993, when thousands of people in Milwaukee got very sick, from "cryptosporidium cyst in the city water, and more than 100 died. To Start with clean water, is better. You cannot boil out radiation, OR disinfect it out. Chlorine Bleach does not help.

Water is cheap and easy to store now. Start an effort, and God will help you. Sit on your butt, and expect no help from God at all. You "must store" some water now. Because if you have to go tracking out into the fallout, I promise you eternal regrets.

You can even put a water bed in the basement corner, up on a platform, 3 or 4 feet high. You can fill it with a garden hose from the drain spout on the water heater. But you don’t want to fill it with HOT water. Turn the water heater OFF, and fill the bathtub with "Just" HOT water. By the time it is full the water will be cool enough to fill the waterbed. It will hold about 40 to 50 gallons of water. Pour the Bleach in before you hook up the water filler. Sleeping under it gives more protection. As you are drinking the water, the radiation in fallout outside is getting weaker. IF you do as I say. You can siphon the water out with a small piece of plastic hose 4 feet long and never spill a drop. Put the hose into the water "to" the mattress bottom, suck till you get water in your mouth, bend the hose tight, about 6 inches FROM your mouth. NOW IT IS SEALED TIGHT. Lower that end "below" the mattress BOTTOM, "Release" the Tight Kink in the hose and you have a siphon! Be careful the water will squirt out. As you lower the end, the water flows. Raise it, it stops. Get a piece of hose, and learn now, how to siphon. They sell clear plastic hose at Hardware stores, about 20 cents per foot, 1/4 inch works great. I carry 8 feet in my travel kit. If a pond is polluted with fallout, you can "dig a seep" near the edge, 3 feet deep. And when the water "seeps" through the soil, "into" the hole you can put your hose to the bottom for a drink. But the hole must be covered from new fallout. You may have to wait a few hours, for the water to seep through enough for a drink. It depends on how porous the soil is where you dig the hole.

WHEN things blow up, go outside and shut OFF the city water. Then as you empty your HOT water heater, it will not be contaminated by water that may have fallout in it. Turn OFF the heater so it won’t overheat as the water leaves and start a fire. Open a faucet somewhere, so the water flows easy from the heater tank, as you take it out. Check the valve, at the drain, NOW! Maybe you will have to replace it, so it works good. Turn Off all utilities WHEN the attack begins.

I will not try to promote any water purifying devices. Check yourself at some Outdoor, Backpack, Hiker Travel Store. Some are expensive, BUT WILL purify thousands of gallons, to drink, (1) quart at a time. I have had one in my travel pack for many years. BUT they don’t create water from nothing. In a real emergency, filter water THROUGH 6 paper towels, all stacked together. It is much easier to do with 2 people, one to hold the paper towels and one to pour the dirty water. THEN, you have to kill all the germs in it. And get the radiation out. The best plan is to plan. Bless you, make a plan, NOW!!! I have hot water heaters hooked together, the water just flows through, only the last one "heats" the water now. BUT, I have more in house storage that way. See Isaiah 65:13

See my "water filter plans", in the Nuclear War Survival Pak. I show you how to make a filter, to take the fallout and Gamma Rays out of melted snow, or lake, or stream, and pond water. Even City water that’s polluted. You do have enough sense to know you can get thirsty.
See what Isaiah 65:12-13, tells us about thirsty people.

"12 Therefore will I number you to the sword, and ye shall all bow down to the slaughter: because when I called, ye did not answer; when I spake, ye did not hear; but did evil before mine eyes, and did choose that wherein I delighted not.

13 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, my servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry: behold, my servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty: behold, my servants shall rejoice,
but ye shall be ashamed:"   Isaiah 65:12-13 

   WATER WATER WATER Just test yourself now. Have Nothing to drink until tomorrow.

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