2 Esdras Part 2 about the Last Days Foretold

2 Esdras 14:1 -48 And it came to pass upon the third day, I sat under an oak, and, behold, there came a voice out of a bush over against me, and said, Esdras, Esdras.       (I have had that experience.)
And I said, Here am I, Lord And I stood up upon my feet.
Then said he unto me, In the bush I did manifestly reveal myself unto Moses, and talked with him, when my people served in Egypt:
(Fast a week, or a month, perhaps you can hear the voice. Maybe not.)

18 For the time is fled far away, and leasing is hard at hand: for now hasteth the vision to come, which thou hast seen.
19 Then answered I before thee, and said,

20 Behold, Lord, I will go, as thou hast commanded me, and reprove the people which are present: but they that shall be born afterward, who shall admonish them? thus the world is set in darkness, and they that dwell therein are without light.
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21 For thy law is burnt, therefore no man knoweth the things that are done of thee, or the work that shall begin.
But if I have found grace before thee, send the Holy Ghost into me, and I shall write all that hath been done in the world since the beginning, which were written in thy law, that men may find thy path, and that they which will live in the latter days may live.
23 And he answered me, saying, Go thy way, gather the people together, and say unto them, that they seek thee not for forty days.

26 And when thou hast done, some things shalt thou publish, and some things shalt thou shew secretly to the wise: to morrow this hour shalt thou begin to write.

Therefore if so be that ye will subdue your own understanding, and reform your hearts, ye shall be kept alive and after death ye shall obtain mercy.
For after death shall the judgment come, when we shall live again: and then shall the names of the righteous be manifest, and the works of the ungodly shall be declared.
36 Let no man therefore come unto me now, nor seek after me these forty days.

2 Esdras 15:1 -63 Behold, speak thou in the ears of my people the words of prophecy, which I will put in thy mouth, saith the Lord: (I am trying to warn people, but they are afraid to tell their friends because of the ridicule they might get.))
2 And cause them to be written in paper: for they are faithful and true.
3 Fear not the imaginations against thee, let not the incredulity of them trouble thee, that speak against thee.
For all the unfaithful shall die in their unfaithfulness.

5 Behold, saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the world; the sword, famine, death, and destruction.
6 For wickedness hath exceedingly polluted the whole earth, and their hurtful works are fulfilled.

7 Therefore saith the Lord, (The Lord is speaking)
8 I will hold my tongue no more as touching their wickedness, which they profanely commit, neither will I suffer them in those things, in which they wickedly exercise themselves: behold, the innocent and righteous blood crieth unto me, and the souls of the just complain continually. (See Revelation 18:20)
9 And therefore, saith the Lord, I will surely avenge them, and receive unto me all the innocent blood from among them.

10 Behold, my people (Amos 3:1-2) is led as a flock to the slaughter:

14 Woe to the world and them that dwell therein!
For the sword and their destruction draweth nigh, and one people shall stand up and fight against another, and swords in their hands.
For there shall be sedition among men, and invading one another; they shall not regard their kings nor princes, and the course of their actions shall stand in their power.

17 A man shall desire to go into a city, and shall not be able.
18 For because of their pride the cities shall be troubled, the houses shall be destroyed, and men shall be afraid.
19 A man shall have no pity upon his neighbour, but shall destroy their houses with the sword, and spoil their goods, because of the lack of bread, and for great tribulation.

22 My right hand shall not spare the sinners, and my sword shall not cease over them that shed innocent blood upon the earth.
23 The fire is gone forth from his wrath, and hath consumed the foundations of the earth, and the sinners, like the straw that is kindled.

24 Woe to them that sin, and keep not my commandments! saith the Lord.
25 I will not spare them: go your way, ye children, from the power, defile not my sanctuary.
26 For the Lord knoweth all them that sin against him, and therefore delivereth he them unto death and destruction.
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27 For now are the plagues come upon the whole earth and ye shall remain in them: for God shall not deliver you, because ye have sinned against him.
28 Behold an horrible vision, and the appearance thereof from the east:

37 And there shall be great fearfulness and trembling upon earth: and they that see the wrath shall be afraid, and trembling shall come upon them.

38 And then shall there come great storms from the south, and from the north, and another part from the west.
39 And strong winds shall arise from the east, and shall open it; and the cloud which he raised up in wrath, and the star stirred to cause fear toward the east and west wind, shall be destroyed.

40 The great and mighty clouds shall be puffed up full of wrath, (mushroom clouds) and the star, (see the Star, on the flag)

CLICK HERE to see : scroll down to the star on the flag. http://www.parowanprophet.com/prophet%20intro.htm

That they may make all the earth afraid, and them that dwell therein; and they shall pour out over every high and eminent place an horrible star,

Fire, and hail, and flying swords, (missiles) and many waters, that all fields may be full, and all rivers, with the abundance of great waters.
And they shall break down the cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the wood, and grass of the meadows, and their corn.
And they shall go stedfastly unto Babylon, (USA) and make her afraid.

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44 They shall come to her, and besiege her, the star and all wrath shall they pour out upon her: then shall the dust and smoke go up unto the heaven, and all they that be about her shall bewail her.
45 And they that remain under her shall do service unto them that have put her in fear.

46 And thou, Asia, (Red China) that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person:
47 Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her; and hast decked thy daughters in whoredom, that they might please and glory in thy lovers, which have always desired to commit whoredom with thee.
48 Thou hast followed her that is hated in all her works and inventions: therefore saith God,

49 I will send plagues upon thee; widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, to waste thy houses with destruction and death.
50 And the glory of thy Power shall be dried up as a flower, the heat shall arise that is sent over thee.

57 Thy children shall die of hunger, and thou shalt fall through the sword: thy cities shall be broken down, and all thine shall perish with the sword in the field.
58 They that be in the mountains shall die of hunger, and eat their own flesh, and drink their own blood, for very hunger of bread, and thirst of water.

61 And thou shalt be cast down by them as stubble, and they shall be unto thee as fire;
62 And shall consume thee
, and thy cities, thy land, and thy mountains; all thy woods and thy fruitful trees shall they burn up with fire.
63 Thy children shall they carry away captive, and, look, what thou hast, they shall spoil it, and mar the beauty of thy face.

2 Esdras 16:1 -78 Woe be unto thee, Babylon, and Asia! woe be unto thee, Egypt and Syria! ( Turkey, Syria, Iraq)
2 Gird up yourselves with cloths of sack and hair,
bewail your children, and be sorry; for your destruction is at hand.
3 A sword is sent upon you, and who may turn it back?

4 A fire is sent among you, and who may quench it?
5 Plagues are sent unto you, and what is he that may drive them away?
6 May any man drive away an hungry lion in the wood? or may any one quench the fire in stubble, when it hath begun to burn?
7 May one turn again the arrow that is shot of a strong archer?

8 The mighty Lord sendeth the plagues and who is he that can drive them away?
9 A fire shall go forth from his wrath, and who is he that may quench it?
10 He shall cast lightnings, and who shall not fear? he shall thunder, and who shall not be afraid?
11 The Lord shall threaten, and who shall not be utterly beaten to powder at his presence?

12 The earth quaketh, and the foundations thereof; the sea ariseth up with waves from the deep, and the waves of it are troubled, and the fishes thereof also, before the Lord, and before the glory of his power:

13 For strong is his right hand that bendeth the bow, his arrows (missiles) that he shooteth are sharp, and shall not miss, when they begin to be shot into the ends of the world.
14 Behold, the plagues are sent, and shall not return again, until they come upon the earth.

15 The fire is kindled, and shall not be put out, till it consume the foundation of the earth. ((Luke 12:49 I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?)
16 Like as an arrow which is shot of a mighty archer returneth not backward: even so the plagues that shall be sent upon earth shall not return again.
17 Woe is me! woe is me! who will deliver me in those days?

18 The beginning of sorrows and great mournings; the beginning of famine and great death; the beginning of wars, and the powers shall stand in fear; the beginning of evils! what shall I do when these evils shall come?
19 Behold, famine and plague, tribulation and anguish, are sent as scourges for amendment. (Change of heart.)
20 But for all these things they shall not turn from their wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourges.

21 Behold, victuals shall be so good cheap upon earth, that they shall think themselves to be in good case, and even then shall evils grow upon earth, sword, famine, and great confusion.

22 For many of them that dwell upon earth shall perish of famine; and the other, that escape the hunger, shall the sword destroy.
23 And the dead shall be cast out as dung, and there shall be no man to comfort them: for the earth shall be wasted, and the cities shall be cast down.
24 There shall be no man left to till the earth, and to sow it
25 The trees shall give fruit, and who shall gather them?

CLICK HERE to see my vision, parable of fruit trees. http://www.parowanprophet.com/what_do_you_do.htm

26 The grapes shall ripen, and who shall tread them? for all places shall be desolate of men:
27 So that one man shall desire to see another, and to hear his voice.

28 For of a city there shall be ten left, and two of the field, which shall hide themselves in the thick groves, and in the clefts of the rocks.
CLICK HERE to learn of
hiding places, see shelters. http://www.parowanprophet.com/Monthly_Flyer/shelter_and_plans.htm

32 And the earth shall be laid waste, and the fields thereof shall wax old, and her ways and all her paths shall grow full of thorns, because no man shall travel therethrough.

33 The virgins shall mourn, having no bridegrooms; the women shall mourn, having no husbands; their daughters shall mourn, having no helpers. (I have said on other flyers that polygamy was coming soon.)
34 In the wars shall their bridegrooms be destroyed, and their husbands shall perish of famine. CLICK HERE to see more about NO husbands. http://www.parowanprophet.com/Polygamy_And_Mormons/Letter_To_Don.htm

35 Hear now these things and understand them, ye servants of the Lord.
36 Behold, the word of the Lord, receive it: believe not the gods of whom the Lord spake.
Behold, the plagues draw nigh, and are not slack.

O my people, hear my word: make you ready to thy battle, ((people don't want to believe the Parowan Prophet) and in those evils be even as pilgrims upon the earth.

52 For yet a little, and iniquity shall be taken away out of the earth, and righteousness shall reign among you.

53 Let not the sinner say that he hath not sinned: for God shall burn coals of fire upon his head, which saith before the Lord God and his glory, I have not sinned.
54 Behold, the Lord knoweth all the works of men, their imaginations, their thoughts, and their hearts:

62 Yea and the Spirit of Almighty God, which made all things, and searcheth out all hidden things in the secrets of the earth,
63 Surely he knoweth your inventions, and what ye think in your hearts, even them that sin, and would hide their sin.
64 Therefore hath the Lord exactly searched out all your works, and he will put you all to shame.
65 And when your sins are brought forth, ye shall be ashamed before men, and your own sins shall be your accusers in that day.
66 What will ye do? or how will ye hide your sins before God and his angels?
67 Behold, God himself is the judge, fear him: leave off from your sins, and forget your iniquities, to meddle no more with them for ever: so shall God lead you forth, and deliver you from all trouble.

See August 1999 flyer CLICK HERE to see Elijah http://www.parowanprophet.com/Polygamy_And_Mormons/elijah.htm

For, behold, the burning wrath of a great multitude is kindled over you, and they shall take away certain of you, and feed you, being idle, with things offered unto idols.
69 And they that consent unto them shall be had in derision and in reproach, and trodden under foot.
70 For there shall be in every place, and in the next cities, a great insurrection upon those that fear the Lord.
They shall be like mad men, sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord.

72 For they shall waste and take away their goods, and cast them out of their houses.
Then shall they be known, who are my chosen; and they shall be tried as the gold in the fire.

74 Hear, O ye my beloved, saith the Lord: behold, the days of trouble are at hand, but I will deliver you from the same. (Prepare thyself.)
75 Be ye not afraid neither doubt; for God is your guide,

76 And the guide of them who keep my commandments and precepts, saith the Lord God: let not your sins weigh you down, and let not your iniquities lift up themselves.
Woe be unto them that are bound with their sins, and covered with their iniquities like as a field is covered over with bushes, and the path thereof covered with thorns, that no man may travel through!
It is left undressed, and is cast into the fire to be consumed therewith. (Remember that my comments were in brackets.)

(Do you believe as Jonah did when he was in the belly of the fish?) Jonah 2:9 "But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the LORD.

10 And the LORD spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land." (Do you talk to God, WHEN you want something?)

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Are you a person who decides if something is true, because of who said it? What if I said that as of today, October 1, 1999 I could guess that we only have about 12 weeks to go until scripture is fulfilled? Sure I can be wrong, but Jesus Christ said: " 20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." Matthew 24:20-22

This year of 1999, in the winter, on a sabbath day, great tribulation, such as has never been before can happen, on very short days. Get your calendar and count. CLICK HERE to learn about the true sabbath. http://www.parowanprophet.com/liars_say.htm Then check your calendar.

It is in the winter, with very short days, just perfect to fit my words on this flyer, CLICK HERE to see that you can't laugh this off. http://www.parowanprophet.com/to_laugh_this_off.htm Tell to Increase Type size here

Will you be disappointed if you get to live another year?


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Do your Traditions stop your progress?

Can you read?

Hypocrites Don't want to know.

That God is not dead.

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Realize that I am not prophesying the end of the world December 1999, BUT I am telling you that in the next couple of decades about 2/3 of the people on earth will be killed in this war. Four BILLION people are a lot of deaths! You could not be one of them, IF you will prepare. 6627 words, split into 2 parts.