August 1989 sheet "O" Column 1 Prophecy Soon To Be Fulfilled
"MOST" of our readers are NOT Mormons. 
I am NOT a member of the LDS (Mormon) Church myself. I have wondered AND prayed for the past few days what I should put in the August 1989 flyer. Last night in the shower some ideas from the past came to my mind. Years ago I came across a "Prophecy" By a Mormon pioneer. Following is a "vision" from an early Mormon about Nuclear War. I wrote a "letter to the Editor" which was published August 13, 1987. (Now 2015 = 28 years ago.) In our "Iron County Newspaper."

"Editor Review:   What do I say and do, to make people believe?  
LIFE is worth living after a Nuclear War. People feel helpless to stop it, THEN why not prepare for it? President John Taylor, the third LDS Church president, (right after Brigham Young died) TELLS us of an experience he had 110 years ago on December 16, 1877

(Now in 2015 it has been almost 138 years ago. WHO THEN Could have ever known about Nuclear War and fallout? 68 YEARS BEFORE THE A-BOMB was invented, ONLY a man of vision from God.) 
    John Taylor, HE SAYS: "I went to bed at my usual hour, half past nine o'clock. 
I had been reading the revelations in the French Language.  My mind was calm, more so than usual...I composed myself for sleep but could not sleep. I felt a strong stupor come over me...The first thing I recognized was that I was the Tabernacle at Ogden (Utah)...I arose to speak... I was immediately in Salt Lake City wandering about the streets in ALL parts of the City, AND on the door of "EVERY" house I found a badge of Mourning...It seemed strange to me that I saw NO person to be in their houses with their sick AND dead... the city looked still and quiet... I THEN LOOKED in ALL directions...east, west, north, and south AND I found the same mourning IN EVERY PLACE throughout the land. (The whole USA.)

The next thing I knew I was just this side of Omaha, (Nebraska.) It SEEMED as though I was above the Earth, looking down on it (he has been DEAD over 110 years now, so he was seeing the future from the spirit world) AS I passed along my way EAST. I saw the roads full of people, principally women, with just what they could carry in bundles on their backs, TRAVELING TO THE MOUNTAINS on foot...It was remarkable to me THAT there were so few men among them. (The men were killed off.) The RAILS looked rusty and the (rail) road abandoned. I continued Eastward through Omaha and Counsel Bluffs WHICH WERE full of disease AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE. CLICK HERE to see Isaiah's prophecy.

The next thing I saw was Washington AND I found the city a desolation. THE WHITE HOUSE EMPTY, the halls of Congress the same, EVERYTHING IN RUINS...I was next in Baltimore (Maryland) at the HOTELS I saw the dead PILED UP so as to fill the square...I saw NO MEN Except they were dead.   
     EVERYWHERE I went I beheld the same all over the city AND IT was horrible beyond description to look at. I thought this must be the end, but no, I was seemingly in Philadelphia and there as in Baltimore EVERYTHING was still. NO LIVING SOUL was seen to greet fact EVERYWHERE I WENT the purification of the dead bodies caused such a stench that it was impossible for any creature to exist alive...I next found myself in Broadway, New York. In Broadway I saw the bodies of beautiful women lying stone dead, AND others in a dying condition on the sidewalk.  
    I saw MEN CRAWL OUT OF THE CELLAR (below ground) AND rob the dead ...and before they could return to their coverts IN THE CELLARS (below the fallout) they themselves would rollover a time or two (puking) and die in agony...I saw mothers kill their own children AND EAT raw flesh AND then in a few minutes die themselves.

WHEREVER I WENT I SAW THE SAME scenes of horror AND desolation, rapine, AND death.
I supposed this was the end, BUT I was given to understand that the SAME HORROR WAS being enacted ALL OVER the country, north, south, east west, THAT FEW were left alive, STILL THERE WERE SOME.  
     I SAW the whole states of Missouri AND Illinois AND part of Iowa were a complete wilderness WITH NO LIVING HUMAN BEING IN THEM. Instantly I found I was IN THE TABERNACLE IN OGDEN (Utah)...AT this time I seemed to stagger back...I ROLLED OVER IN MY BED and heard the city clock strike twelve o'clock.    ( 12 Midnight. SO this "vision" lasted about two hours for him.) Remember this is what HE saw 138 years ago. 68 years before the Atom bomb was invented. See my fallout Map of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. Read the Russian Missiles Ready link. Targets to get hit in Missouri as was foretold 138 years ago in the dream. God knew back then what would make Missouri a complete wilderness.   
    Column 1. and part of 2. August 1989 sheet "O" WHY won't people listen to a Prophet of God? WHY won't they prepare to live instead of killing the Children? BECAUSE that is exactly what they are doing, IF THEY DO NOT PREPARE.  ===  Tell the people that you want to live.  
    People are "Brainwashed" by the Media AND Government, that there is nothing they can do to prepare. Millions will live no matter what happens, WHY NOT BE someone who lives well because you prepared? Is saving your family worth a date to the movies?