God has Power # 3    Salt and Meat.
Because of the drought conditions the cost of animal feed is high.
October 2002 Ranchers will have to sell animals.
This FALL and Winter will be the best time in years to BUY-DRY and store meat. You can dry meat easy and have your place ‘smell’ great for months doing it.
Buy the cheapest cuts
because you will slice it thin to dry it and add seasonings.
1st. Have good salt.   Yes, there really is poor bad salt.     
Jesus said: “Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it?  Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.”     Mark 9: 50 
Again he said:Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?  it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”     Matthew 5: 13

So there is good salt and salt that will not preserve things.
So are your leaders good enough to preserve you? Or just let you die and rot in the coming Nuclear Surprise Attack upon the USA?
You need good salt now.  That is why I am doing these links to help preserve you. Or do you just want to rot?

                      Now more about drying meat.

Take whatever meat you have and let it sit at room temperature for 3 hours. Then when it is no longer cold, with your clean hands separate each musclefrom’ the rest. You will have all size chunks of meat. Trim away any fat you can with a sharp knife. FAT will cause dry meat to get rancid.  Then cut ‘Across’ the grain of the muscle what ever size it is. A big rump roast can have a muscle slice as big as a slice of bread. It will dry too. Decide how big of pieces you later want to cook with and cut it to that size. But no more than 1/2 inch thick slices.

Decide what ever sauce you want to flavor the meat with, and marinate it 1/2 day.  A-1, Worcestershire, Soy, Teriyaki, Chili, Your recipe, Many store Marinades, or just with Salt. I use cheap Morton ‘Pickle’ Salt. Its pure salt.  1 # pickle salt = 1 ½ cups in 1 Gallon of water. Soak meat 1/2 day. Put it in at night till the next morning.
10 or 12 hours.  
IF you don’t want to salt any meat it will still dry but you have to be more careful doing it. It must be dried quicker or it will spoil. Wal-Mart sells good cheap commercial heat dryers with a fan enclosed.
I have a
Magic Chef with 5 stackable trays I bought so long ago I remember it was less than $20 
I called Wal-Mart and all they have now is a
Nesco Dryer, @ $40 with 4 trays. But you can buy 2 extra trays for $10 they say. If you want unsalted meat then get a Good electric heat fan dryer. I use my plastic dryer trays as "Sprouting" trays also. Covered with fiberglass window screen the seeds don't fall out when rinsed.
They have a dual use in the winter; drying and sprouting.

In the old days before refrigeration butchers used to cover fresh meat to keep for several days with what we call Rock Salt. That Osmosis protected the meat for a few days till they cut it up. The ‘corns’ of ‘rock’ salt is where the term ‘Corned-beef’ comes from. Now-days it has been put in a salt brine refrigerated at 38 degrees for several days to cure.  Now you understand better what ‘Corned-beef and Cabbage’ really is. Pumping and pickling meat is too complicated to discuss here and now.  I want to show you the quick-easy way to keep it. Dry it.
Trichinosis infects PORK, so don’t dry any pork products at all. God knows what he commanded for a good reasons.    

Dry any meat leftovers from a meal. Chicken, Fish, Turkey, Beef etc. Store ‘dry’ meat in a cool place. Pack each lot of dry meat in its own food safe container, label it. Big Zip-Lock bags @ 10 cents each. Use a soda straw to suck all of the air out of a Zip Lock bag as it's closed. Keep it as cold as possible. . Without paying a freezer bill you can put them in 5 gallon cans with wide top lids. Much of the USA has freezing cold November to March. Hang the can in the car garage.
Or some cold place even if it’s not freezing. Take out what you want when you want. It’s amazing how fast it can turn rancid in the heat. Keep it in a dark cool place. Use dry meats and dry fruits in the coming year. Dry foods for
this winter use. Bottle for long storage. Meat needs to dry to less than 5% or it spoils. Dry it to less than 1/3 of the original weight. 3 # should dry to ‘less’ than 1 # pound. There are 1000s of Jerk Recipes see here and take your pick of some.    http://www.greatjerky.com/beefjerkyrecipes.html  

Dried meat, pemmican, grease and buffalo tongues were key trading  goods among the Indians. You may have had pickled tongue. We have made it at home for decades. Pemmican is a mix of dried fruit and dry meat. I don’t like straight grease. But here is a pickled tongue recipe.
Recipe: A 4# tongue. Boil the tongue slow for about an hour with 2 Teaspoons of salt. Make your Marinade and when the tongue has cooled so you can ‘skin it.’ Cut down the center and remove the outer skin. The rough taste buds and fat from it. Slice it cross-ways into thin slices.
Have a food container with the Marinade in it
and put the slices into it to pickle for at least 4 days covered in the refrigerator.  I use Red Wine Vinegar 2 cups.  1 cup of Mogen David Red Wine and ½ cup of Olive oil. With 4 fresh cloves of Garlic crushed with a Garlic Press by hand.  I like it cold just out of the Refrigerator with a little Parsley.   Good stuff.

E. coli infects meat counters today. So know that drying meat below 160 degrees that kills E. coli you still have a chance of sickness.
Keep everything very clean and sterile.
Do this: wash your hands and equipment in hot soapy water. Put 1 TEAspoon of household ‘Bleach’ in a gallon of water. Immerse hands and knives for 10 seconds. And scrub the cutting board with a washcloth and all of that water. And you are very safe. The meat can still be infected from some other source.
Where I live
at 6000 feet water boils at 201 degrees. So boiling will kill any E. coli on the meat. Because 160 degrees kills E. coli.
E. coli and Salmonella are of the Typhoid strain of bacteria. Salmonella was found in the 1800s in the intestines of Pigs. You have them in your gut intestine right now. Normally your stomach acid kills the bacteria that you ingest. Those bacteria are not going away. Nausea, diarrhea and cramps are symptoms of food poisoning.
In your 'microwave'
ZAP the meat you will jerk when you have it cut into pieces. Just a plateful at each time for two minutes.
Pour the juice off for some fresh gravy. Then soak it in your marinade and dry it. I hope this will help. It makes sense to me.

The Supermarkets. And other processors as well can infect meat.
Try this if you are afraid of your Supermarket. Prepare a pickle cure of 4 cups of salt and 2 quarts of nearly boiling water. Morton Pickle Salt is finer and more dense than common table salt.   Dip each strip into this hot, pickle cure until the strips are nearly white. This should also be done when drying conditions are poor.
Pre cooking just this little will make meat dry quicker and last longer. You can then add any other seasonings used  as your recipe directs. Then set it out to dry. See this.  http://www.mortonsalt.com  
     Their “Tender Quick” is
also a good “Meat” Salt.
Venison Jerky: Cut clean strips of Deer meat and put into some clean container. Cover it with 2 quarts of water mixed well with your choice of Marinade. Have a large ‘Pickle Stone’ on top for 1/2 day. Dry it!
Understand About Pickle Stones? Thousands of years to make them.

See link # 2
CLICK HERE if you don’t know about ‘pickle stones. Then dry it on the sheet tin dryer I explained on God has Power # 1. Cover the meat with the Black Cloth as explained on Dryer instructions.
CLICK HERE to make a dryer.    IF you want to keep meats more than one year I think you need to bottle them. Bottling meat takes more work but worth it.  I sometimes open a jar of Venison (deer meat) killed long ago just for remembrances of that year. I have in the past even had 3 Big Pressure cookers going at the same time on wood coals outside. 40 quarts at one time is too much at one time. So better plan your work.

When you dry meat get the
dryer at least 6 feet off the ground. Neighbor pets like your yard. Early Indian drying just let the raw flesh hang out in the air. My dryer is much quicker, cleaner, safer.
IF you
are going to SUN Dry meat, than just cut it 1 / 4 inch thick. And cover it with the black cloth, explained on # 1 CLICK HERE   
So Wash your sheet of tin off after drying meat to get it clean from the drippings from the meat as it dries. The Salt pulls the water out of the meat and it drips onto the tin.  
In the winter “Pre cook” as explained above. Where you dip it till it’s white. You know that the Indians ‘smoke dried’ fish. I have smoked the Trout I have caught myself. It keeps good. Smoke adds flavor.Just don’t use any evergreen conifer wood. Use non resinous wood. Any wood from fruit trees is ok. So is Oak, Hickory, Mesquite.

If you live anywhere that has to have heat in the winter.
I highly recommend that you get a good food dehydrator. It will use a few hundred watts of electricity and dry any food you want and help keep you warm. Your place will smell delicious. If you can afford one that sets temperature and fan on thermostat controls, great! If you can’t then shop around and get the best you can afford.  Buy one that has 70 watts PER Tray. The cost of operation will be like having 4 or 5 lights on at 70 watts each.     Have a look here at these below
Case hardening of fruit is with a dehydrator where the inside fruit is still soft with its outside hard. It spoils quicker. So dry food till cracker-hard. Be safe. Rotate dryer-trays about ½ way through drying time. Don’t burn bottom food with too much heat. Don’t add food as it is drying. Plan your dryer to have it loaded before you start it drying. Vegetables are dry when crispy. Fruits when leathery with NO moist pockets. I do some fruit leathers also in the winter. Apples and pears are cheaper if you buy then. I stack the dry fruit leathers like “Lincoln Logs” as a kid. Chris X Cross of each other in a paper bag.            Just keep them real dry.

TVP = Textured Vegetable Protein 

Solar Box Cookers

I have made Solar Box Cookers (see photos) that I can use in good 'Sunshine' weather.    CLICK HERE  
In Parowan at almost 38 degrees North I have to use a reflector mirrors in the winter to increase the Sun-heat angle to cook on sunny days. Click Here to see Solar Cooker Designs.

See my link on my cooker. CLICK HERE Nothing like it on the solar cooking links above.

Yogurt Making at Home.
You have to begin with some "Live" Bacteria from some good live yogurt from the store. I use Dannon.
First put warm water into a quart jar 1/2 full then 2 tablespoons of live Dannon and shake well. Then
I mix 2 cups of dry milk powder with the mix and shake well. then add water till full and shake again.
Then the Quart Jar is put into my small "Igloo" Little Playmate Picnic lunch cooler filled with "HOT" water. It is about 1 cubic foot inside and will hold 2 quart jars side by side. I close it up and do "NOT" touch it for a day. Don't move it and break the bacteria process happening inside.
The next day take the quart jar out of the picnic cooler and the yogurt will slide out of the jar
as a chunk into a bowl. Then mix in any fruit or flavor you want. I add Vanilla and some dried fruits. Yummy stuff. Very nutritious.  Use Yogurt instead of sour cream on your Solar Cooked Potatoes.  If you don't have any fresh live yogurt, make it yourself as I have done. The 'lactic acid' that makes cabbage get 'sour' in your kraut works here too! I put 1/4 Cup of 'brine' out of a jar of kraut I have making that has started to 'sour' into a quart jar with 2 cups of dry milk and water. Shake it well and cure it just like before. Instead of 1 day to yogurt it takes a few days to come out as a Chunk. But it will! Now you have your own fresh live starter. Make all you want from now on in just 1 day. You now have your own live "Lactobacillus Acidophilus" bacteria that you developed. Neat huh!

 CLICK HERE  to see about your nutrition.
Save the last couple of spoonful's to use as the starter for your next batch you make. IF it is too sour for you then just add some Corn Syrup to sweeten it to your taste.   
Dry it. Try it, you will like it, and stay alive.