Tell anyone that you care about to see these pages. Soon! Your parents, friends, family, lovers, children, co-workers. They need to learn how to survive, and nobody else will tell them. Everyone avoids talking about the war to come soon.

I said that because I want you to know that this is a work in progress. If you find a spelling error, then click your Refresh button (above).  I may have already corrected it. I am updating pages often.

I am trying to be perfect, like Jesus said: Be ye therefore perfect. Click your Refresh button on my pages weekly, to get the latest update. 

I am getting the information up on the web as best I can.

I am one man, and not Superman. Just a prophet sent of God.

That information has 8 drawings of home shelter plans, plus the drawing of the home water filter plans and fallout patterns and graphs. Only those people who are planning to prepare to survive will be willing to be patient enough for them to download.  Also all the medicines to get at your local drugstores. AND many more sign's of the times. The apostasy of the Mormon Church,   and their false doctrine that will cause the death and misery of millions. Who could be helped.

Many people on the web can't wait 40 seconds for things to load. Those are facts from studies done.

All the flyers from years past will be in that survival package as well as some things that I did "Copyright" so that nobody could recopy it in a different form and say that I said something that I did not say.

Satan has many people that will misquote, OR alter my words to try and make them say something different than my intent. I am accountable to only one man, My Father in Heaven.

I do not have to keep to, OR uphold one Church doctrine, OR creed, OR belief. Truth is my pursuit.

I don't have to keep my mouth shut or lose my tax-free status, like most Churches because I am not tax-free. I pay taxes.

I don't have to keep some woman happy, and have her priorities be my priorities. Since Adam followed woman instead of God, the world is a mess. I am totally independent of the world. All that anyone can do to me is kill me. And the Lord already gave me his words of promise to spend eternity with him. So the sooner it happens, the more grateful I will be.

This life is not a pleasant experience for me, because I already have the promise of God and I am anxious to move on. Bless you, you need that promise too, yourself, BEFORE you die! ! !


Your heart beats 103,689 times;

Your blood travels 168,000 miles;

You breathe 23,040 times;

You inhale 438 cubic feet of air;

You eat 3 1/2 pounds of food;

You drink 2.9 pounds of liquid;

You lose 5.8 pounds of waste;

You give off 85.6 Therms of heat;

You perspire 1.43 pints;

You generate in energy 45 ft /tons;

You speak 4.800 words (women more);

You move 750 major muscles:

Your nails grow .000046 inches;

Your hair grows .01714 inches;

You exercise 7,000,000 brain cells (some less).

Is it any wonder you feel tired? Your body is indeed

marvelously made so that you can accomplish everything

else you do every day of your life. The big question is, - What

are you doing to prepare for eternity? That is forever! AND that is a long time. Without end, eternal, forever, and ever, and ever, and Ever, AND EVER!