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Friday 1/15 The attack on Iraq will begin again soon, and will not just last for 70 hours. But will go on for weeks and get real serious. MANY thousands will die.  Click my Index Page and Scroll down to "V" Iraq hit by "H" Bomb.

Monday 1/10 I got up at 5 AM and did a radio show in Toledo Ohio, that I have done for 5 or 6 years. I re-explained the effects of EMP and about Diana's death. So  everyone should make copies of my pages NOW because EMP will ruin all computers. When the attack happens you can read what to do. The Internet in the USA will be broken for a long time, so get ready NOW. When things are broken, ORDER the Survival Information in the mail. $13 to me, Box 1000-84761 Cash Only CLICK HERE to CLICK HERE to see the ORDER PAGE.

Thursday 1/7 /99 Some people new to the web have asked what are the HTML codes. So I tell you to Click- View -then  Source, on your menu bar at the TOP to see the codes that make this page.

Sunday 1/3 /99 Emails asking why hasn't it happened?        I don't know yet. Don't be anxious because it is horrible when it begins. I still do not think we can relax for another year. The Russian's Christmas is not until January 7, and days are still short. I hope  I am wrong. Millions get to live, maybe some will repent and prepare.

Friday 1/1 /99 Moscow--Russian inflation, which appeared under control until a financial crisis struck last summer, HIT 84% for 1998, the government said today. With Russia still mired in crisis, many private economists expect the rate for 1999 to be as high, if not higher. Spectrum 1/1 /99 pageA9 ( what would the USA do if inflation hit 84%)

Wednesday 12/30 /98    Russia Faces Major Debt Default By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press Writer  MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia was effectively in default today on a major foreign debt, forcing Western creditors to try to figure out how to deal with a country that's struggling to pay its bills. Russia failed Tuesday to make a $363 million cash payment on $26 billion worth of loans that Moscow must repay that Moscow must repay to the London Club of commercial creditors.  BLOW UP THE BANK in London See my Scenario at the bottom of the INDEX Page, where I say England is attacked when the USA is.

Sunday 12/27 /98 Moscow (AP) Russia put 10 NEW 10 NEW Topol-M nuclear missiles on full combat readiness Sunday, the first deployment ever of the missile developed to sustain Russia as a global nuclear power. The "single"- warhead Topol-M with a range of 6200 miles, will be the new heart of Russia's missile force. The Topol-M is a lightweight; rugged missile designed to be fired from a vehicle. SEE my information about the Topol-M City busters CLICK HERE to see Russian Missiles Ready. Those TOPOLS can fly 6200 miles from Moscow over the Pole to as far as  south Texas.

WHY would they put them on full combat readiness Sunday? UNLESS they were getting ready to come for some meat. Cattle, like a prophet said. See November Letter to the Editors footnote Hyperlink about cattle.

Saturday 12/26 /98 Moscow (AP) Russia will not go hungry in 1999, and there will be no food shortages in spite of Russia's agricultural crisis, a top Russian official said in an interview published Sunday. Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Kulik said that the government had taken measures to ensure there would not be a food shortages in 1999. "If in 1990 we had about half a cow per person, NOW we have one-quarter that number," Kulik told the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily. SEE my November Letter to the Editors.  I .  I said they were short of cattle.

12/22 Click Here New Delhi
12/18, CNN reports Russian Military on full alert. See where I wrote about it 18 years ago in the SCENARIO which is at the bottom of the Index page below.  I said they would go on full alert a week before Christmas 18 years ago.  See my December letter to the editor (above),   I said we would attack Iraq after the 15th.  We attacked on the 16th of December.

11/23 Excuses Click here
11/22 Liars Say; Click Here
11/21 What Time is it? Click Here.
11/12/98 news say we will war in Iraq again "soon". So I am getting my August 94 flyer up that tells of the Nuclear Bomb hitting in Iraq.  And what  I saw where it will hit. I will tell you where to look when I get it up.
8:30 PM  CLICK HERE INDEX FILES then scroll down to "H" bomb hits Iraq         #
11/5/98 See November letter I just got up on the web. About Cattle shortages in Russia.
10/29/98 Great Changes in policy tonight, see  Caduceus LINK CLICK HERE.