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Use the beverage of the Gods = Water. CLICK HERE to see about Gods coming here to this earth.

The ancient Celts centuries before Christ ate Kraut. The Vikings took it on long voyages and never got Scurvy. But by the middle ages that was forgotten. By Sauer Krauting you keep Vitamin C content. Cabbage is also high in vitamins B1, B2, B3, and D. The University of Utah has shown that Kraut in the diet reduces Colon cancer in men and breast  cancer in women. When your Kraut is just a week from the start.
Make Kraut soup
; it’s mild because it hasn’t fully Soured yet.
Just boil it 4 minutes. With an Oscar Meyer Weiner. Some sausage or any meat that you want. Fresh Parsley has 100 times more vitamin A per ounce than anything else.
So have a little in all your soups.

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Sauer- Kraut (sour Cabbage) at its best.

In the FALL when Cabbages are harvested make yourself some FRESH homemade Sauer-Kraut. Shred the cabbage as soon as you can after you pick it or buy it. Peel off outer leaves down to the firm head. Cut a cabbage into quarters and cut out the center hard core.
A- 5+
Pound Cabbage will make about 2 quarts of Kraut. So get a
1 Gallon
glass jar. Shred of the cabbage and drop into the gallon jar.
Slice it about as thick
OR thin as a QUARTER. $ The Mandolin works OK for small 3 # cabbages. Then sprinkle 1 Tablespoon of Sea Salt (Non-Iodized Salt) and mix it with your hand in the jar. Then add another shredded and another spoon of Salt. Mix it. Then do it again so you finish with all the 5+ pounds of cabbage AND Just 3 Tablespoons of Sea Salt, OR Kosher Salt. I use Morton Pickling Salt 30 cents a pound. A 4 # box last a long time.
It will do 200 # of cabbage and brine.
Pack it firmly in the jar so the salt will
draw the juice out of the cabbage. Your fingers will taste slightly salty, but good with the cabbage juice on them. Rule of thumb is 1 part Salt to each 2 # of cabbage. The gallon jar will be about half  full. Then make some brine yourself BY boiling just one quart of water AND 1&1/2 Tablespoons of Salt. Let it cool and then pour it  into the gallon jar. And it covers the cabbage with salt brine.    
I like to “fork” out a piece to taste it
as it’s curing. I have try to control myself not to eat the whole batch up myself. Allow as much as three 3 weeks for the fermentation process to work. As bubbles and scum begin to form, remove every few days. The fermentation process is complete when bubbles and scum stop forming on top of the brine.
Naturally Fermented Pickles are (pickles, and sauerkraut). When the Vegetables are covered in a salt-water solution known as brine for one or more weeks. The Rule is 5 # of Vegetables PER Gallon of space.
   The salt concentration inhibits spoilage microorganisms
at 65 to 75 degrees without retarding the development of acid-producing bacteria that are necessary for fermentation. The salt draws out the juices and sugars and as the vegetables (carrots-beets-cauliflower-even fruits) sit in a solution they ferment to produce lactic acid.  
                         You can '
Pickle' (cure) everything.
It works with the natural lactic acid bacteria, to produce enough acid for flavor and preservation. Things can pickle with
no spices added.
10% brine (very strong) is the strongest Salt brine ever used in food preservation (1/1 2cups) salt in (1 gallon) of liquid. That equals 6 Tablespoons of Salt per Quart of water. It is too strong for me.
So use the correct amount for the food used to cure.  
Use vinegars 5% to pickle fruits. You can enjoy the fruit still.
Some Salt adds flavor and heightens existing flavors, even in sweet fruits. Very light salt on a apple. We add salt to enhance flavor of all foods and Buttermilk. Sea water has about 200 times more salt than fresh water. Less near The Artic. Sea water is like a glass of water with a Teaspoon of salt. Oceans are about 3% salt.
Except where large rivers dilute them to 1%.

I have said before that I have grown thousands of tons of tomatoes
and melons. Here is a picture of just 2 of my sons on a 25 ton truckload of tomatoes.
       Just how many melons are there in 500 truckloads? I grew 40 acres of Honeydews each year. That is 1/4 mile square. Lots of melons. I have also grown Cantaloupes, Casabas, Persians, and Watermelons also. Hundreds of acres and thousands of tons every year. 
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              Photo of Scott and Tyler
in Melon field. 

Pickled Fruits Do you like the 'Ancient Persian Apples?'= "Peaches" White peaches dry much sweeter.
Fresh Cherries pitted and halved and dried are really good. 3 # fill 1 Rack of mine. And When you have loaded 1 rack "Cherry-Red lips" has real meaning.
Peaches and Fruits are good pickled like this. Cut the peaches into halves. Then put them in boiling water for 1 minute. Take them out and slip off the skins.  OR just wash them well. I like to just leave the skins on.        We don't eat enough fiber in our diet today.
I can chew.
Lots of flavor is close to the skin. I also do pears, plums, tart green apples the tree sheds (drops) itself, and melons also. Mix this for 2 quarts of Ripe halved peaches = About 8 large peaches. 1st. into a blender;  2 cups of Cider vinegar.
2 cups of ‘Brownsugar.  teaspoon of powdered cloves, (Fresh-‘open’ a new container) 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon, teaspoon of powdered ginger, 1 teaspoon of Allspice OR leave out the Allspice and use Pumpkin Pie Spice for variety. THEN 1 cup of very HOT water from boiling the peaches for 1 minute. Blend 1 minute.  Then get this mix to a boil and put in the peaches about four-4-minutes till a fork slips in and out easy.
Then put the peaches into 2 jars. And then pour the syrup into each jar and cover the Pickle Stone. I use a Pickle Stone from the creek to hold the fruit down so take a jar when you go to pick out your nice stones.  Refrigerate, and eat them after 1 week and for a month. To keep them longer boil them for 10 minutes and seal them. Like normal canning. They will be good for years. I have some things made over 20 years ago. 
August 2017 I have Cherries bottled over 40 years AGO THAT HAVE BECOME CHERRY juice. all the seeds are AT THE BOTTOM OF THE JAR WHEN SHAKEN. The Juice is GREAT.  AFTER 40 years in the Cellar//Basement at 60 degrees.
            They are real Great! On a cold winter morning.  
Just drop the Cinnamon and then double the Ginger and you have ‘Chinese Ginger’ peaches. They grew Peaches in 2000 B.C.  
You then have ‘pickled peaches’ OR Fruits for desert. Few people do! You are an exception- You come here to my web site. The two methods of pickling are fermentation and fresh pack pickling. The primary preservatives in both methods are brine and vinegar. Spices, sugars and herbs are often added to give specific flavors.
My Grandma Freeborn came to California
in a wagon. And she made a lot of Watermelon ‘rind’ pickles. Cut the hard Green skin off the rind. then cut into 1 inch chunks and Use the ‘Peach recipe.’ We ate it all, both sweet and sour. Rinds in 1 inch pieces, and grapes and fruits. Many quarts;
       I remember sneaking into them when I was a little kid.
I am now sure  that she knew what was going on. She just found more empty jars in the cellar each week. It was ‘Cooler’ down there at 65 degrees in the hot California summers at Buttonwillow west of Bakersfield.  

The acidity of pickled products is important because it helps prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum. Only recipes with tested proportions of ingredients should be used in pickling. The proper proportion of
Salt to the ingredients should never be altered. Any  brined pickles or Kraut can be fermented in stone crocks, glass jars and bowls, and food-grade plastic containers. Use a 64 ounce Plastic Juice bottle. Just cut the top off. Save it if you need a funnel.
Wal-Mart sells
a 1 Gallon Glass Pickling Jar with lid for $8  
A 2 Gallon Jar
for $13 with a lid; but while it’s curing Kraut or Vegetable pickles just cover it with a towel. OR have a mess.
seal it with the lid while curing. OR it can explode.

Put a plate on top of the kraut and weight it down with a quart jar full of water. The best Kraut is made at 70 to 75 degrees while it is fermenting. That takes about 3 weeks. A couple of times each week skim the scum off the top of the juice with a spoon. Cover it with a towel to allow the air in and the fermenting gasses off.
Don’t explode it.)
You will get to
see it bubble in the Gallon jar as it is curing.  
don’t set it out in the window sunlight. It gets too warm.   
Below 70 degrees it takes longer to cure. At 60 degrees it just won’t cure. If it’s
above 75 degrees it cures into too soft a texture kraut.
If it smells bad, not like Kraut. Throw it away; you did something wrong. Try again. I think you will do OK the 1st. try.
Read carefully. 1st. try, just shred cabbage enough for one quart jar full. Mix '1' Tablespoon of salt in it well. Pack, 'pack' "pack" it down into the jar. Top it with a "Pickle Stone" and water. Don't put a lid on it! Just skim the scum off in a week, and use spoonful's of water to keep it very full. Keep the top clean and have Kraut in 2 weeks.    A "Pickle Stone" is from the Creek that fits into a Quart Jar neck.

Keep your little dryer thermometer
on the towel covering the jar and you will know about when it’s done. Below 65 degrees takes longer.
You can move it to the best place to be
below 75 degrees for good firm crunchy kraut. When finished just pour off the scum with some brine  and enjoy your fresh kraut. Keep it in the refrigerator in a quart jars with a lid on or it will spoil, it’s fresh kraut. It will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator. It’s cold fresh Sauer Kraut. What a real nice food to have.
You made it yourself.
Keep it in the Brine in the jar you make it in for many months. From 35 to 75 degrees.  Do 25 # of Cabbage in a 5 Gallon Plastic Water Jug that is on a water cooler at work. Just cut the small top off so you can work it.

Lazy Boy Kraut 1st. find a drinking glass that will fit into a Wide Top ‘Quart’ jar. Buy a 1 # package of Ready made washed “Cole Slaw” with carrot slices and all at the Supermarket. And Mix, in 1 level Table-spoon of Pickle Salt in a bowl with your hand. Just let it rest a day in the bowl. Then put the Salted Cole Slaw into the quart jar with the juice in the bowl. Press it down with the drinking glass in the jar. MIX 1 Tea-spoon of salt in another quart’ of water and Fill the glass in the jar till it runs over in the jar, and until the jar runs over into a pie pan. Keep the rest of the quart of brine handy, every few days pour more into the glass to overflow and flush the scum away. If just left the scum will nullify the acid in the brine and it will spoil. Do the salt ratio exact, and in 10 days you will get a little 'Sour' Kraut. Store it below 75 degrees. The weight of the glass full of brine will hold the kraut down. The fermenting will make CO 2 gas and it bubbles out with the run-over messEnjoy, Lazy Boy Kraut.
It is not as mild as the gallon jar recipe. But very easy.
It will keep
in the brine for months” with a lid on. Not sealed!
I am telling you about food preservation because during the coming war fresh fruits and vegetables may be hard to get.

I have done this also in a Dannon 2 # plastic YOGURT container.
I use Culligan Water for Pickling. $6.50 at Wal-Mart for the H2O and a 3 gallon bottle. Re-fill for $1   Use pure water pickling and cut the "Plastic Jug" TOP OFF and have a good 3 gallon Kraut or Pickle Barrel for just $5  Americans eat 9 pounds of pickles EACH year.
I have in the past grown hundreds of tons of cucumbers for Pickles and hundreds of tons of cabbage also. So when you find that you are making Kraut in the 3 gallon Jug. Get a long handled SPOON and just take some out of the brine when ever you want it.
Rinse it in a colander and enjoy.
 Try it with different meats.         
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A pickled peach
or pear off my tree, with banana chips and  melon chips, and a Tart fruit roll on a cold morning is really great.
The expression "Peaches and Cream" has real meaning with
a cup
of cream, yogurt, cottage cheese
OR Buttermilk. Wow! That’s living. Real good.
Tastes that you never knew existed. God has Power to help
you to live. He provided Salt for you to live. More about good salt on
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