Prophets: Do people believe?

Read this, then answer.

Some know I have been warning about Nuclear War a long time.

And think I'm a false prophet. I would love to have it be so!

The Lord said it is given: "that every man (woman) may act in doctrine and principle pertaining to futurity, according to the moral AGENCY which I have given unto him, that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment." DC 101:78. One of the best poems about AGENCY, is by William Hinley who died in 1903, and called: INVICTUS, so I present it here.

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole, 

I thank whatever gods may be 

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud,

Under the bludgeoning of chance,

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate,

How charged with punishment the scroll,

I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my soul.

A man said about 161 years ago that God told him: "Therefore, the keys of THIS dispensation are committed into your hands; AND by this ye may know THAT THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR, even at the doors." DC 110:16 Today about 10 million people believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. YET, others don't know. SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH ?

God lives in eternity, everything there is now. There is no time.

When he talks to a prophet, OR shows visions of the future, it's all immediately now. People without visions, don't know about that experience.

John said in Revelation 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ, WHICH GOD GAVE unto him, to shew unto his servants the things which MUST SHORTLY come to pass.

1:3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND.

Well almost 2000 years have passed, was John a false prophet?

That's sure more than 161 years ago. So what else did Joseph get?

Over 15 years he received hundreds of pages of words from God. Could you do that? Nope! So let's see what else he did say.

DC= Doctrine & Covenants, published 150 years ago.

DC 1:2-4 For verily the voice of the Lord is unto all men, and there is none to escape; and there is no eye that shall not see, neither ear that shall not hear, neither heart that shall not be penetrated. And the rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow; for their iniquities shall be spoken upon the housetops, and their secret acts shall be revealed. And the voice of WARNING shall be unto all people, by the mouths of MY disciples, whom I have chosen in these last days. (Now over 150 years later, we see and hear of leaders sins on TV antennas on housetops.)

DC 1:8-9 And verily I say unto you, that they who go forth, bearing these tidings unto the inhabitants of the earth, to them is power given to seal both on earth and in heaven, the unbelieving and rebellious; Yea, verily, to seal them up unto the day when the WRATH OF GOD shall be poured out upon the wicked without measure--

DC 1:14-15 And the arm of the Lord shall be revealed; and the day cometh that they who will NOT hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of HIS servants, neither give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles, shall be cut off from among the people;

For they have strayed from mine ordinances, and have broken mine everlasting covenant.

DC 56:1-3 Hearken, O ye people who profess my name, (Christians) saith the Lord your God; for behold, mine anger is kindled against the rebellious, and they shall know mine arm and mine indignation, in the day of visitation and of wrath upon the nations.

And he (she) that will not take up his cross and follow me, and keep my commandments, the same shall NOT be saved.

Behold, I, the Lord, command; and he (she) that will NOT obey shall be cut off in mine own due time, after I have commanded and the commandment is broken.

DC 63:32,33 I, the Lord, am angry with the wicked; I am holding my Spirit from the inhabitants of the earth.

I have sworn in my wrath, and decreed wars upon the face of the earth, and the wicked shall slay the wicked, and fear shall come upon every man.

People think Jesus Christ is a wimp, BUT HE IS THE LION of the tribe of Judah. See Revelation 5:5 Would you meet a Lion without preparation? So get prepared.

DC 97:21-26 Therefore, verily, thus saith the Lord, let Zion rejoice, for this is Zion--THE PURE IN HEART; therefore, let Zion rejoice, while all the wicked shall mourn.

For behold, and lo, vengeance cometh speedily upon the ungodly as the whirlwind; (mushroom cloud) and who shall escape it?

The Lord's SCOURGE shall pass over by night and by day, (fallout) and the report thereof (news) shall vex all people; yea, it shall not be stayed until the Lord come;

For the indignation of the Lord is kindled against their abominations and all their works.

Nevertheless, Zion shall escape IF she observe to do ALL things whatsoever I have commanded her.

BUT IF she observe NOT to do whatsoever I have commanded her; I will visit her according to all her works, with sore affliction, with pestilence, with plague, with sword, with vengeance, with devouring fire. (A 1-megaton bomb detonates at 11 million degrees).

DC 29:17-19 And it shall come to pass, because of the wickedness of the world, that I will take vengeance upon the wicked, for they will not repent; for the cup of mine indignation is full; for behold, my blood shall not cleanse them IF they hear me not.

Wherefore, I the Lord God will send forth flies upon the face of the earth, which shall take hold of the inhabitants thereof, and shall eat their flesh, and shall cause maggots to come in upon them;

And their tongues shall be stayed that they shall not utter against me; and their flesh shall fall from off their bones, and their eyes from their sockets;

DC 1:3 And the rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow; for their iniquities shall be spoken upon the housetops, and their secret acts shall be revealed.

DC 64:36-39 For, verily I say that the rebellious are NOT of the blood of Ephraim, wherefore they shall be plucked out.                        (Negroes are NOT of the blood of Ephraim)

Behold, I the lord, have made my church in these last days like unto a judge sitting on a hill, or in a high place, to judge the nations.

For it shall come to pass that the inhabitants of Zion shall judge all things pertaining to Zion.

And liars and HYPOCRITES shall be proved by them, and they who are NOT apostles AND prophets shall be known.

Webster's Dictionary: HYPOCRITE, one who pretends to beliefs, sentiments, ideas, concepts, etc.

DC 50:2-8 Behold, verily I say unto you, that there are many spirits which are false spirits, which have gone forth in the earth, deceiving the world.

And also Satan hath sought to deceive you, that he might overthrow you. (canaanites sit in temples).

Behold, I, the Lord, have looked upon you, and have seen abominations in the church that profess my name. (The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-Day Saints.)

But blessed are they who are faithful and endure, whether in life or in death, for they shall inherit eternal life.

But wo unto them that are deceivers AND HYPOCRITES, for, thus saith the Lord,
I will bring them to judgment

Behold, verily I say unto you, there are hypocrites among you, who have deceived some, which has given the adversary power; but behold such shall be reclaimed;

But the hypocrites shall be detected and shall be cut off, either in life or in death, even as I will.

DC 112:23-26 Verily, verily, I say unto you, darkness covereth the earth, and gross darkness the minds of the people, and all flesh has become corrupt before my face.

Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth, a day of WRATH, a day of BURNING, (A newspaper on the lawn, will BURN at 7 miles from a 1 megaton bomb) a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord.

And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord;

First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me, and have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord.

DC 88:84-88 Therefore, tarry ye, and labor diligently, that you may be perfected in your ministry to go forth among the Gentiles for the last time, as many as the mouth of the Lord shall name, to bind up the law and seal up the testimony, and to prepare the saints for the hour of judgment which is to come; (I'm trying).

THAT their souls may escape The WRATH of God, The desolation of abomination (A-bomb-anation) which awaits the wicked, both in this world AND in the world to come. Verily, I say unto you, let those who are not the first elders continue in the vineyard until the mouth of the Lord shall call them, for their time is not yet come; their garments are not clean from the blood of this generation.

Abide ye in the liberty wherewith ye are made free; entangle not yourselves in sin, BUT let your hands be clean, until the Lord comes.

For not many days hence (said in 1832) and the earth shall tremble and reel to and fro as a drunken man; and the sun shall hide his face, and shall refuse to give light; and the moon shall be bathed in blood; (RED, because of fallout) and the stars shall become exceedingly angry, and shall cast themselves down as a fig that falleth from off a fig-tree.

And after your testimony cometh wrath and indignation upon the people. (Said 165 years ago).

DC 45:49-50 And the Lord shall utter his voice, and all the ends of the earth shall hear it; AND the nations of the earth shall mourn, and they that have laughed shall see their folly.

And calamity shall cover the mocker, and the scorner shall be consumed; and they that have watched for iniquity shall be hewn down and cast into the fire. (11 million degrees).

DC 59:21 And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, AND obey not his commandments.

DC 19:15-17 Therefore I command you to repent--repent, lest I smite you by the ROD of my mouth, and by my wrath, and by my anger, and your sufferings be sore--how sore you know not, how exquisite you know not, yea, how hard to bear you know not.

For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer IF they would repent; (what is the ROD)

But IF they would not repent they must suffer even as I;

DC 98:20-22 For they do not forsake their sins, and their wicked ways, the pride of their hearts, and their covetousness, and all their detestable things, and observe the words of wisdom and eternal life which I have given them.

Verily I say unto you, that I, the Lord, will chasten them and will do whatsoever I list, IF they do not repent and observe ALL things whatsoever I have said unto them.

And again I say unto you, IF ye observe to DO whatsoever I command you, I, the Lord, will turn away all wrath and indignation from you, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.

DC 97:25-26 Nevertheless, Zion shall escape IF she observe to do ALL things whatsoever I have commanded her.

But IF she observe NOT to do whatsoever I have commanded her, I will visit her according to all her works, with sore affliction, with pestilence, with plague, with sword, with vengeance, with devouring FIRE. (1 megaton BURNS ALL within 7 to 11 miles).

THOSE SCRIPTURES are only A TINY SPOT, OF ALL HE WROTE. Now read a translation he got from a prophet who wrote it about 2500 years ago.

2 Nephi 29:12 For behold, I (God) shall speak unto the Jews and they shall write it; (Bible) AND I shall also speak unto the Nephites and they shall write it; (Book of Mormon) and I shall also speak unto other TRIBES OF the house OF Israel, (only a few of us know it) which I have led away, and they shall write it; AND I shall ALSO speak unto ALL nations of the earth AND they shall write it. (The KORAN is in many, many, (nations).

Alma 29:8 For behold, the Lord doth grant unto ALL NATIONS, of their own nation and tongue, to teach his word, yea, in wisdom, all that he seeth fit that they should have. (A Billion are fit to know what is in the Koran, are you?)

2 Nephi 29:7 Know ye not that there are more nations than one? 2 Nephi 29:8 I am God, that Remember one nation like unto another. 2 Nephi 29:9 Ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another. 2 Nephi 29:10 Because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains ALL my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written. 2 Nephi 29:11 For I command ALL men, BOTH in the EAST and in the WEST, and in the North, and in the South, and in the islands of the sea, that THEY SHALL WRITE the words which I shall speak unto them.

UNTOLD MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE SMARTER THAN GOD, AND WON'T READ. They have a Bible which was just put together By King James in 1611 Before then many ancient manuscripts were hand copied and passed from clergy to clergy. The first Bible was printed in Germany in

1450 by Johannes Gutenburg and was not the same as we have today. EVERYTHING IS "now" TO GOD. He can speak to other nations without our permission. The Arabs are also children of Abraham.

MUHAMMAD Born in the year 570 AD in Mecca Arabia. About year 610 while asleep or in a trance an angel who said he was Gabriel, came to him and told him to recite. He was 40 years old, and over the next 22 years until he died he obeyed, and did recite 114 SURAHS. (Chapters) Some Surahs have hundreds of verses, compiled into the KORAN. Surah 44:1-2 "The perspicuous Book (Koran) is witness, WE sent it down on a night of blessing - SO that WE could warn."

44:10-11 "So watch for the day WHEN the sky begins to emit CLEAR SMOKE, (fallout) Which would envelope MANKIND. That would be a grievous affliction." THAT TRANSLATION IS BY Ahmed Ali, BY the Princeton University Press. (I have read 3 different translations,) FOR this discussion I shall use the translation BY: N.J.DAWOOD Born in IRAQ, graduated London University, London England. His work has sold over 1 million copies, and now in a Paperback Edition published BY PENGUIN CLASSICS, cost $ 4.95 in the USA.

Surah 44:1-14 WE swear by the glorious BOOK (Koran) that WE revealed it on a blessed night, TO FOREWARN MANKIND : Wait for the day WHEN the SKY will pour down VISIBLE SMOKE, (fallout) enveloping ALL MEN. A DREADFUL SCOURGE. Then they will say "Lord, lift up the scourge from us, We are now believers." BUT HOW will their new faith help them, WHEN an undoubted prophet had come to them AND they denied him saying: a madman taught by others !

Surah 44:15 Yet IF WE slightly relieve their affliction they will return to unbelief. 44:41 The day of judgement is the appointed time for all. On that day no man shall help his friend: NONE shall be helped save to whom God shows mercy. He is the mighty one. ( A BILLION people believe the KORAN, do they know what you don't know ? IT would cost you $4.95 to learn what they know.)

Surah 6:83-85 Your Lord is wise and all-knowing. WE gave him Isaac and Jacob AND guided them both AS we guided Noah before. among his descendants were David and Solomon, Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron, thus do WE reward the righteous; Zacharias and John, Jesus and Elias. ( The Glory of God is Intelligence.)

21:96-98 WHEN GOG and MAGOG are let loose and rush headlong down every hill; when the true promise nears its fulfilment; THE UNBELIEVERS shall stare in amazement, CRYING: "Woe unto us ! OF this we have been heedless. We have done wrong." You and your idols shall be the fuel of hell; therein you shall all go down.

23:63-65 But the unbelievers' hearts are BLIND to all this; their deeds are of a different sort, and they are bent on doing them. BUT WHEN we visit Our SCOURGE upon those of them that live in comfort, THEY will cry out for help. WE shall say: "Do not howl this day, for from us you shall receive no help." (WE sent a prophet, BUT you would not hear his warning in time to prepare!

14:2-4 WOE TO THE UNBELIEVERS, for they shall be sternly punished! WOE TO those who love this life more than the life to come (eternity) who debar (stop) others from the path of God and seek to make it crooked. They have strayed far into error. Each Apostle WE have sent has spoken in the language of his own people.

5:65,66,68 "IF the people of the BOOK (BIBLE) accept the true faith and keep from evil, WE will pardon them their sins...IF they observe the Torah AND the Gospel AND what is revealed to them from their Lord. Say: "People of the Book, you will attain nothing until you observe the Torah AND the Gospel."( Look today at how many Homosexual Queers, are Jews, AND Christians they say).

5:82 "You will find that the most implacable of men in their enmity TO the faithful are the Jews AND the Pagans, AND that the nearest in affection to then are those who say: "WE are Christians." (IF, any queer Muslims are found, they are killed like the Bible says to do to them. Muslims believe: Leviticus 20:13).

4:163 "WE have revealed OUR will to you as WE revealed it to Noah and to the prophets who came after him; as WE revealed it to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, And the Tribes; to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, Solomon AND David, to whom WE gave the Psalms.

2:87 "TO Moses WE gave the scriptures and after him WE sent other apostles. WE gave Jesus the Son of Mary veritable signs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.

2:286 "God does not charge a soul with more than it can bear. It shall be requited for whatever good AND whatever evil it has done.

2:174 "Those that suppress ANY PART of the scriptures which God has revealed in order to gain some paltry end shall swallow nothing but fire into their bellies. On the day of resurrection God will neither speak to them nor purify them. Theirs shall be a woeful punishment. ( Do you know of ANY scriptures, millions will not believe? Millions don't even really believe the Bible do they? )

101:1-3,10,11 "The Disaster ! What is the Disaster ? Would that you knew what the disaster is ! Would that you knew what this is like ! It is a scorching FIRE.

5:77-78 "Say people of the BOOK ! (BIBLE) Do not transgress the bounds of truth in your religion. Do not yield to the desires of those who have erred before; who have led many astray and have themselves strayed from the even path. Those of the Israelites who disbelieved were cursed by David and Jesus, the son of Mary, because they rebelled and committed evil.

102:1-7 "YOUR HEARTS are taken up with worldly gain from the cradle to the grave. But you shall know. You shall before long come to know. Indeed, IF you knew the truth with certainty, you would see the fire of hell: you would see it with your very eyes. ( AND make more effort to keep ALL the commandments, correctly ; Many millions will see the 11 million-degree nuclear fires.)

3:84 Say: "We believe in God AND what is revealed to us; in that which was revealed to Abraham, and to Ishmael, to Isaac and Jacob and the tribes; AND in that which their Lord gave to Moses AND Jesus and the prophets. WE discriminate against NONE of them. To Him we have surrendered ourselves."
(The word ISLAM, means: surrender.)

Will you submit to God, OR keep on doing your own thing? Like I said,     A Billion believe the Koran, BUT millions more won't read it. ONLY    about 10 Million believe the Book of Mormon, AND millions more Won't read it either! The Book of Mormon does speak of the Koran, for those who can read with their eyes open.

2 Nephi 29:12 For behold, I (God) shall speak unto the Jews and they shall write it; (Bible) AND I shall also speak unto the Nephites and they shall write it; (Book of Mormon) and I shall also speak unto other tribes OF the house OF Israel, (only a few of us have it) which I have led away, and they shall write it; AND I shall ALSO speak unto ALL nations of the earth AND they shall write it. ( The Koran is in many, many, (nations.)

Most people know of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name was changed TO Israel. As we read in Genesis 32:28. Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, BUT ISRAEL. In the Hebrew language names have meaning; ISRAEL, means, " he will rule as God." EL is "GOD"

Abraham was a polygamist, Isaac was a polygamist, and Jacob, who was ISRAEL, was a polygamist also. His fourth son of Leah was JUDAH, and he was a polygamist too. Most people know OF the twelve tribes of Israel BUT cannot name ALL of them. Nor do they realize that they had four different mothers. Today ignorant people, teach that the Jews are Israel. Some of the Jews are descended from Jacob Israel, BUT most of the Jews are not. In the book of The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, which is NOT in the Bible today, but are found in many manuscripts thousands of years old, we read the comments of each of the twelve sons of Jacob Israel.

We read: 1:1 The copy of the words of JUDAH, what things he spake to his sons before he died.

2:17, and I knew that the RACE of the Canaanites was wicked, but the impulse of youth blinded my mind. 3:15,After I had drunk wine I reverenced not the commandment of God, and I took a woman of Canaan to wife. 3:30,And now, I command you my children, NOT to love money, nor to gaze upon the beauty of women; because for the sake of money and beauty I was led astray to Bathshua the Canaanite. 3:31,For I know that because of these two things shall my RACE fall into wickedness.

3:36,And I know what evils ye will do in the last days. : 37, Beware, therefore, my children, of fornication, AND the love of money, and hearken to Judah your father. :38, For these things withdraw you from the law of God, AND blind the inclination of the soul, AND teach arrogance. :39, They rob his soul of all goodness, and oppress him with toils and troubles, AND drive away sleep from him, and devour his flesh.

:40, He hearkeneth NOT to a prophet when he speaketh, AND resenteth the words of godliness. :42, My children the love of money leadeth to idolatry; because, when led astray through money, men name as gods those who are not gods, and it causeth him who hath it to fall into madness. :46, Know therefore, my children, that two spirits wait upon man - the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit. :49, And there is no time at which the works of men can be hid; for on the heart itself have they been written down before the Lord.

4:33, Observe, therefore, my children, ALL THE LAW of the LORD, FOR THERE IS HOPE FOR ALL OF THEM WHO HOLD FAST UNTO HIS WAYS.
(From the beginning of time, the iron rod, -word of God - was the rule. You can ask most Christians WHAT the iron rod is, that John the Revelator spoke about. THEY DON'T KNOW. Only Mormons know).

Revelation 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations WITH A ROD OF IRON; and her child was caught up unto God, and his throne.

Revelation 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp SWORD, that with it HE (THE LION of Judah) should smite the nations: AND HE shall rule them WITH a rod of iron:

Revelation 19:11 AND I SAW heaven opened, and behold a white horse; AND HE that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, AND in righteousness HE doth judge AND MAKE WAR. (The Lion makes war!)

In your Bible it says in the New Testament in Revelation 2:27 "AND HE shall rule them with a ROD OF IRON."

In the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 8:19 "And I beheld a rod of iron, and it extended along the bank of the river, and led to the tree by which I stood. 
20 And I also beheld a strait and narrow path, which came along by the rod of iron, even to the tree by which I stood; and it also led by the head of the fountain, unto a large and spacious field, as if it had been a world." 
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