May 2004
Those of you who have been here before will remember back in January 2004
when I said that the "SUN" Tabloid contacted me for a story.  They said it would run in April. Well now it's in Grocery Stores across the USA and Canada. The May 3, 2004 issue.
I bought 3 today on April 29th. at Wal-Mart.   CLICK HERE see the January Flyer UP-Date.
The "SUN" story pages 22 and 23 below. You can see from their story that they are more optimistic than I was. They put a good "spin" on the story, when I said we were going down the tube already. Our people have procrastinated too long.



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Revelation on Saturday afternoon. February 28, 2004 
Hello my friend. Because ye have made the sacrifices necessary to overcome the world, so I have some things to show thee. Like Abraham before you, I say how shall I hide from you my servant that which I do?
I tell you before it comes to pass that thy faith will be strengthened when ye see what I do. The former things have I shown thee, and the latter end of things to come hereafter, that ye may understand my cause. 
When the Angel sounds the first trumpet the fire and tempest will come. The sins of the fathers shall be laid upon the children unto three and four generations. They shall all be slain together. So just as Sodom and Gomorrah received fire, so shall be this nation of unbelieving sinners and reprobates be deserving. Fire shall absolutely destroy the sinners.  
The angel of death shall not Passover them, but shall slay them together as he did the firstborn of Egypt. Without sacrifice it is impossible to see my face. That is the eternal law that I have held in all the worlds past in eternity. Those fathers who ignore my laws bring condemnation upon their own children. What more can I say? They are left without excuse and their sins are upon their own heads. My sacrifice of my own life’s blood will not atone for those who know my power and have suffered themselves to be overcome by the spirit of denial, and of the devil and to deny the truth. They are the vessels of wrath who deny the Holy Spirit of truth.
Some even after they have received the Holy Ghost. They will curse the day that they were born. Yet they will struggle for life and yet curse me. They shall never have rest. Their sins have reached into eternity, and they shall have that remorse and sorrow in eternity.
That is what their hearts have desired, because that is what they have striven for.
They have sinned a very grievous sin, in refusing to read what I have commanded.
They can read as a child what I have said. Many cultures have my words, and yet ignore my commands. I told thee before that I have just had enough! The blood of martyrs cries from the ground. Wormwood, and the bitter waters shall slay the unrighteous and the innocent. Those other angels, and those  trumpets, will bring woe, woe, unto the people of earth.
This is what they have desired and lived and died for; and the people should have just what they deserve. They will not believe me that I come to bring division and the sword. I have in the past and will discriminate, all of the time. Some I do reject. Millions do so pray for blessings, then turn around and do what is a mockery and a-bom-ination to my commands. So why should I hear their prayers? Who can be blessed as ye are? Moses and Elijah and others of my servants. Moses said that ye would be rejected. But they have not rejected thee only, but they have rejected me also. My words and commands find no place in their hearts. They follow the traditions of their fathers, and those false prophets who can read all of my words. Yet they ignore my commands and the true prophets, and servants who have spoken.  
I have yet but another key to grant unto thee. The key of the resurrection, but ye shall have to wait some time until thy blood is shed to receive that final key. All those other keys that ye have received ye may use for the glory of my kingdom, at thy discretion, with my will.  
I know that ye will honor my words and commands. Eternal blessings I have sealed upon thy head. Ye remember the touch of mine hand. The words of my mouth. The feel of my breath upon thy face. Nothing can take away those words, and not even when thy blood is shed for thy testimony, when thou hast finished what I have commanded thee to do.
The rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow as my words come to pass. As I go forth to cleanse the earth, weeping and wailing shall proceed among the nations. They shall not repent until only a small remnant is left. So Billions shall be slain. There is no peace, until all of my words become the laws of the land. Zion cannot come unless it is built upon the laws of the Kingdom of God. I dwell in eternity, where all of my words are the law. When all of the earth can see my return then shall a people be prepared for my glory. Hypocrites do so pray for my kingdom.
The very elect will then hear thy words, as they have read mine. Those who believe that they are the elect shall be astonished as I peel the flesh off of their bones. The fires of hell shall consume them. They will not repent and confess their rebellion, and so do harden their hearts. They scoff at my love, and so let them scoff at my wrath. They who are not with me are against me. They choose to obey me, or not! What more can I say! They are left without excuse and their sins are upon their own heads. They will not open their own eyes and see what they have done.
Oh. Ye stiff-necked people. See if my wrath will change your carnal minds. All flesh is corrupt before me. Save a few that I have chosen unto myself. Your watchmen are all blind dogs, loving to slumber. They eat up widows houses. The cry of my people falls upon deaf ears, to their plight. The shepherds tell the people just what they desire to hear, that they will escape my wrath. I will slay them all, and other shepherds shall I choose. That they shall hear my words and obey.
My son do as ye have done in the past, hearken unto all of my commands and obey what I have spoken unto thee in spite of the ridicule and rejections of the people. My son the time has arrived.
Those that have gone before thee have spoken of this time. Those who have not sought me shall find it a time of surprise. Those who will have seen the signs will still be astonished.
My blood will not bring mercy to those who have not truly repented. For mercy cannot rob justice. I can see what is in their heart. Everyone will be judged just as they have judged others. Do unto others, but surely do it first. They mock my words of warning and I will so mock their prayers. It is true that they shall reap just as they have sown. They who will not build my kingdom, shall not see my kingdom. Holy men have waited thousands of years to see what ye shall behold daily. Billions shall perish, be not concerned as to what they have chosen. Seek to live and keep all of my words. I bless thee and thy seed to come that they shall populate the earth and dwell in holy places. My reward is with me when I come. And those fearful unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire. How shall I have time to hear those who have no time to hear me? Or those words that I have given unto my servants. Watch my friend that my words shall all very soon come to pass.   3:58 PM   February 28, 2004 in Parowan Utah. USA
We all have enough common sense to understand that when some people who are in jail or prison,
say that they are sorry, when what they really mean is that they were caught. They know the law existed, and that they were breaking the law. Their repentance is because they were caught. That is how sorry they are.
IF – “IF” they had really repented; they would have changed their actions “before” they were caught, and then they would not have then broken the law.
Millions will be sorry just like those people that are in jail. Because they will have cause to mourn because they were caught and procrastinated their life away instead of repenting in time to be saved. We have become a nation of idol worshipers. Music idols, Sports idols, Movie idols, and the 186 idol false gods that people worship. Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, Franklin. Add them all up to $186 huh! See Washington's backside CLICK HERE     And millions watch "American Idol" Music program on TV each week.                     Do Facts Matter to You? CLICK HERE
With the War
still going on in Iraq,
see the prophecy yet to happen there.  My 1st Prophecy on the list.
And finding Osama bin Laden this summer will not stop terrorism. Because Osama bin Laden is just the figurehead for al-Qaeda. Terrorism that will continue for another 40 years. 
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