December 9, 2005 Story
Prophet' anticipates nuclear attack in
near future.


  • PAROWAN - The Parowan City Council meeting addressed two public hearings and 18 agenda items in 90 minutes Thursday, including a plea by resident Leland Freeborn to protect the town's children from nuclear fallout by permitting the disbursement of potassium iodide pills.
    Freeborn, who refers to himself as "The Parowan Prophet," initially approached the City Council at its meeting two weeks ago requesting the governing body purchase the medicine before Utah is the victim of fallout from a nuclear blast targeted in Nevada and California. He said the explosion will hit Dec. 21, which he saw in a vision.

    I encourage you to open up your Bibles and read where Daniel is thrown into the lion's den because he broke the law of the land," Freeborn said to the council. "I hope you have enough courage to break the law of the land to protect the children and this community."  
    Freeborn was in a plane crash 29 years ago and lay comatose for three weeks. When he awoke, he said he had a new calling in life directly given to him by God. Shortly after, he began having visions of the future, he said.
    "We're going to get nuked in the next few weeks," Freeborn said. "December 21 is the winter solstice, and in my vision that day will be a short day and a long night ... the power will go off and there will be flashes of light coming from Nellis Air Force Base ...It is then we'll have nuclear fallout."
    Parowan city attorney Justin Wayment said Freeborn's inquiry was denied because Title 10 of Utah Code stipulates the set duties of municipality power. The disbursement of drugs is not within the town's authority, Wayment said. Freeborn requested to be put on Thursday's meeting agenda but was rejected because the request had already been denied, Wayment said. Thus, Freeborn took five minutes during the public comment portion of the meeting to reiterate the urgency that some thing be done before it is too late.
    "About 75 percent of any people exposed will get cancer in 10 years," Freeborn said in a letter he sent to various media outlets. "And I don't want to have our young Parowan kids getting cancer in a decade."
    Freeborn has spent hundreds of dollars of his own money toward 175,000 doses of the iodide to protect individuals from radio-active fallout that attacks the thyroid and causes cancer, he said. He intends to implore Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and Southwest Utah Public Health Department Director Dr. David Blodgett to administer the medicine, he added.    Published
    Jennifer,                             OK to publish all of this letter I am writing to you.
    We can’t expect any help from any government bureaucrat. I had been trying to get a meeting with Dr. David Blodgett the new 5 county health director since Thursday December 8th. I had went down to St. George to his office and left some information about the coming nuclear attack. I called his office every day for a week. Finally he had 20 minutes to see me on Thursday the 15th. Yesterday.  Almost the first words out of his mouth were “Quote” “I know all about potassium iodide.” I had taken a one pound bottle I had purchased in 1997 for $60 dollars to show him. He said Quote “The bird flu will be worse than what you are talking about.  And radioactive iodine does not come from nuclear explosions, just from nuclear reactors, I’ve read enough to know that. And we don’t have to worry about that here in Southern Utah.”
    I said well then why did the Government pass out “Iodide” pills to school kids in all of Southern Utah during the Nevada nuclear tests?  
    just shrugged his shoulders. I said what will you do when 8 year old kids who live through this attack are 18 and still wear the same size clothes? Because their thyroid gland was destroyed by fallout?
    He shrugged his shoulders again.  He said “Well I will tell you what I can do for you. We can take your medicine and pass it out when it happens if you are right.

    We have a network in place so we can take your medicine and distribute it.  How much have you got?”
    I said I have spent several thousand dollars in the past two weeks getting it out of New York, New Jersey, and Oklahoma, and I now have enough for every person in Parowan valley. The last shipment should arrive air Freight Monday or Tuesday. How do you propose to distribute it?   
    He said “Well we will deliver it to Parowan if you want.”
    I said your car with electronic ignition probably won’t even run, because of damage from EMP.
    He said “Well I’ll get my dads old truck and deliver it.”
    So it appears that his network in place is his dad’s old truck.
    He or nobody else is going to be out in the fallout 2 hours after it begins knocking on doors passing out medicine. I said that I will have people in Parowan coming to me by thousands then. I am concerned about the rest of the people in Southern Utah.
    Utah government has a $100 million dollar surplus right now. Can’t you appeal to the Governor for $67,000 dollars to get medicine for St. George, Cedar City, and other communities? Let’s call him right now while I am here.
           (((Two days later
    the newspaper on the 18th. said the State Surplus is One "1" Billion $ dollars.
    So I just underestimated it about $ 900 million dollars. But no bureaucrat believes what God's prophets say.)))

    He said “No I can’t do that! The Federal Government has stockpiled emergency packs in several locations in the USA. They don’t want every community taking on the task of getting everything for themselves.”  I said BS! Everyone is waiting for someone else to take care of them, and nobody is doing anything. He said Well that is one of the signs of the last days, that people just won’t believe. I can’t Get everyone to have a 72 hour emergency kit.”   “Besides, what you are talking about is 15-20 years down the road, the Bird flu is immediate.”  I told him that I had a hard time getting the medicine that I have on hand now. The manufacture Laboratory of  my $60 dollar bottle, only had 2 bottles in California and 5 in New Jersey on hand.
    I know of a trucking company that has trucks in Texas every day. And if he would spend the money, we can have enough medicine for all of Southern Utah here in 2 days time. When the attack begins we will get nothing.  He said “Well- well radioactive iodine is not the big worry, other things will be more important.”  
    I said yes Strontium 90 that can settle in your bones is a worry also. Everyone needs to have Calcium supplements on hand. He wrote down “Calcium.” My 20 minutes was up so he said good luck.  I left angry and mad at someone too smart to learn, and only willing to take orders from some bureaucrat above him.   So there is the story, you can call Dr. Blodgett and he can confirm what I have written you.
    Today I have a meeting with The Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower to see if he will pass out the “Radio-logical’ kits next week to the monitors here in Iron County. I am a trained monitor, as are a few others here in Iron county. We need to know the exposure rates in our county, so radio stations can broadcast exposure rates in the fallout and how long people need to stay sheltered.   Dr. Blodgett is correct about one thing. People just won’t believe, until thousands are dieing here in Southern Utah, him included. People are too smart to listen to what the prophets say. They would rather have a bunch of phonies tell them we have everything under control. We have a plan, listen to us and follow what we say. BS!  And more BS! From all of the ignorant fakes. 
        I am through Jennifer.  Leland Freeborn, i.e. the Parowan Prophet   

       Tell people to see my FREE Information at parowan    Maybe some will thank you if they live.
    See this about "Potassium Iodide" that Dr. Blodgett says that knows so much about. CLICK HERE and decide for yourself. 
    Jennifer I appeal to you for any kind of help that you can muster. That is why I am sending this letter to you.
    Now 7:58 pm.    Please get to the right people to publish. You I expect.

    I watched with interest the Governor’s State of the State address. So I will be brief.
    He said: “Once again in Utah we will lead-out, rather than stand back and react.” So I am asking each reader of this letter, to you the general public to act in your own selfish behalf if you want to see our children grow up. We now have here in Parowan Valley the “Potassium Iodide” necessary to protect every person in Parowan Valley. In the town of Parowan, Summit, Paragonah, and all of the people who live scattered out in the valley along with their children. The 900 kids who go to school here will have the protection from Nuclear Fallout from Nevada and California radio-active iodine 131 and 133 when this War begins.
    The State surplus of about a Billion dollars can certainly afford to protect it’s citizens.
    But you the readers of this letter will have to make your voices heard.
    Write the Governor and tell him that you want the children and their mom’s and dad’s protected as the Government did back during those Nuclear Bomb tests in Nevada decades ago. He needs “to lead out, rather than stand back and react” when deadly fallout begins to cover all of Southern Utah as the prophets from the past have told us will happen. You will have no excuse if you don’t make some effort to contact him. He is not going to do anything to help protect you and your kids if you don’t make the personal effort to convince him. You are all on your own. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You need to get yourself protected from what we all don’t want to think about. God is not dead, he still can talk. And when you hear that Gordon B. Hinckley has died not long from now, you will have waited until it is too late to protect your family. May God inspire you to make your voices heard, I pray.”
       Leland Freeborn,  Parowan, Utah 84761-1000  435-477-xxxx  at home.  333 words