Peacemaker continued 2  
Doctrines of the Millennium

fornication against him and this is the plain sense of the matter.
So in the case of the wife, when she refuses to submit cheerfully to her husband in all (what does "ALL" mean?) things; (a broad commandment this, but limited by reason and love only) when she ceases to reverence her husband, to be submissive to him; trusting in her husband, and believing in him, then she commits fornication against the law of marriage, and against him; even as the false church has against Christ. And in no other possible way can she commit this act and it then becomes the right of her husband to write her a bill of divorcement according to the strict letter of the law of God given by Moses: and to put her away unless she repent.  A right understanding of this matter, and a correct law properly executed, would restore this nation to peace and order; and man to his true dignity, authority and government of the earthly creation. It would soon rectify the domestic circle, and establish a proper head over the families of the earth, and be the means of driving satan; together with the knowledge arid restitution of the whole penal law of God and the glorious and everlasting gospel; yea, of driving satan from the human mind and, setting a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more until his time.

And by no other means can the heart of the fathers be turned to their children, and the heart of the children be turned to their fathers. The spirit of God and Christ will then return to deliver us from all evil, and to guide the mind of happy and exalted man into all truth. Length of days, peace and blessings foretold shall be ours. Man shall then cease committing fornication against his head and husband Jesus Christ. For the head of the woman is the man, and the head of the man is Christ, and the head of Christ is God. It is the disorganization and disobedience of these eternal laws of order, and of God, that has ruined us.

A schism in the body. the ladies laugh at the idea of your being the lords of the creation. Even in the public prints they have styled you, the would be lords, etc. Nothing is further from the minds of our wives in general, than the idea of submitting to their husbands in all things, and of reverencing their husbands. They will boldly ridicule the idea of calling them sincerely in their hearts lords and masters.

But God' has positively required this of them. See 1 Peter 3:6 Even as Sarah of old that excellent woman having now no parallel on Earth.
And under existing circumstances our wives can never become the daughters of Sarah in the spirit, or enjoy the inheritance with her in a glorious immortality. Alas! The ruin is unbounded even to them. But gentlemen legislators, it now devolves upon you to open the gates of glory and blessedness; both for time and eternity, to a ruined world. Alter your imperfect, and wicked law of divorcement; make it according to the law of God, and the ladies will laugh at you no more. They will soon reform, and nothing in all this world will they esteem higher than your affections. They will respect your authority sincerely; and you will command their kindest attention every where. Then will you love your wives indeed, for they will be worthy. And then will the health of the daughters of my people be recovered.

Then shall come to pass what is spoken by Isaiah the Prophet, 4: 2-4 When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof, by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning. (Nuclear Fire) It might be under our circumstances requisite, to compel the husband who thought of putting away his wife, to go before the magistrate, and there affirm the fact, that he was about to divorce his wife; stating under oath the true cause, or causes; such as wilful disobedience to his reasonable commands, disrespect ful language; a refusal to submit to him in all reasonable things; and make it the duty of the magistrate to record the oath, and testimony thus given. The magistrate exercising no other judgment or supervision in the case, than that the evidence did prove that the true cause, or causes did exist as described by the law, and that no abuse or battery, had been offered by the husband against the wife; and that persuasion had been used kindly, and gently, and space given her to repent, and she repented not.

This would be precisely the law of Christ on the subject. And in essence the very way he hath proceeded with his own rebellious bride. Then let the husband write her a bill of divorcement, and put her away, and she may then go, and be married to another man; the bill which should also be a of record, signifying a freedom from her former husband. Thus does the law of God declare, and the explanation given by Christ clearly signifies the same thing. Because he makes this exception, saying, if a man put away his wife save for the cause of fornication, by an after marriage she commits adultery, and he that marries her committeth adultery. If the word fornication here used by Christ, means adultery; and a woman is put away for that crime; it would follow that she is thereby free, and that by an after marriage she would not commit adultery; neither would the man that married her commit adultery. But if she is put away innocently, without committing adultery; then an after marriage is adultery. Thus it is necessary according to such a definition of the word fornication; that the woman should commit adultery in the first place; in order to protect her from that crime by an after marriage. This is absurd for any rational being to believe.

That Christ did not mean adultery by the word fornication is therefore absolutely decided beyond the possibility of error; for the following irrefutable reasons, if no other did exist, 1st. Because it is impossible that the crime of adultery committed by the wife, should be the means of exonerating her from the same offence afterwards. 2d. Because the crime of adultery was by the law of God punished with death; and with no other penalty; and Christ has declared that he in no case made void the law of God, although  the truth, which came by Christ is; that he has redeemed the spirits of men from the condemning power of the law, with his own blood; as we have before abundantly proven; glory and honor be to his name, yet the natural earthly man is under the law and liable to its penalties in the flesh; and by right ought so to be. These are great hail stones of truth that cannot be resisted: beating with destructive violence upon the foundation of mystery Babylon; and I am persuaded as we advance in the investigation of these things, that the storm will thicken.

But you may enquire if the husband becomes alienated towards his wife, while she remains sincerely attached to him; has he not a right to put her away'? NO, by no means. He shall not drive his affectionate and faithful wife from him, while she remains pure in heart and sincerely attached to him. This is that putting away which the Lord hates, which he hath forbidden and in which he has not set the example. This was the principle reason why the disciples being bred Jews, thought it was not good to marry. Moses for the hardness of their hearts suffered them to do this, for some fancied uncleanness, or personal dislike on the part of the husband, see Deuteronomy 24:1 But from the beginning it was not so, and there is a legal reason, which is that a man shall not take advantage of his own wrong.

But more especially the cruelty of the act, forbids it: but if a woman be alienated in her heart the case is different. There is then a serious reason why she must be put away. Children begotten and born of an alienated woman, are born of fornication in the spirit or mind. This is a great injury to the minds of such children. It injures their intellectual powers and disposition of mind. Hence we have often observed that children born of young women in an unmarried state, the production of an illicit love, are often the most bright and active, and possessed of greater natural gifts than many other children. God who knows the nature of his own work has therefore forbidden the propagating our species from an alienated woman. But in the case of the affectionate girl, saith Paul, there is no sin, let them marry, and so saith the law of God expressly. But a bastard, that is a child born of fornication, or of an alienated woman, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord to the tenth generationto the tenth generation.

Here we are taught that the injury is so great as to disqualify them from becoming saints to the tenth generation! What do you think of this my countrymen? How many bastards have we in these states completely disqualified from entering into the congregation of the Lord, to the tenth generation? It is evident that minds or souls are propagated by natural generation as well as bodies. No marvel that wise man are so rare in Christendom.

And that they have read the scriptures for ages, without understanding the plainest facts. And have consequently constituted so many jarring sects, from the same authority, all in confusion like the builders of Babel. The woman is the producer, and while she remains pure, truly attached in spirit to her husband, her children are pure, and born in honor, but not otherwise. An idea from this root is alluded to by Paul, where he sayeth, The husband is sanctified by the believing wife; and the wife is sanctified by the believing husband, else were your children unclean but now are they holy. But in all cases the natural affections of the wife must be towards her husband, or it is fornication. She must be pleased to live with him as saith the apostle, else he must put her away. But there is a sanctifying power in the belief, and knowledge of Christ taught in this book; which is indeed the balm of Gilead to the children of suffering humanity, and if it be not received by this nation at this time, wo, wo be to them. --Cannot a man put away his wife for the crime of adultery? Answer, this crime was punished by the law of God with death, it is therefore absurd to talk of divorce in such a case.

There is no act that can be named under heaven for which a man can lawfully put away his wife, save for the cause of fornication. (save for the cause of fornication.) But if the husband commit fornication, shall not the wife be entitled to a bill against him? Impossible. Did Christ say a woman shall not put away her husband saving for the cause of fornication? Here is a wrong idea in your head; an idea of a woman divorcing her husband. How can, she do this for any offence? The man is not under the law of marriage to his wife. But the wife is bound by the law of her husband as long as her husband liveth.

A divorced man is a creature nowhere recognized in the scriptures, or in the law of God. Where did you ever read in the law of God, or in the holy book, such a false idea? or the least allusion to the righteousness of such a thing on any account whatever? How can property put away its owner? The Bible must become as absurd, and as foolish as the gentiles themselves; and its whole phraseology entirely changed to make it read according to our perverted ideas and laws upon this subject. The wife is given to her husband, and is bound by the law of her husband, and the husband cannot legally be put under the law of his wife. Unless you should thereby indeed fulfil literally; as in fact you have done, the saying of the Prophet Isaiah. Children are the oppressors of my people, and women rule over them.


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