Revelation Dec 6, 1999 

My son, I told thee before that ye would experience all that mine prophets who have gone before thee. This people do not perceive, death shall not passover them. Their ears are dull of hearing. They will not see and be healed, so millions must die. That judgement may claim them. For mercy cannot rob justice. That is the eternal plan. As they have lived, so they are worthy of death, so they must die. 

A riddle is plain to those who can see. To the blind an enigma. Nevertheless, thy warning voice shall come to pass. Moan for the sin and unbelief of this people. They must perish with the love of this world. Eternity is far off, out of their minds. Others before thee sought to see this day, but millions will perish and not see it for their hearts are corrupt and their ears are deaf. Ye have said of things to happen,
The Koreans wait on the 38th. until the ground is frozen to push to the south. Saddam's demise ye have foretold. Preparations are made to pluck the eagles feathers. The media will announce the catastrophe as the end draws nigh. Those with still eyes to see, will see. When the power is gone those in the darkness will see. The blind stumble in the daylight. They come not unto the light because their deeds are evil.
Listen unto my voice my son as one crying in the wilderness. Therein is safety. Keep my words in thine heart and life and teach others to live also. Bless those who will listen, and mingle not with the deaf and blind.
They shall have their reward, If it were not so, Then I would not be a God of justice. They will get what they deserve. Amen.
4:30 pm. in Parowan, on web now 4:55