Believe Part 14

Believe Part 14     I hope you can learn how to live. 

The Beginning Plan of Salvation NOTICE MY COMMENTS AS YOU READ THIS.  
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     MY ZEER POTS  and the SOLAR COOKER works at – 10 below ZERO. See below. THE Charcoal Cooker also.      
   My task is to expose you to some truth, so you can learn for yourself.

  When Nuclear WAR takes out our power supply we need to do as much of the world does.    Evaporative coolers are a neat idea and when used in the correct environments they can provide much needed cooling for very little cost.   
Just make sure your expectations are reasonable.
The ideal refrigerator temperature is 40°F
  The Zeer pot will not manage to keep temperatures as cool as our modern refrigerators. 

Warmer temperatures and less storage space are part of the trade-off for their low cost and simplicity.  

  Here in most of Utah refrigeration is not a problem 6 months of the year because it freezes at night.
We can put food and Milk into picnic coolers to keep from freezing inside and set them outside at night to get cold.  I live at 6,022 feet high. Isaiah 2:2  and Micah 4:1-5  
Where you live SEE the elevation.  
     Learn to preserve your food.  CLICK HERE    

    But the other 6 months we need refrigeration to extend time life for food.
         The best answer is to do as much of the world does and use Zeer Pots. 
    The Zeer Pot is an inexpensive way to keep food longer when electricity is no longer available to power refrigerators. They have been used for thousands of years.
       So we know they will work, to some degree.
     Image result for zeer pots              Food can last longer when COOLED  

Image result for zeer pots   A WET TOWEL ON TOP helps cooling.


                     Image result for zeer pots  
                                Image result for zeer pots  
                      Read ABOUT Rocket CLICK HERE  
                      Read aboyt Guava CLICK HERE  
    My Zeer pots in Parowan Utah. PHOTO  soon. Today June 8, 2016 at 4 pm it is 89 degrees at home in Parowan and 14% humidity and 6 mph breeze. My pot is 60 degrees inside. A 29 degree drop from the outside temperature. Cool Tea is great. 70 years ago as a kid we had our own Canvas Water Bags we hung on the Saddle Horn as we moved cattle. I remember taking my Hat Off and pouring water over my head and shirt to cool down. Take a drink and put the Cork back in the hole and hang it again as we rode. Water evaporating from the Bag keep it the water cooler to drink. And pour over you. 
   Cool Clear Water  


     I have them higher off the ground so they get some wind (breeze) passing, And NOT direct SUNLIGHT.     The two pots with sand between them, and soaked with water to evaporate through the outside pot and cool it. ADD water in the morning and they will cool food all day.

AS water evaporates it cools like sweat on your skin. BLOW Air on your sweaty arm and feel it cooler. That is WHY I keep them high to get some breeze.
    I put Watermelons in to cool.   With a Watermelon I put an inch of water in the bottom of the inside Pot to wick UP THE Sides of that inside Pot.  Also putting water in the inside POT makes the water cooler. I keep a Quart or two of Raspberry Tea Cooling in one ZEER Pot under the tree.    

Image result for zeer pots  
    At 65 Degrees and 10% Humidity a Zeer can get down to 44 Degrees, very close to a Modern Appliance.
     Just don't expect to go beyond the Natural Laws of Physics.

Image result for zeer pots  
 You don't  need a GLAZED lid or inner pot. You want UN_Glazed Pots, like Terra Cotta Pots to plant Flowers in.

    With our GARDENS producing from June to October we need to preserve our produce.    
  Photo My Cherry tree. ABOUT JULY 10TH.
  Photo My Apricots   Mid July
  Photo  My Apples  September
  Some Dryers CLICK HERE    
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    I have also have made several types of SOLAR Cookers over many years that work everyday of the year with Sunshine.  Even in winter with SNOW on the ground at – 10 below zero. 
    WHEN IT is not snowing the SUN stills shines bright.

     Cardboard Solar Cooker into a food dryer CLICK HERE  BY JULY  when I get it made.


   5/30/2016    Brother Tom now your package from UPS will have arrived on Tuesday.
   In the small box is the Hawkins Pressure cooker. Open and read the BOOK Pages 14-15 and 39-40 
so it makes some sense. I use ½ cup of water or less in bottom of  the Hawkins and 6 Charcoal Briquettes to cook dinner of meat and vegetables.
   THEY SAY ¾ CUP water BUT (BUT) we are NOT (NOT) cooking the normal way.
   Please use the Hawkins cooker first (1st.) so you can get a good fire started.
Actually I am now using 4 or 5  Tablespoons of apple juice or berry juice or Raspberry TEA to make steam. ¼ cup.

  See this: Comment:
 Jamie heating food or cooking are two different things
. To cook efficient I use 6 Kingsford Briquettes in my Rocket stove #10 Can with modifications and a Hawkins 2 Liter (Over 2 Quarts) Pressure Cooker like Mt. Everest climbers use. 6 pieces of charcoal cost me 12 cents for Briquettes.
    Store fuel to cook for a year for $50  Pressure cooking increases inside temperature 50 degrees.  
Light the fire and come back in an hour to dinner cooked. World War 3 about to begin. Prepare NOW.
Google my name. Parowan Prophet Bless you all. One third of humanity will die in 7 years of war.  
HER website is: 
  I have built a LARGE Rocket Stove with 6 inch Stove Pipe that heats BATH WATER like a normal 40 gallon water heater at home. It has "COILED COPPER Pipe" inside that makes BOILING HOT water.  A person can carry it anywhere to heat water. Just have enough wood and keep it going.
HOT WATER DOES naturally RISE JUST LIKE STEAM.  My heater makes steaming HOT water that must be MIXED with COLD to use.  Take it Camping and have HOT showers every day. I like that. 

   Tom with my just 6 pieces of Kingsford Charcoal and “JUST” 4 ounces OR ½ CUP of water I can cook dinner for 2 or 3 people. The instructions SAY to only fill food 2/3 way in any cooker. BUT (BUT) because the 6 pieces charcoal MAX OUT their heat in ½ hour. WATER is the best conductor of heat. BUT if the cooker has TOO MUCH water then the Briquettes burn out before the water boils.  
   A very fine line.   Photos coming soon OF THIS cooker.  
I loose no water (or juice) as steam.   NO LOSS OF LIQUID. I put the Vent weight ON at the start of cooking.   ALL the steam “HEAT” stays inside pressure at 50 degrees above boiling and keeps boiling to keep heat high to cook and never looses much water. Perhaps a couple of “ROCKS” = “movement”  on the Pressure Regulator on top of the cooker to release a tiny bit of steam.
    Put in ¼ Cup of liquid, then Meat at bottom, then vegetables.

  Put food into pot, close the LID AND THEN PUT Pressure Regulator “ON” the vent pipe on top of the cooker.                    THEY SAY: “wait” for steam before putting it on.
  I SAY NO!! PUT it on at the start and put cooker over the Briquette COALS while HOT.

 NEVER cook with no water at all. That ruins the cooker. PUT The 6 pieces of charcoal on the screen in the tall number #10 can.  That “can” be easily lit with a sheet or two of Newspaper under them in the # 10 can
“in” the Galvanized PAIL.

Crumple the paper under the wire screen with the pieces of charcoal placed in the screen with the tall # 10 can inside the Galvanized PAIL. And then light the Newspaper. “WHEN” (WHEN) the flames die down (DIE DOWN)   --- then (THEN) put the cardboard shroud that I sent over the Galvanized Pail so the heat goes straight up. THEN put the HAWKINS cooker on the # 10 can with the charcoal burning.

     The Hawkins handle will stick out and almost rest on the Galvanized PAIL.
    The cardboard shroud has 2 slots for the handles on the large PRESTO cooker. The notches at the bottom of the shroud will be on the ground and let the air in to the holes in the Galvanized PAIL for air to burn the Charcoal.     Then go do anything for one hour and come backed to a cooked dinner.
  Because I loose no water as steam, I can fill the Hawkins cooker almost to the top with food.
The steam stays inside and does not escape out and make the “HISSING SOUND” when it escapes the Pressure Regulator on top of the cooker.

FOOD inside is NOT BOILED in the water. Just steam HEAT so each kind of food retains its own flavor.         Meat is very tender.      Apple juice steam is great.
   WHEN finished cooking I still have a little broth (water- juice ) to drink.
       All the juices from meat and vegetables tastes good, I lose no food value. I get it
             The same procedure for the
large PRESTO 6 Quart cooker.
that the charcoal is harder to light with one sheet of Newspaper in the Galvanized PAIL with the  “Shorter #10 can with the screen FOR THE PRESTO.
The PRESTO takes
one(1)  cup of water
(OR really 1 cup of apple juice) to make steam. 
DON’T PUT IN TOO MUCH WATER. Really just 1 cup of fluid (pure juice) and NO added water at all.

  We are NOT (NOT) using these Pressure cooker in the “normal way where people put in more water and then have hot steam heat to “ROCK” the Pressure Regulator ON TOP for a few minutes and loose water as the steam escapes the cooker.
                    We don’t (DO_NOT) want a lot of steam loss. = Water loss.
   We use just enough water (fluid) to make the steam under pressure that is 50 degrees hotter.
     Let no steam escape. Let it just stay inside the cooker and recycle inside to re-boil as heat.
The charcoal will be all ash in one hour.
ONE HOUR> A very little amount of ash.
      IN the bottom of the Galvanized pail with holes at the bottom.     No fire hazard.  

  The larger 6 PRESTO cooker takes 12 or 14 pieces of Charcoal to cook food for 6 or 7 people.  24-28 cents.
  I use the TALLER #10 can that I cook with on the Hawkins, to
start the 14 pieces for the larger cooker then when they are white with ash (about 10-15  minutes)
I pour them INTO the smaller #10 can in the Galvanized PAIL and then I put the cardboard shroud I MADE around the pail.
THEN put the Large PRESTO 6 Quart cooker on
and come back in an hour with dinner for all.

  The expression “Kick the bucket” Very gently “kick” the Galvanized Bucket after ½ hour to shake the ash off (OFF) the briquettes on the screen in the # 10 can.
Lift EITHER cooker OFF the #10 can and gently move the PAIL and see the ASH FALL OFF the coals through the wire screen. Making them hotter again so then replace the cooker on the # 10 can.

  I am going to buy a chimney starter at Home Depot for $12

  That will make it easy for me instead of using the larger # 10 can and screen as starter that I use when I am Cooking  with the smaller Hawkins cooker.
WHEN I USE the Hawkins I just light the paper and when flames are down then I put the cardboard shroud over the BIG PAIL and begin cooking.

I spray painted both Pressure cookers with HIGH Temperature BLACK Paint for Barbecues. I am working on a solar type box that we can use both of these cookers in and just set them out in Sunlight. When I get it perfected you will have to spray paint the “TOPS” of both pressure cookers FLAT BLACK to absorb Sunlight and make heat.

But I “haven’t” got it perfected
yet. Also I am working on how to BAKE bread or Cake, or fruit cobbler above the top of the pressure cookers now that we have; inside the Cardboard shroud while we are cooking the food for the one hour.
    A meal and dessert baked on the same 6 pieces of charcoal for 12 cents.

  I buy 15+ pound bags of Kingsford charcoal at Wal-Mart for $5 and there are 18 pieces per pound.
So 2 cents for each piece of charcoal.  I have cooked for 6 of us for a Quarter with 12 charcoals= 24 cents under the larger 6 Quart PRESTO cooker.   

When the SHTF we can solar cook on sunny days and if clouds move in we can switch to the charcoal for little cost. Cook for half dozen people for a Quarter on the PRESTO cooker. 12 cents for a couple  of people. Store fuel easy in Kingsford Bags.

ALWAYS use charcoal outside they say because of carbon monoxide. I haven’t had any problem with
just 6 pieces inside a room. My study where my computer is at.

  The charcoal makes about 40 degrees of heat for each piece. So 6 pieces = 240 degrees of heat.
Water boils to steam at 212 degrees at sea level. About 210 degrees at Phoenix, 201 degrees at Parowan and 203 degrees at Cherry. Because of the higher altitude the water boils with less air pressure and a lower temperature.
By using “pressure” in cookers we get the advantage of about 50 degrees of heat. The weight REGULATOR that comes with the cookers is for 15# at sea level to add 50 degrees of heat. The pressure of 15# makes the water HOTTER TO BOIL.   

  At altitudes it takes longer to cook with more heat.  BUT (BUT) I do fine with meat, potatoes, carrots, corn, onion, at 6000 feet at Parowan Utah in 1 hour with 6 Briquettes and the smaller Hawkins.    

6000 feet = Isaiah 2:2-3 and Micah 4:1-5  Food really tastes great. Vegetables have cooked in their own juices.    More nutrition than boiling and throwing water away.               
         WHEN Short of water and fuel this makes it the best way to survive.

 I am making the SOLAR cooker out of cardboard and a Mylar Space blanket cost $2.25 and DUCT TAPE and some GLASS shelves from an old throw away refrigerator.
         We can then USE OUR Pressure Cookers to cook with The SUN TOO.
  My Solar Box cooker Sunday got to 240 inside for 2 hours with the Hawkins inside.
So that makes Parowan at 201 + 50 = 251 degrees for 2 hours. It cooled down about 4 pm to 150,
so I turned it west to the Sun going down AND (and) it went back up to 220 again. 

it was 290 in the Hawkins because it was 240 on the thermo gauge by the Hawkins.
   PURE .999 Silver is the BEST Heat conductor. Then COPPER, then Aluminum. So I will get a piece of thin Aluminum (Maybe copper) and paint it BLACK to go into the SOLAR Cooker to get more HEAT. Like years ago.
Years ago Dr. Stephen Jones at BYU a SOLAR Expert bought a cardboard box cooker from me I had made. 
He gave me $50 for the cardboard box because he had never seen a cooker like mine. With the angles.
  You will see WHEN YOU GET YOURS.   
       I will keep you informed as I make some progress. Bless you, have fun. Leland
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