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I recently bought another "small" radio for $10 at "Smiths" Grocery here in Utah. It has AM-FM stations.
A Self charging Solar Panel, Internal battery, Hand crank also for charging it, a blinking Strobe light, a Flashlight, built in Speaker, a earphone socket, a 19 inch extending Antenna, 2 spare bulbs, also holds 2 AA batteries. (You have to buy, anywhere.)
It measures 5 1/2 by 8 inches, weighs 14 ounces, a built in Handle so it is easy to carry. You can wrap it inside a piece of aluminum foil and it will be protected from "EMP." I have seen "others" advertised at $25 to $40 dollars. So this is Great Cheap protection; that you should have. "EMP" CLICK HERE

Get yourself a teacher, coach, school yard, WHISTLE. Put it on a lanyard around your neck so if you are buried in rubble or need help in an emergency, you can blow it for hours and survive.

We are not out of danger. Things are getting worse every day. I am afraid that my Vision's in Parable are about to happen. CLICK HERE TO SEE

See the threat from China.
January 13, 2000 Washington Times reports: "Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian said: Seen from changes in the world situation and the United States hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable,…we cannot avoid it. That was 15 years ago AND they have been preparing.      YOU Have not. War is 15 years closer NOW than when I made this link.

Tuesday, Jan-18-2000
News: Chinese and Russian defense ministers agreed yesterday to step up military co-operation and criticized the United States over its plans to build a national missile defense system.

Defense Minister General Chi Haotian was in Moscow on a three-day goodwill visit during which he was due to hold talks with senior military and civilian officials, including acting president Vladimir Putin.  

1/18/2000 ABC News tonight says the US will test a missile defense tonight out over the Pacific. Realize that just one (1) Russian "Sickle" missile is 6 times larger than ALL the bombs dropped in the 6 weeks of the Gulf War.
1/19 The $100 million dollar TEST was a total failure, now they know we can't protect ourselves. 
CLICK HERE to Russian missiles

 I am NOT a Medical doctor, Veterinarian, Registered Nurse, OR anyone other, than someone who wants you to live. BUT I have learned something after feeding thousands of cattle over the years. AND I have talked with all the above; to confirm that the same problems we have with Shipping Fever, Bacterial pneumonia, Chronic respiratory disease, Cholera, and other sicknesses can be treated in humans the same way.

Radiation exposure kills white blood cells that fight infections.

CLICK HERE to learn about Radiation Sickness.

"Tetracycline Antibiotics" CAN and WILL save lives when used properly. Being a Cowman, I recently bought a bag of Terramycin for "less" than $5 Dollars. It is FDA approved, soluble powder, for use in livestock water tanks. It said: this packet contains 10 grams of (oxytetracycline) HCI for oral use only. Administer at a level of 10 mg (mili-grams) HCI "Per" pound of body weight. Up to 14 days. This bag has 6.4 Ounces of HCI or enough for 1000 pounds of body weight in swine, cattle, or sheep at 10 mg/lb. For the total of 1000 pounds of body weight.

To make it simple that one bag at 6.4 ounces for $5 will treat a person. Check your weight and see if you can spend $5 Dollars for Antibiotics to save your life when infections hit hard after Radiation Exposure. It will be worth a trip to a Livestock Supply store, Farmers CO-OP, Drugstores, the Veterinarian, or Suppliers. 

You are aware that some Cancer patients get "smaller" doses of radiation than fallout. Even that much makes their hair fall out. They are always given an "Antibiotic Therapy" to help them fight infections.

Antibiotics will be urgently needed after the fallout begins. Millions will die, because they can't get the simple cheap medicines to help them fight infections. Infections, cuts, sores, burns, trauma, will need help when your "white" cell blood count is lowered by all fallout. One RN said to me that 10 mg/pound of body weight is tops, she thought that 5 mg per pound would be better. Ask your Doctor "NOW" as he will be dead or too busy soon to talk to you. Continue to take the medicine for 2 days, after, all the symptoms of radiation sickness are gone.

In the treatment of "Radiation Sickness," the single most important thing is "Antibiotic Therapy." You need to prepare now by reading my comments on all these other pages. CLICK HERE to see the Last Train out.

CLICK HERE to see Water, Water, Water.

Taken orally, in juice, or some other fluid (NOT Milk), 4 times a day keeps your infection-fighting metabolism higher, for the first two weeks after fallout begins. (Milk) and dairy products negate, offset, and nullify, all tetracyclines. And should NOT be taken within 2 hours of the medicine. So do not drink milk with the medicines. Smaller doses taken 4 times a day make it easier on the human body.

The Terramycin that I bought has a shelf life of 5 years. Was made by Pfizer. Keeping it in the Refrigerator, (not the freezer) it would be longer. It has a bitter taste, so use some fluid to "mask" the taste, fruit juice and honey is best. Terramycin is effective in controlling diarrhea and infections associated with nuclear radiation exposure.

You do want to live, take my word for it. Do NOT have regrets, because you sat on your lazy butts and did not prepare for yourself and others.

Get involved in learning how to live now! Your dead body will really "stink" when you are dead. Keep it alive for you to use.
I can tell you now that millions of people will die of pneumonia, because they don't have any tetracycline drugs to help them fight infections. With radiation sickness and diarrhea, surely Cholera will also kill many people. Because of infections.
It is worth $5 EACH to have some storage of the medicine.
You have read what to do, NOW do it! ! A few people who do have a hypersensitivity to "tetracycline" drugs, need to make other plans. These drugs also cause yellow teeth in young children.
But yellow teeth are better than dead, with white teeth.

When I need it, (when fallout begins) then I will mix the powder in a glass of Liquid and drink it. Four (4) times per 24 hours I will take my medicine. One glass every 6 hours, taken "between" meals. And I won't get sick. BECAUSE I have prepared. Will You prepare?

You will have regrets if you don't prepare now, THIS I can promise.
Who is going to protect the kids and the ignorant people? Some nice people are going to die a terrible sick death, that can be prevented. Who else would tell you this but me?

With nausea and diarrhea, just sip fluids, get some Pepto-Bismol to help with the diarrhea. Eat soft foods because the mouth and throat will be sore and your digestive system is ruined. Eat well cooked rice, macaroni, spaghetti, bananas, mixed with instant puddings, skinless mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup, bread in broth's, soups, soft foods. No fried or greasy foods.

Now read this again "until" you get in your brain where it can save the lives of people that you care about. 
I said: "can" if you will prepare.
More soon, I am doing research about it. 
Research was: 
For prophylactic, preventing, disease "dosage is 1-2 grams daily." You understand "quote" "marks" so I will quote some medical information.

"Some clinicians suggest that oral tetracycline hydrochloride in a dosage of 500 mg 4 times daily for 7 days can be used for presumptive therapy." (500mg X 4 times daily = 2 grams daily. 1000 mg = 1 gram)

"Melioidosis caused by Pseudomonas pseudomallei has been successfully treated with 2-3 grams of tetracycline hydrochloride daily given orally for 1-3 months. In sever cases, tetracycline therapy can be continued for 6-12 months."

"Oral tetracycline hydrochloride 15 mg/kg has been given daily for 7 days for prophylaxis in individuals exposed to pneumonic plague or in household contacts of individuals with plague."

So in a preventive case 5 mg PER pound of body weight works well.
In acute sickness cases higher mg, is used to treat people, some for months. It is used for Plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Typhus, Rickettsialpox, Gonorrhea, Brucellosis, Chlamydia, and Pneumonia.

I found that the 6.4 ounce packet of Terramycin with 10 grams of oxytetracycline HCI, enough for 1000 pounds of animal that I bought for less than $5 dollars has 48 level teaspoons of powder. So using 10
mg per pound of body weight, each teaspoon of powder will treat 20.83 pounds of muscle PER Day. A 104-pound person would use 5 level Teaspoon's PER Day of medicine. My 250 pounds needs 12 level Teaspoons PER Day, OR 3 TEAspoons X (times) the 4 times per day that I would take the medicine. 3 X 4= 12 per day Total "IF" I was already sick. 5 mg PER Day for a preventive measure.
I put some powder into some empty gelatin capsules that I use for herbs. They cost me 3 cents each at the health food store. Using size "0" capsules, (easy to swallow) it takes 14 capsules size "0" to hold my 3 TEAspoons of medicine, "IF" I was sick. And needed the high dose rate. I really prefer to drink it in 8 ounces of Apple juice. I tried it. I have many gallons of apple cider in my storage supply.

At one teaspoon for an 83-pound person, in a glass of juice it tastes OK, you can tell that it's there. Me at 250 pounds the 3 teaspoons per glass, it is a little gritty, and dessolves well (I am a gritty guy) but I still prefer to drink it down, it's not bad.
"IF" I were sick already, I would be glad to drink it. At 1 and a 1/2 TEAspoons PER glass of apple juice FOR ME, taken every 6 hours as a prevention medicine it is great. What is your body weight? Few people are as big as I am at 250 pounds. (Use 1/2 teaspoon PER 80# of your body weight. "3" - 1/2 TEAspoons X 80# =240# near my weight.) Another easy way to count it is into 10 piles on the table. Each pile has 1 gram of medicine in it. 

It won't hurt you to be prepared, 
and may kill you if you are not prepared.

If you are a single person, OR student you should buy 30 SACKS that you can make sandbags with backyard dirt. With sandbag "Twine" you can get it all for less than $1 dollar each. =$30 dollars THEN when fallout comes you can put the sacks in two rows so you can sleep between them. Put them stacked 2 or 3 bags high and across each end. Then put the kitchen table upside down on top and cover it with sandbags. Then crawl into your hole and stay as long as you can.
When you have to pee, get out, do your business quick, and get back into your shelter. Put your shelter in the center of the house, NOT by an outside wall. Have as much roof distance over you as possible. Because as Geometric Distance will help shield you. As distance doubles, the radiation quarters. But few people can find the center of a 100 foot room with an 8 story ceiling. Is your life worth $30 Dollars. The thing that can help protect you is dirt, plain old backyard dirt. The "Gamma Rays" in the "Fallout" are absorbed by the clay particles in the dirt as they rush to kill you. Pure sand will NOT help. YARD soil, has clay in it. You need 2 feet of dirt around you OR you may be under 6 feet of dirt for good. I don't think you want that. So get ready now.
 Shelter Plans for home.

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
BECAUSE thou hast rejected knowledge, 
I (God) will also reject thee."

Parowan Prophet 1:1 Reject my advice, and you will die soon. So read all of my web pages to be able to live much longer.
1/24/00 Reading DHC this morning I saw something I had NOT seen before. A remedy from 1834: "The cholera continued it's ravages for about four days, WHEN a remedy for the purging, vomiting and cramping was discovered, viz., dipping the persons afflicted in cold water, or pouring it upon them, AND giving them Whiskey THICKENED WITH flour to the consistency of starch. WHISKEY was the only kind of spirits that could be procured at this place. About 68 of the saints suffered from the disease, of which number 14 died." Joseph Smith, Documentary History of the Church 2:119
(So 54 lived. It's worth a try.)