Revelation Given July 15, 1997

At Home In Parowan Utah - 11 am.

Hearken my friend, my servant, my son. I say ye behold the words of Moses and proclaim my Gospel. My words were given in plainness but those in later times have misunderstood. The Pharisees strain at a gnat, and will swallow a camel. It takes but little effort to do what is right. No effort to turn on the lights. No effort to keep all the laws of God.

Traditions have borne men down with grievous burdens. The scribes and lawyers have shut the door to my kingdom for themselves and others also. Lawyers are cunning with words of misunderstanding. Their desire is to have more employ, because of suits of dispute, of interpretation of the law. Even Moses misunderstood my words at first. Ye have been called as he, therefore I will explain myself and show you more fully. That ye may gain knowledge and understanding.

As I told Isaiah: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, for my thoughts and ways are higher than your thoughts and ways, saith the Lord. They who are as little children, and are teachable shall see the kingdom. All others who desire to command God to their will shall find much anguish and sorrow to their disappointment. The wicked who will not forsake their ways shall feel my wrath soon to come. If they will not wash away their sins and false traditions in holy waters, then they shall be just more dead wood to make the fire hotter, as I have told thee In the past.

As Alma foretold that many would procrastinate until they are cut off and become subject to the Devil and eternal punishment. Ye have asked of my words this last week of the daughters of ZION.

I say read the words I gave of Helaman two days ago. How my people may become sanctified and holy. Holy laws are eternal, and they are still the truth. The proud and wicked are not teachable, they seal their own destiny with stiffneckedness. Yea, this is a stiffnecked people. This world has had it's trial for six days, so the dawn of the Sabbath is at hand. As I told thee this other day (July 9) that many trees are in an apple, yea, eternal life and eternal seeds. But branches which are cut off, wither and die, and henceforth bear no fruit forever. The branch which remains the fruit shall be glorious and beautiful, unto he that is left in ZION.

Only when they submit unto God and his truth in his laws, will they find eternal joy. This is the love of God. But few will learn the love of God. They harden their hearts to protect themselves they think; But verily, in truth they only condemn themselves by their lack of love. They do not fear God, they fear to love as God. They fornicate against God, which is to let their hearts wander from God and his truth, and his laws, and his commandments, and his statutes, and his judgments.

Men of the law have for many days misunderstood the law of fornication. I did show Joseph the truth, and he wrote of it as the Peacemaker The Doctrines for the Millennium. Though few would believe my words. Seek my son those words of wisdom that thou mayest teach those who would desire to become my people. They who commit fornication shall see my wrath, as I have spoken to mine holy prophets. She who fornicates shall destroy herself. For these are mine words and mine law. Fornication brings wickedness and destruction as surely as night follows day. Amen.

1/21/ 1999 I just got up the "Peacemaker" Doctrines for the Millennium started. CLICK HERE TO THE "PEACEMAKER" if you do not plan to live on into the Millennium, then do not bother to see it.