The Last Dream

In the Documentary History of the Church 6: 609-610 we read of the
Prophet Joseph Smith's last dream on earth the night before he was killed.  On June 27, 1844 (About 155 years ago.) Now 1999

He tells us: "I was back in Kirtland, Ohio, and thought I would take a walk out by myself, and view my old farm, which I found grown up with weeds and brambles, and altogether bearing evidence of neglect and want of culture. I went into the barn, which I found without floor or doors, with the weather - boarding off, and was altogether in keeping with the farm.

While I viewed the desolation around me, and was contemplating how it might be recovered from the curse upon it, there came rushing into the barn a company of furious men, who commenced to pick a quarrel with me.

The leader of the party ordered me to leave the barn and farm, stating it was none of mine, and that I must give up all hope of ever possessing it.

I told him the farm was given me by the Church, and although I had not had any use of it for some time back, still I had not sold it, and according to righteous principles it belonged to me or the Church.

He then grew furious and began to rail upon me, and threaten me, and said it never did belong to me nor to the Church.

I then told him that I did not think it worth contending about, that I had no desire to live upon it in its present state, and if he thought he had a better right I would not quarrel with him about it but leave; but my assurance that I would not trouble him at present did not seem to satisfy him, as he seemed determined to quarrel with me, and threatened me with destruction of my body.

While he was thus engaged, pouring out his bitter words upon me, a rabble rushed in and nearly filled the barn, drew out their knives, and began to quarrel among themselves for the premises, and for a moment forgot me, at which time I took the opportunity to walk out of the barn about up to my ankles in mud.

When I was a little distance from the barn, I heard them screeching and screaming in a very distressed manner, as it appeared they had engaged in a general fight with their knives. While they were thus engaged, the dream or vision ended."

So in 8 paragraphs, 30 lines, 384 words Joseph foretold the future of the LDS (Mormon) Church for the next 155 years. So what does all this mean?
So I give you what I was told January 25, 1999 in the wee hours of the morning dream that I had at home in Parowan.

The farm is the property of Joseph Smith The Doctrine and Covenants 90:3 tells: Verily I say unto you, the keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come.

Weeds and brambles are what Jesus foretold in Matthew 13:22 "He also that received seed among the thorns (weeds and brambles) is he that heareth the word; AND the care of this world, AND the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, AND he becometh unfruitful." (The Church has chased after the riches and approval of the world. They are admired of the world because of the Billions of $ dollars of influence they have.)

The barn is the building that Joseph built. Remember he said it was without floor or doors. The base, or floor, or foundation, of the Church "was to be" Prophets AND Apostles. He said that he found none.        

The Doctrine and Covenants 64:39 tells: "AND liars AND hypocrites shall be proved by them, AND they who are NOT apostles AND prophets shall be known."

The Doctrine and Covenants 50:4, 6 tells: "Behold, I, the Lord, have looked upon you, and have seen abominations IN THE CHURCH that profess my name. But wo unto them that are deceivers AND hypocrites, (false apostles AND prophets) for, thus saith the Lord, I will bring them to judgment." ( A hypocrite says to obey all, but will not do it himself.)

There are no doors on the barn. Anything AND everything can get inside. Now the Canaanites sit in Temples all over the world, with a Temple Recommend in his pocket.

The prophet Mormon spoke about the Latter -Day (Saint) Churches when he said in Mormon 8:38  
"O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, (that word again)
ye teachers, who sell yourselves for that which will canker, WHY HAVE YE POLLUTED THE HOLY CHURCH OF GOD? WHY are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? WHY do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that MISERY which never dies- because of the praise of the world? 8:41 Behold the sword of vengeance hangeth over you."

Joseph told me that the company of furious men are the authorities of the present Church. They rail upon him and are angry at his words and teachings and want him to stay away, and out of sight and off the property.

He said they have ignored my words so long that they get angry when I am quoted. They have changed the teachings so much that I hardly know the place. There is an apostasy from the things I taught. I don't think the place is worth contending about and there is no real value left there.

He said the threats to him were like the threats the Church authorities make to the people who want to do what he said. The Church threatens them that they will lose their fellowship among the members. Without the Church acceptance some will have hardship and suffer bodily harm.

He said they love their buildings more than the poor as 2 Nephi 28:13 tells: They rob the poor because of their fine sanctuaries; they rob the poor because of their fine clothing; AND they persecute the meek and the poor in heart, BECAUSE in pride they are puffed up.

He said, we used to meet outside in the shade of the trees and pastures, and men came to hear me preach in their work clothes. Those furious men have forgot me and the keys that I hold. This is my business and my mission to preside and get this farm back in order. I think I shall burn it clean.

He said that the other rabble that rushed in to fill the barn were a lot of others who make the claim that they now have the rights to his property.

He said they quarrel over authority and who has the authority, when none of them have the rights to my property, they fight among themselves and have forgot me, and my rights to the property that I never sold.

He said the mud is the filth and dirt and corruption that all of them rushing into the barn had stirred up. He said some of them screech and scream and fights the truth as much as those who first arrived.

There his vision ended, but he continued on with his story of the future to me. I was told to see more of his words in the same Volume 6, so I quote 6:185 to you He said "I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the Saints prepared to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them, AFTER suffering all they have for the work of God, will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything comes that is contrary to their traditions: they cannot stand the fire at all. How many will be able to abide a celestial law, and go through and receive their exaltation, I am unable to say, as many are called, but few are chosen.

He told me to read Nephi's words spoken 2500 years ago about the Mormons today, so I quote 2 Nephi 28:21 "And others will he (Satan) pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say: All is well in Zion; yea Zion prospereth, all is well- AND THUS the devil cheateth their souls, AND leadeth them carefully down to hell."

He said the faith and gifts that Moroni 10 spoke about, are gone from the rabble in the barn because of iniquity. He said that even though Section 1 was not the 1st revelation, it was put 1st in the book of commandments because those who will not heed those my words shall be cut off forever.

He said Section 64 I said "For the rebellious shall be cut off out of the land, AND they who are not the blood of Ephraim shall be shut out when I get the doors put on my new barn, after the old one is burned."

He said there are those who have sinned unto death and are now the sons of perdition, nothing can be done for them, as they will not repent, but stay the same unto their death. They will curse God in their hearts, as they are to die.

He said because I am away a little distance from my barn they think I have no control over the future of this place. Teachings Of The Prophet Joseph Smith page 393 has his dream also.

I am getting tired; it is 10:45 PM so I'll do more tomorrow night. Lots more to edit and comment on. I can't remember everything now, as I remember I will put it up.

He said that men and women are to be saved through their knowledge.  That God rules because he has greater knowledge. He said the Church must be cleansed. And a man or woman is saved no faster than they get knowledge. That if they were ever to be saved in the Celestial World, they must learn how to live there among those perfect beings.

He said that his words of wisdom were in his Teachings that everyone should study with real intent. The reason that people today do not get revelation is that they only ask for their own desires. Their hearts are corrupt and they ask for things that they lust for. They will not admit it  even to themselves.

He said when God speaks to a man the first thing he does is correct him, and people do not want God to reveal their own weaknesses even to them. They are stiff-necked and want to do their own will. That is the reason that God does not send more messengers through the veil. The people will not receive them. They each know why, for themselves. Because they are not humble.

He said that if God were to reveal himself and knowledge of the truth and then men were to turn away in sin and reject the commandment that they are given, then they are on their own and there is no more sacrifice for their sins. But they must look for that fearful fiery judgent and indignation of God. That in his mercy and eternal law, he does not want to have any perish. They must be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan.

He said that when a man opposes the world in sin, and stands alone upon correct principles, that he must expect to have all the wicked and corrupt spirits in the world arrayed against him, and all those who come under their influence will fight him.

He said that when men think they have the spirit of God, and rebel at his words they commit the greatest errors, to their own damnation. That the bloodiest wars in all the World have been holy wars, when men think they are in the service of their God.

He said that we have no claim on any eternal blessings until we make our own calling sure. By the election of God we have only the promise based upon our own faithfulness.

He said that God would prove you to yourself, even if it takes decades to do.
God has the time
; it is up to you to always keep all your Covenants. God knows your desires like a parent does a child. Better than you will admit to yourself. There is no mistake with God; you will get what is coming to you in eternity.

He said that is a fearful thing that people are not scared enough about today. That they do not fear God enough as you will see soon.

He said I was writing the correct things to do. People can read the words that you publish and decide to obey themselves or not, there is no secret that they can decide where to spend eternity. They have their own agency, "But" it is not free, they will pay the price for eternity. Here or hereafter, they decide !

He said the others who claim they are the true Church are liars, because they do not have the revelations of Jesus Christ. The oracles of God are not there; any fool that can read can see that. Where are any revelations to the people ?

He said, do they think God has gone to sleep ? Who knows the mind of God ? Does he not reveal things differently than what we expect ?

He said there is much to be revealed about the Kingdom of God.          
The dawn approaches, so much to do, and so little time left.

He said the daughters of Zion have usurped authority, and will weep bitter tears for their children. Because they have not been taught correct principles.

He said the keys ye have been given are to teach the people. They will  reject thee until their blood flows on the ground, because of their pride. Woe unto them. They seal their own doom. For God cannot take away their agency, or he would cease to be God.

He said a great portion of the Mormons would be damned unless they repent quickly and begin to work righteousness, and obey what is written. Others, who have not what is already written, are already damned, or stopped from eternal progression. The fearful judgment will begin upon my house, and those hypocrites who have my words and obey not.

He said this is a day of warning, and not of many words. Hypocrites see not the signs as ye have been told before. They are the blind walking in darkness at noon-day.

He said be not discouraged, the world always mistook the false prophets  to be the true ones. And the most honorable men in eternity they scorned, laughed at, ridiculed, spat upon, rejected their words of warning and shed their blood. Ye have not endured that--yet--for thy testimony. Are ye any better that those great men?

He said there are false spirits in the LDS Church. They bear testimony by not the Holy Ghost. But by the arm of flesh and who said it. Their trust is in men and not in God.

He said if a man stands and opposes sin, and he has proof in the words of God, he might expect to have all those in the wicked and corrupt world arrayed against him. Why has there been so few prophets sent from God? Because the world will not accept them.

He said bear testimony of the truth though it falls on deaf ears; God needs thee to do this work. That he can in righteous judgment bring his wrath down upon those who will not hear thee. They have to be warned, and then they have no excuse. Every man should warn his neighbor.

He said that false teachers and leaders deny the spirit of prophecy, because they have none, this is a key to their authority.

He said that all men are liars who say they have the priesthood, and do "not" have the revelations of God.

He said do not set your affections upon those men, knowing that they will soon be taken out of the way from you.
The judgments of God hang over this generation.

He said those left after this judgment will be willing to hear the servants of God, and not shut them out.

I quit for tonight. 10 pm With a little sleep I'll tell more. --unless he keeps me up again.

He said we are going like the wind, there and where you know not to tell one and a few about you. Teach thy brethren the 13 commandments to the 13 tribes of Israel. That they may see that which they have not seen. They have looked so long with squinted eyes at the truth.  

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He said it is necessary to know who holds the keys of power, and who does not, or they most likely shall be deceived. That we should seek after the knowledge of God.

He said ye have the keys of revelations, the ordinances, endowments of the fulness of the priesthood of Jesus the Christ. Ye have for many years held the keys to the Kingdom of God. That ye may save some from the fire in these last days, those who will listen.

He said that many believe in Jesus Christ and are happy in that belief, yet they will be cut down for their disobedience to his commandments. That his commandments are righteous and eternal.

He said that those who claim priesthood are blind and they shall all fall into the ditch together. That they are bound together by their traditions, one falls when they will all fall.

He said unless they can obtain the voice of Jehovah as ye have, and will be obedient to all the ordinances and commandments, as ye, and requirements of the almighty, they will never have the gifts.

He said that without the authority and keys of the priesthood that the ordinances can not be administered in righteousness. Ye need to explain the words of Moses and bring the people to understanding.

He said the people need to be wise and willing to do all that God has commanded. That all of God's people were saved by keeping the commandments. And that if anyone is to be save at all, that they shall be saved upon the same principle. To obey all, is all that is required.

He said those who admit the Doctrine and Covenants are true, and are apostates from those words of God, damn themselves. That God will never acknowledge any traitors or apostates.

He said the world is reserved for burning in the last days. The only escape are the words that ye have told of mine in the "Peacemaker."  I can tell thee much more some other time.

He said there are certain rules and principles that were fixed by unalterable decree before the world was and that we must obey in this world or give up ever hope of glory. That the disappointment and expectations of the Mormon people will be indescribably dreadful.

He said they that had the greater light and would not receive it, must be given the lesser light. They must receive the lesser glory, because they are more comfortable in greater darkness.

He said the condemnation upon the people is that they are not willing to  see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, because their hearts are full of iniquity. They do not understand the principles of truth when they hear it. There are none so blind as those who will not see. That is why O.J. went free in this world, though he has eternal punishment to look forward to.

He said if the people will not see what is before their own eyes that they can look forward to the judgements of God upon them like O.J. they will not escape the wrath of God. In this world neither in the world to come.

He said it is enough now for you to do. I commend you, I shall probably visit you again soon. 
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