One Megaton Bomb
One Megaton Bomb  Targets Salt Lake City CLICK HERE

Equals 1 Million Tons of TNT Dynamite the Warhead Bomb itself weighs 1000 pounds. It costs about $300,000.00 (1/3 million $) to make.

MOST nuclear weapons exploded in an attack on the U.S. will be "AIR" Bursts high "in the sky" so that the blast overpressure is spread out over a larger area. Those airbursts provide twice as much destruction because they cover twice the area.

"THERMO (HEAT)" NUCLEAR, Bombs produce 50 million degree fireballs.

10 seconds after detonation the fireball is one (1) mile around and cooled to 11 million degrees.

Four (4) miles away from the epicenter the blast of 1 MT Bomb, overpressure is 6 pounds per square inch. Winds are 180 miles per hour. All standard houses and buildings "implode" with that overpressure and then are swept clean with the blast winds. (2) Pounds per square inch crush a house.

5 pounds overpressure WILL BREAK EARDRUM'S.

The "flash" of the explosion will last 22 seconds. People 10 miles away will receive 2nd degree burns.

50 miles away it will be brighter than the sun. If it is a "surface" burst to destroy a long runway, missile silo, or dam the 100 foot deep hole is almost 1/3 mile across with a ring of earth piled up 10 stories deep and 1 mile across around the outside of the hole.

From the time of the 22 Second Flash UNTIL the arrival of the blast wave figure 5 seconds for each mile. If your 6 miles away X5=30 seconds after the flash the 100 MPH Wind will hit you. If your 10 miles away X5=50 seconds after the flash the 50 MPH Wind will hit you. If 15 miles away, X5=1 minute 15 seconds later the 30 MPH Wind will pass. So you can see that "within" 6 miles of the hit itís probably all over. But Most People live beyond the direct hit targets. You may have 1 or 2 minutes before the blast wave hits you. AND 1/2 hour before fallout begins. The Blast wave travels 12 miles per minute or 5 seconds per mile.

It will hit 10 miles away with "enough force" that glass slivers will penetrate and cut a human body. So stay away from windows.

You can see that people will have a very short time to protect themselves without some prior preparation. Our flyers each month will inform and teach you how to prepare. A "self addressed" stamped envelope along with $1.00 will get the flyers returned to you for that month.

Some people will be outside and get some" initial radiation from the flash. Most people will be in cars or buildings that would protect them from the flash (22 seconds) of radiation.

People out in the open at time of flash should duck for cover QUICK!

It takes 10 minutes for the mushroom cloud to reach its maximum heights. That will be about 80,000' OR (16 miles high) AND will be about 30 miles across. So you can see that people 20 or 30 miles away will not be injured by the blast and will have to deal with the fallout and other problems of the war. Why not COPY THIS and SHOW OTHERS JUNE, 1989 this flyer



Thermonuclear War as millions are dying, it is assumed that nothing can be done to protect people. Large doses of radiation will kill no matter what is taken. BUT, these supplements will allow a person to receive "some radiation" with minimum damage to their body.


KI (Potassium Iodide) "LUGOLS SOLUTION" will help resist the radioactive iodine 131 and 133 that have an affinity for the thyroid gland in your neck. Persons who do not have protection will be prime candidates for cancer in 10 years. Children who are not protected will be "stunted" or "dwarf" in growth because the thyroid gland regulates growth. A proper dose should be taken, a double dose does not help. 130 milligrams of iodine DAILY are needed to protect the thyroid. Eyedroppers vary in size so use 5 drops DAILY FOR ADULTS, 4 drops for PRE teens, 3 drops for children, infants (less than 1 year old) 2 drops DAILY. Because of the difference in body weights all persons would be protected at these dose rates. Each state varies whether this is a prescription drug or not. The shelf life if stored in a cool place, IN a dark brown bottle is years. If taken for 100 days "AFTER" you know that bombs and "fallout have started" (take as soon as possible) will protect you against the radioactive iodine 131 and 133. Normal iodine used for medicine on cuts & scratches is POISON, "IF" taken internally and would not protect the thyroid. CLICK HERE for more Lugols information.

Potassium iodide tablets are usually 300 mg. and could be cut in half for a 2 days supply. The extra 20 mg. would cause no harm. The cost for 100 tablets here in Utah is about $6.00  "1985"

CALCIUM (Calcium Citrate) is "BEST," take 1000 milligrams DAILY (adults or child) for the 1st week and then 500 milligrams DAILY for 3 or more weeks. After each time new fallout comes, from another bomb. This helps the body resist the Strontium 90, which is in all fallout. If not protected the strontium 90 is attracted to the marrow in bones and destroys it. Your bone marrow makes the "white blood cells" that help you fight infection. If you cannot fight any infections you become like the "AIDS" people, sicker, and sicker, doomed to die. Calcium is available in drug and grocery stores.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) take 300 milligrams DAILY for 1 month after 1st fallout then 100 milligrams daily for at least 2 more months. This will help bone marrow in the formation of blood cells. It greatly helps burn victims, and those with cuts and broken bones as it regulates the production of the bone protein matrix.



Almost the 1st thing that will drive you OUT of a shelter is no preparation for human waste. SO, take a "wide top" 5-gallon can that you can sit on. Toilet paper and garbage bags to line the can with. ONE Gallon of water per person, per day for the expected stay (1 week) =7 gallons per person. Soap washcloth, Plastic glass, spoon, bowl, blanket, and some food.

If you can, add: flashlight, battery radio, book, salt & soda, mirror, tooth brush, socks, change of clothes, Bible, paper & pen, first aid kit, bleach to disinfect things, and a 50 cent, dust mask from a hardware store, you can make it.

More additions: duct tape, matches & candles, roll of sheet 4-mill plastic (like used in gardens to protect plants from frost).

IN THE HOLE (Shelter)

Reorder your Priorities, (to live)

When everybody is in trouble, danger "creates" a bond. Don't feel guilty, as you know that millions are dying.

Be calm, analyze, keep families together. When persons loved ones are safe, then they are willing to help others.

One-person actions can save many lives learn what to do before you need to do it.

Put people to work at "Simple" tasks (keep them busy) FORCE yourself to think THIS IS REAL!

Pure "fear", causes physical responses-nausea AND vomiting, out of breath. One-person vomits and all vomit, EVEN WITH NO FALLOUT YET!

Some people PANIC, some are in a state of PARALYSIS - the more sudden the attack is, the less the cooperation of people will be.

Donít get emotional. "Think," your ADRENALINE is good. God put it in to you for emergencies.

"MORALE" is low, when no outside help is in sight.

Millions are worse off than you are. You know what to expect what to do. You have been getting knowledge for a long time.

Reassure the group, organize, and donít let arguments get started. Organize teams for fallout, monitors, security, medical, food, safety, sanitation, ventilation, communications, entertainment, rules for shelter, records.

The ventilation group must get 3 cu. ft. of air per person into the shelter to prevent headaches and possible suffocation. BLUE lips show lack of oxygen. RED lips sow "Carbon Monoxide" poisoning, from fires or fumes. Get OUT QUICK! Even if you have to go into the fallout.

Anyone sick should be isolated. "Smokers" close to the air exhaust, NOT the air intake.

People under "stress" like to "snack" a lot.

The record people MUST keep records on the exposure on each person. When someone has to go out for any reason, (supplies - put out a fire -defense - etc.) records of their exposure are necessary to keep them below a fatal dose.

"Responsible" people with any sense will be sheltered - when they need to be. Thieves and looters and people dumb enough will stay outside and get larger doses. If some of those people threaten your shelter (eliminate them) because "if" they would kill you they will kill again.

Everyone should have his or her own glass, bowl, and spoon. Simple diseases spread very quickly in crowded conditions with poor sanitation. One person has a cold and in a couple of days everyone has a cold, etc., ANYONE sick MUST be isolated.

Be sure people do NOT bring fallout into the shelter on their shoes or clothes. Sweep them down with a broom OR leave them outside.