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August 1989 Sheet "P" Column 1.

About To Happen Now

This "Vision" and prophecy was made by Pioneer Charles Evans and was published in 1894 in Salt Lake City Utah, USA. In the Contributor Magazine, Volume 15 pages 638-640 I have edited out some of it to save space.

HE SAYS: "I saw multitudes fleeing to the place of safety in the mountain heights. The church was established in the wilderness. Simultaneously THE NATION HAD reached an unparalleled prosperity. "BUT" continued the messenger, (from God) Thou beholdest a change. CONFIDENCE IS LOST. (Banks & Saving and Loans are going broke.) WEALTH is arrayed against labor, labor against wealth...Factions now sprang up as if by magic: Capital had intreached itself against labor throughout the land; LABOR had organized AGAINST Capital. (Eastern Airlines, L A Teachers, Coal miners, Teamsters, Phone companies, American JOBS are going south.)

The voice of the wise sought to tranquilize the two powerful factors in vain. Exited multitudes ran wildly about; STRIKES increased; lawlessness sought the place of regular government. At this juncture I saw a banner floating in air whereon was written the words "BANKRUPTCY, Famine, FLOODS, FIRE, Cyclones, BLOOD, Plagues." Mad with rage men and women rushed upon each other. BLOOD flowed down the streets of Cities like water. The demon of hate had enthroned itself on the citadel of reason; The thirst for blood was more intense than that of the parched tongue for water. THOUSANDS OF BODIES LAY UNTOMBED IN THE STREETS.

Men and women fell dead from the terror inspired by fear. Rest was the precursor of the bloody work of the morrow...A voice now sounded aloud these words, " YET ONCE AGAIN I SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH BUT ALSO THE HEAVEN, And this word signifies the removing of things that are shaken, AS of things that are made; THAT those things that cannot be shaken may remain."

EARTHQUAKES rent the earth in vast chasms, which engulfed multitudes; terrible groaning and wailing's FILLED THE AIR; the SHRIEKS OF THE SUFFERING were indescribably awful. Water wildly rushed in FROM THE TUMULTUOUS OCEAN whose very roaring under the mad rage of the FIERCE CYCLONE, was unendurable to the ear.

CITIES WERE SWEPT AWAY IN AN INSTANT, (he had no idea about nuclear bombs in "1894") MISSILES WERE HURLED THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE AT A TERRIBLE VELOCITY ( 12,000 miles PER Hour) AND PEOPLE were carried UPward (Boom!) only to descend AN UNRECOGNIZABLE MASS." (AS Fallout.) END of the Contributor story Volume 15:638-640 Published "1894" = 51 YEARS before The Atom Bomb was even invented. That man saw the future !

YEARS AGO "When" the Mormons had prophets, the people were warned to prepare for the end.

JESUS said: My friends, I have chosen you AND ordained you, the world hates you, BUT I have chosen you, REMEMBER they have persecuted me SO they will persecute you. ( See Bible John 15:14-21 yourself, IF you believe the Bible.)

TODAY THE MORMONS want to be popular, SO the have lost the men of vision the pioneers had. They are good people, just not men of vision. THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES say: "FOR do we not read that GOD IS THE SAME yesterday, today, AND forever AND in him there is NO variableness neither shadow of changing?" So says Mormon 9:9

99 -1 cent short of $ 1.00 AS MOST Mormons will be short of heavens, Celestial glory..

The Bible tells us in Malachi 3:6 "For I AM the Lord,I change not."

562 words, column 1. August 1989 sheet "P"