Given start of the 21st. day, after sundown on the 20th.  at 7 P.M. 

Revelation December 21, 1999
At ease my friend, what you have said is about to happen. The unbelievers shall be fuels for the fires of hell. I have said all along that my words shall come to pass. Scoffers mock my sayings and claim that they know better, that I am a loving and forgiving God. That my words of punishment don't really mean what I said. 
They lead the people and profess that they know God. Hypocrites they are, the whole lot of them.

Even the more righteous have broken their covenants with me. The angel of death shall walk the streets, house to house as was done in Moses day. Those who have hearkened unto thee, as unto Moses in his time may live.

My words shall come to pass as spoken. The blind shall see in amazement, and cry for help. But nothing can be done for them. Unbelievers shall wail because of their unbelief. They love this life and have not prepared for eternity. Their children are no better. Those parents have taught their own children to ignore my commandments. They act like the heathen and pagan who have never heard. It is their own fault, they scorn my commands. Weep not for their unbelief. That is their own choice.

They, who will not believe my words written to prophets and holy men, have no right to forgiveness. Change and repentance is necessary for forgiveness. David still sits in hell. Why do others profess that they are forgiven? I told thee that mercy cannot rob justice. For the pagan heathens I have no patience, only repentance is worthy of mercy. Not the proud and arrogant and haughty.

My words are in all nations, yet look how they behave. They fear not mine judgments, they profess they have taken my name. That they are Christians, but they have taken my name in vain. They have no rights to mercy. Judgment shall claim millions, what else can I say beyond what I have already said? They get what they deserve. Woe unto you sinners, for great destruction is come upon you. And who may escape it? Fire and hell shall consume the sinners and transgressors together with those in wicked unbelief who ignore mine words and sayings.
Ah so my friend, amen.