Introduction of the Parowan Prophet

Dear friends,

Ask any child what is a prophet and they will say someone who tells the future.  Because I live at 6000 feet elevation in Parowan Utah (Isaiah 2:2 AND Micah 4:1) theNews Media has called me the Parowan Prophet. I have spoken to millions on the radio in the USA and Canada, Australia, and the UK.  I have a dozen children six sons AND six daughters.  While flying my plane home from one of my farms in another county in Utah I crashed in my airplane AND was in a "coma" for (3) weeks and learned of World War III. SENT Back to warn people.
I farmed thousands of acres in California and Utah.

The words of all God's prophets are true.  My Father in heaven reveals the future.  I am only sending A FEW of the many scriptures that I understand are about to happen. 
I have foretold a number of events in the past, from the visions that I have had. And things keep happening. My father named me Leland F. Freeborn. The Media calls me the Parowan Prophet.     And I live at 111 East - 100 North, on the corner in Parowan, Utah 84761-1000   VIDEO about me Clip HERE from the National Geographic Channel. GOOGLE  And YOUTUBE Parowan Prophet OR Parowan Prophet Video's   THE Surprise ATTACK in DECEMBER     I hope you are prepared. OR you will DIE.

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The Parowan Prophet
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The Sickle that will Reap the earth as in Revelations Chapter 14: 14-20

Nostradamus said in the year "1550"
Quatrain 1:64  The pigman
"At night they will think they have seen the sun, (nuclear fireballs) when (now) they see the half pig man: Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.   The brute beasts (men) will be heard to speak." (on their aircraft radios.)
(His vision about 450 years ago he thought the man was half pig wearing a gas mask.)

     Hammer and Sickle to reap the earth.

Nostradamus words of prophecy CLICK HERE