Symbols of Truth  For those people who cannot read. 9/13/13  
For thousands of years not everyone can read and write so God has used Symbols to convey ideas. One of the first was the Rainbow. God said to Noah “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”   Genesis 9:13        Do you see God's Symbol?  

The Parowan Prophet does NOT care if you can read, I will explain symbols to you like God has done forever.
Another Symbol we see today and everyone understands is the Cross. Often to mean a Church.

   Very Plain YOU Understand

 Now tell me what does this mean?                
   Now you don’t think this is a musical instrument.  What does this mean?  

    Is this where you buy Gas? 
  Or maybe here       

       Maybe here we can get Fried Chicken and a Root Beer? 
  Symbols mean things!

    I think you Understand what         
You want more of!    

     My point is that Images and Symbols convey many ideas like a picture.

   A Sickle is used to harvest crops.  
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  So What does this mean?   The "RED" Star is Chernobyl, Revelations 8:10-11




            USSR Symbol to REAP the earth Revelations 14:14-20 
   Who Reaps the Earth!     The RED STAR of RED Russia and RED China       Read what A well known Prophet said 450 years ago CLICK HERE When?
             Is 11 Million Degrees HOT enough for you? 

   Who started this?    "IF" you have a Bible, READ Obadiah's 21 Verses.

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    Who has seen God     And was sent back to earth to warn YOU! 

    Like Moroni Blowing the Trumpet WARNING     

          See a Prophets words 2700 years ago.   



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