God Has Power # 4    Live while millions die.    
My Solar Winter Cooker - Oven - Cake Baker.
A simple beginning of understanding of the Laws of Thermodynamics is common sense. I will not use any mysterious language. Heat moves to cold ‘wherever’ it is. In the Oceans of the world. In the air around us.
                In any kind of metal that is a conductor.
Heat ‘moves’ to cold.
     HEAT MOVES DOWN to cold JUST LIKE WATER. Death Valley California was 121 degrees HOT on June 3, 2016 because it is the lowest place in the USA at 282 feet BELOW Sea Level.  It never varies.  Heat also rises.

The duty of a good cooker is to get and trap what heat it can and keep it in the cooker. Simple! What we have to do is trap the ‘short wave’ Sunlight in our box and convert it to long wave infrared heat. Common sense says that any thing that is opposite or opposed to that goal means failure. So get and keep the heat.

Sunlight energy is constant all over the earth from the Sun. Almost 1000 Joules or watts of power in each square yard. Just 36 inches square. In each hour. That is a lot of power. Enough in one day to run every piece of machinery, and electronics, heat homes of every person on earth and supply all their needs for power for ‘one’ year.
In just
one day of Sunlight. The USA gets ‘twice’ the Sunlight in one day to supply all the ‘Power needs’ for an entire year for the USA.
Pollutions in the sky, (like smoke and fallout) clouds, the weather in ‘some areas’ are the only thing that change the power ‘for that area.’  So you have to take advantage of ‘every’ tiny bit of chance you can to get the maximum power output. We have to make a cooker that will work in the worst conditions and then we know it will work anytime that it is better.

     December 21 St. is
the shortest day of Sunlight in the Northern  hemisphere. If it’s snowing we have no chance at all. But the next day after the storm everything is bright and great for Sunshine even at 5 below zero. So lets make a cooker. 1st. we eat 2 or 3 pounds of cooked food each. So we have to cook 8 to 10 pounds for a family. Unless you are a ‘Plyg’ who needs several cookers. I have used a 19 inch TV cardboard carton box to begin with. It is 21 inches square inside and 18 inches high. Measure out 14 inches from the back-wall you have selected. And then using a ‘Protractor’  Mark the correct angle for where you live using your latitude plus 23:26 degrees.     
     That gives us a right triangle of A2+B2=C2 “Almost”! Not quite here. Because I cut the angle at 61 degrees we lose a lot of un-necessary volume. (I have used 61 degrees here in Parowan
because of my Latitude.) We are trying to get the ‘most’ heat into a small area ‘quick’ to cook on a short day. Now we have a very steep wedge that is 14 inches at the bottom by 21 inches wide. It is 21 inches wide at the back by 18 high. That is the back wall of the box.  (You must calculate where you live, your latitude + ‘plus’ the 23.27 degrees of Sun Angle on Dec 21st.) Here at Parowan I am @ 37:51 North plus the – 23:27 South @ the Sun Dec. 21st.    That is 60.78 total, almost 61 degrees difference.

When finished the degree angle cut (You find out
your Latitude and then compute your angle to cut. References later on part of this page. Bookmark it here. ) that you cut will have the glass to cover it and we have more square inches of glass than if we had just covered the box top or back wall. That glassfocused perpendicular to the Sun’ gives us maximum square inches of surface and a ‘lesser cubic inch area’ to have to heat to be able to cook food. Speed to heat on a short day in winter matters.  Put a 1 inch baffle on each side in the back. Glue a piece of cardboard from that baffle to the front edge. That makes those sides narrower in the back and they reflects better on the back wall. Remember that the back wall was 21 inches wide. Now it is 19.  
Now ‘when’ we line the sides with aluminum foil the ‘reflections on the back plate’ each will be ‘wider’ to increase light in the cooker. Because the winter Sun is so low on the horizon the top has no shadow.
       We need that top part you will see as we make this cooker.

With other cardboard boxes we cut up we make pieces to fit every ‘outside’ exposed surface. Then with cheap glue we cover the entire exterior with aluminum foil. Overlap and glue it together. Then we glue the pieces to the foil. So now we have the original TV box covered in foil and more cardboard. Then we do it all again. Three (3) more times so we finish with 5 layers of cardboard with aluminum foil between each layer. It’s still cheap! Glue and cardboard and foil. Plus your spare time. Don’t get in a hurry. You are making the best cooker that can last for years out of cardboard. Do it right! Overlap the cardboard so the glue has good surfaces to stick to. You want it to be air tight when finished.
Heat will find ‘any’ holes you have and lower the cooking ability by escaping out that hole to the colder place. That’s thermal law.   

When finished we have a big chunk of glued cardboard that looks very odd and awkward. Paint will help later on. Now we glue a piece of wood across the top that is only 2 inches wide by the 21 inches across the top.
Then we find an old (or new) thin piece of aluminum sheet roofing. Cut 19 inches wide by 16 inches high. We screw a couple of CUP hooks in the top underside into the wood from the inside of the cooker to hang this piece of aluminum on after we paint it
‘flat’ black to absorb the Sun’s heat. And make a couple of small holes to hang it on the cup hooks in the top of the cooker.
Then we cut another piece of sheet roofing for the bottom 20 inches wide and 13 inches long. Not 14 inches long to come all the way out to the front. We don’t want it to touch the glass at the bottom.

     We will also paint it black with the ‘best’ BLACK absorber paint.  Use dull-flat black paint that does NOT Reflect.
                   Such as ‘Gloss’ Black does.
   I have found “
Krylon” Camouflage Ultra-Flat Black the best paint.
But first we have to understand that heat travels by conduction. Heat on a pan on any stove ‘moves’ to the handle by conduction. If we lay the bottom plate on the floor of the cooker then heat will be conducted to the cardboard on the bottom and ‘out’ of the cooking area.  A loss that we don’t want to have on short days of winter.
So we use some small wood pieces to raise the metal plate up off the cardboard. The area below that plate will get very hot, but the heat will move to get up ‘into’ the oven. Remember it is 20 inches wide and the box is 21 inches wide. The ‘back’ plate is hanging from the cup-hooks and does not touch the back wall and therefore gives all the heat to the oven chamber. It’s OK if the bottom and the back plate do touch because they both are separated from the cardboard’s contact. They will get very – very hot in Sunlight.

‘Flat-Black’ in the best ‘absorber’ of heat. That means that it is also the ‘best radiator’ of heat. I remember as a kid painting my ‘Hopped up” Ford engine ‘Black’ to help give ‘off’ the heat when I was racing. Yea, I got lots of tickets. Racing engines are black to expel heat!
     So our ‘black absorber’ plates hanging ‘and on the bottom,’ both absorb and ‘expel heat’ into the cooking area. Pans or pots or jars on the bottom plate will receive heat by ‘conduction’ from that hot metal plate. I will show you how to make it
hotter at the end of this link.

      Earlier I spoke of the sides reflecting more light onto the back plate.
More light means more heat. You move into a shadow to get away from the heat, in the light. Light comes to the earth all in a package. Many frequencies and waves. The long ‘infrared waves’ are ‘heat waves.’
   They enter the cooker as light but the ‘glass’ cover we put on the long angle cut traps them inside the cooker. A few travel back out the glass. Some do;
so it will burn your hand. To hot to touch. But that’s only a fraction of the energy we have trapped inside this oven so far. More to come. The entire inside and out side should be covered with foil. Except the two ‘Black absorber’ plates. Why the outside also? Remember that black in the best radiator of heat. We want the ‘heat inside’ the cooker, NOT going to the outside. See the ‘inside liner’ of a thermos bottle. It is chrome, the keep the heat inside. My 1st.cookers I painted dark. But I have learned to do better now.
                    Paint it white on the OUTSIDE if you want and see the difference.
   Now comes the expense. The glass. My 1st. cookers broke the glass.
Now I spend the extra $5 and use ‘Tempered’ Glass made for heat.
2 feet by 2 feet or 4 square feet for $18 dollars for a lifetime cooker that works when it’s at 10 below zero outside seems reasonable to me. The power is off, and millions are getting killed.

     Remember you have those 5 layers of cardboard glued together and it’s almost 1 inch thick.  Well now you glue some insulation felt OR rubber weather-strip on that area where the glass will cover the edges of the box. Be very careful to not have holes for heat escape. Cost $2 dollars. So for about $25 dollars you now have the best Solar cooker you can make yourself. We are not done yet! 

   With the rest of the TV Box we started with we now cover those box parts with aluminum foil to use like mirrors and reflect more light AND therefore MORE HEAT into the cooker. Believe it or not! You can roast a turkey on 300 watts. We are developing a thousand watts FREE from Sun power! Neat huh? Sunlight comes to earth at about 1367 watts per Square Meter. Our atmosphere absorbs some. Kwh/m2 X 3.4 = Btu’s  So you can have cooked hot meals when everyone else is eating cold food because soon the entire power grid in the USA has been destroyed by Nuclear bombs in this war coming upon the United States.                  

winter Sun on the Solstice December 21, is the shortest day of the year North of the Equator when it’s at -23: 25 South.
                                                  Minus -23
degrees South.
     Geocentric Ephemeris of the Sun
till 2007 From NASA. Click below.
With this information you can figure the correct angle of the Sun for the next
4 years.
The ‘Exact’ angle for each day if you want to. I will just quote it for the rest of this year and 2003 coming.           For each month.
What we need to know is
in column 5 Degrees and minutes of declination for the Sun. Nov 22, 2002 is @ -20 degrees -2 minutes. December 22, 2002 is @ -23 degrees – 26 minutes. That is our BASE. So add that to your latitude to compute your ‘Glass’ angle.

January 1,
2003 is @ -23 -3 minutes So we are still near our BASE of 23 degrees.  During January 2003 the Sun goes from -23 degrees South to only -17 degrees South. So it has raised 6 degrees in January.
So you have to change the cooker 6 degrees also.
What is your latitude?   A 6 degree change in the 4 weeks of January 2003.

February 1, 200
3 is @ -17 degrees South. During this month it changes another -9 degrees to -8 by March.   A 9 degree change in 4 weeks.

March 1, 200
3 @ -8 degrees South. It changes to 0 on the Spring Equinox on March 21, 2003  So 8 degrees of  change in that first 3  weeks of March.  March 21, @  ‘0’ degrees. The last week of March it gains 3 degrees. So an 11 degrees for the month of March.

April 1, 2003 @ +4 degrees North of the Equator. 4 degrees in just 11 days since March 21st.  And a change from -8 South to + 4 North = 12 degrees change from back on March 1st.  That means it is a 10 degree change for the month of April.
Keep your ‘Glass’ exactly perpendicular to the Sun for the best results you can get.

May 1, 200
3 @ + 14 degrees North. And it goes to +21 North in this month of May. A change of 7 degrees this month, about 2 degrees per week. A pretty even change. 2x the 4 weeks would be 8 degrees, huh?

June 1, 2003 @ +22 degrees North. Just 3 weeks to get to the longest day of the year on June 21st. at +23 degrees North. Notice only a change of 1 degrees in those 3 weeks of June. June 22,@ +23degrees 26 minutes.
June and July are easy cooking months. Even you will sunburn.

July 1, 2003 @ +23: 8 Means no change in the cooker for the last week of June. But big changes for July. From +23 degrees down to +18 degrees. A change of 5 degrees in the 4+ weeks of July. A pretty even change each week.     Keep the
‘Glass’ perpendicular to the Sun.

August 1, 2003 @ +18:10 down to +8:52 means a 10 degree drop in August. Pretty even over 2   degrees each week. 10 degrees for the month.

September 1, 200
3 @ +8:25 to ‘0’ on September 21st. The autumn equinox. From + 8 to 0 in 3 weeks = almost 3 degrees per week.
Big changes in cooking power that is lost.The last week in September another -2 degrees is lost. So a total for the month is a big 10 degree change.                       

October 1, 2003 @  -3 degrees to the end of this month @ -13:34 is a big drop of almost 11 degrees in 31 days. Over 2 degrees each week.
See the NASA charts.
Listed below that are good till 2007 http://lep694.gsfc.nasa.gov/code693/TYPE/sunkey.html 

1, 200
3 @ -14:13 to -21:22 at the end of the month = 7 degrees of change in the 4 weeks+. Almost 2 degrees each week huh?    
I have rounded numbers up or down to try and make it simple.

December 1, 2003 @ -21:42 to the winter solstice we lose 1:84 degrees in those 3 weeks. December and January are tough cooking times.             
December 21, 200
3 @ -23degrees -26 minutes. The shortest day in our Northern hemisphere. What I used as the BASE the cooker.
January 22, 200
4 @ -19 -52 Different than January of 2003 as we move through the Universe.
February 21, 200
4 @ -10 -52 as we travel at 67, 000 Miles per hour around our Sun. Remember in 2003 it was – 10 -25 things change.
Notice that I have a change of 46:52 from winter to summer.
So I have to adjust my cooker 47 degrees during the year. I begin @ 61 degrees, and change to 14 degrees in the Summer. 
      Latitudes in the USA Below are some examples.
of America should add 23:26 degrees to your Latitude to compute your ‘Angle’ of cut for your cooker. Here in Parowan I need to add -23:26 degrees to my latitude of 37: 51 minutes = about 61  degrees.
For December 21st. The winter solstice, shortest day of the year.

Las Vegas a 59 degree cut needed.   Chicago 65 degrees cut needed. Salt Lake City a 64 degrees cut needed. Denver 63 degrees cut needed. Los Angeles 57 degree cut on your box. Phoenix at a 57 degree cut needed. Dallas at 56 degree cut needed. Boston needs a 65 degree cut.  
Canada at Montreal a 68 degree cut to be your best. Anyone else in Canada above the US border and West of Ontario use a 71 degree cut.
So call your local Airport and find your Latitude and add 23:26 degrees (round it up or down to get to your latitude) to compute the cut you want to make on your cooker.
Or Click below and use the US Navel Observatory Numbers.   http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data  Just type in your city and state and see the latitude. Notice that you can also see the Sun Transit (HI-Noon) time for your town.
A cheap 99 cent
protractor will help you cut it exact and make your best cooker. So here in simple terms is what you do. Use the protractor and During the month of January 2003 raise the front edge UP 6 degrees by February 1st. We are counting from the 1st. of each month now.   During February raise it 9 degrees.
During March raise it 11 degrees.   During April raise it 10 degrees. During May raise it 7 degrees.         During June raise it 2 degrees.
July drop it down 5 degrees.   During August down 10. During September down 10.    During October down 11.
During November down 7. And during December down 2 degrees to arrive with the glass back at 61 degrees on December 21, 200
3 And begin again. Add those up and we are just ‘off’ one degree for the year.    
But very close in each month.  I said I rounded the numbers.
The cooker will work better doing just what has been suggested.
It’s to hard to split a degree on this or any cooker.
See NASA numbers.

Latitudes in USA
You can find various latitudes for the same place on charts with different numbers because some are measured north or south of town. But they are close enough to calculate Sun-power.  For you to build a good Solar Cooker.
Have at least 300 square inches of absorber area to cook food. Make any reflectors with aluminum foil that has an 85% reflective value. Draw a line across the USA from the North and South Carolina borders to Los Angeles on the West coast. Anyone ‘above’ that line make the reflectors 125% glass size.
Anyone in Canada make the reflectors 150% the size of your Glass. That is necessary because the Sun is always south of you at a lower elevation.
If you can ‘curve’ your reflectors you get some parabolic gain effect. 

Not done yet! Solar heat just cooks slower than expensive heat. All day takes the time you plan to cook anything. You
can’t overcook it in the winter. Set the cooker in a South facing window by 10 am. Let it begin to pre-heat up. At 11 am put in the food for your evening ‘hot’ meal. Position the cooker to get your maximum Solar power at Noon if want to get the maximum from your cooker.  
Reset it
IF’ you can every hour. At the Sun. Smallest shadows!
At 3:30 or 4 pm cover the ‘Glass’ with a ‘reflector’ cover, a piece of cardboard, with aluminum ‘foil against the glass’ and then some old blanket. You can see the great loss of power and know when, if careful. At 6 or 7 pm sit down with your family for a good hot meal. Bless you all.  I hope my links will help you to live. See them all.  
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Put whatever food you cook in glass jars with lids tight as you can. This makes less ‘steam’ escaping to fog up your glass cover and also acts just like a pressure cooker on a stove. Spray paint the jars ‘black’ to attract the heat in the cooker. I put a piece of tape down the jar to peel off when the paint is dry. Then you can see what’s in the jar as it cooks. Take them out with canning tongs because they get very hot. My jars even reseal themselves, so it sounds like we are opening sealed canned food. You hear the seal break even when the food is hot. Don’t try to can food in your Solar cooker. The temperatures are not hot enough for a long enough time to be safe. Botulism can kill you from food poisoning in poorly canned foods. So do it right or die.  
Just use your cooker to cook hot meals for daily use.

The ‘Glass’ will get covered with moisture
so seal the inside of the cooker to help resist the moisture. I use clear paint sealer, as a sealer to spray on the inside of the cooker before I cover it with Aluminum foil. I have a dishtowel at the base of the glass to collect the runoff down the glass. When you finish cooking ‘OPEN’ the cooker so heat escapes and takes some moisture out with it. Moisture ruins cardboard. The reason for the sealer.
                Wipe the inside dry each time you cook. 
Leave it open to dry out.  
 I (bottle) my homemade Sour-kraut (#2) and other fruits for long storage. I have fresh kraut going all the time because fresh kraut has hi – Vitamin ‘C’ for winter colds prevention. Make your own kraut very easy. CLICK Here # 2

Surprise! ! Your cooker
built for winter cooking works well all year long. Build it for the worst times. And it works better in good times.  
In the six months from the
best cooking day on June 21st. the longest`` day; to the shortest day in winter the Sun moves from 23 degrees North to minus -23 degrees South. That is about 47 degrees in six months. But the ‘real’ value of the Sunlight is not constant during that time. Anyone can make a Summer Cooker.
Few can for Winter. Just you!
The winter Sun is weaker as you realize. So we need to adjust our cooker for the proper times. We shall begin our adjustment using the December 21 St.
Winter Solstice as the base mark. If we can cook then we can cook on any day of good Sunshine between storms and bad weather. We shall use the Dec 21St. Angle in Parowan as benchmark.
    The cooker
base is horizontal flat in winter. The back-wall is vertical.

   You know that
90 degrees is vertical. So when I say that in June the ‘Glass’ is at December’s 61 minus the 47 degree raise we have you know that the glass is nearly flat.  

It is only 14 degrees above the horizontal
. Because our beginning was at 61 degrees. Huh. Not exactly because we live North of the equator. It still has some tilt, up just 14 degrees.

    You realize the summer Sun is higher and hotter. But the only place it is really overhead is way down below Havana Cuba which is 23:8 degrees North. Radio 'Quito' Equador in South America that I hear on Shortwave Radio is at '0' on the Equator.  Because we are in the Northern hemisphere. Sunlight is not even.
July begins the reverse process. Down 5 degrees. August down another 10 degrees. September down 10 degrees. October down another 11 degrees, November down 7 degrees.      And December 21St. down 2 degrees. And we are back to the 47 degrees change
in Sun-power.

That change is all over the Northern hemisphere.
That is a closer figure of reality than just an average.
Because the ‘arch’ of travel of the summer Sun is greater than the winter Sun. Have your ‘GLASS’ perpendicular to the Sun for best results using those amounts for your best results. In general most people will just say move it -15 degrees from summer to + 15 degrees in winter for your area. That is too broad a statement to get the best results. So find your Latitude and use NASA figures and you will be more successful.
If you move just recalculate for your new latitude.
Cook everyday it’s not stormy. Use your best cooker.                       

   Also you can buy a sheet of plastic a some ‘Office Supply’ store that can be put on a book page to magnify it. It’s called a Fresnel Lens. Usually an 8 X 11 is about 3 to $ 8 dollars. Having that about 1 inch above the angle glass increases the Sun power 2 X Times.  The focus point is about 4 inches into your cooker. I have mine at the bottom where the focus is on the bottom metal plate. That makes the plate hotter and the extra ‘infrared’ heat is trapped below the glass inside the cooker to the pans or jars of food. Glue it on small wood pieces at the corners onto the glass.

The 1 inch airspace is needed to keep from melting the plastic on the glass. And let me tell you boy it gets things hot quick. Even in poor light days.    On sunny days my cooker will cook anything.
I can bake bread and cakes and pies in it. Biscuits, roast meat, cook all vegetables without water, just their own juice. Make cornmeal muffins and mush for the next day’s breakfast. You will not stop eating during this coming war, so prepare now.
See why I say this is the best cooker. My experiments are the reason. CLICK HERE to see photos. 
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November 3, 2002 @ 3pm. No snow here in Parowan yet. So my August vision of the attack on Iraq will begin in about a month. See my Letter to the SUU Editor back in October about the 1st. week of December.  See the Letter Click above.