Note to the Utah Governor  April 7, 2011        Today in the Southern Utah Spectrum Newspaper on
   the FRONT PAGE 
   I read the article that Utah Governor Gary Herbert had declared April 3 to 9 Earthquake Prepardness Week in Utah.    So knowing what I know about the coming BIG Quake I wrote a note to him to see what God had said about it.  My note to him follows.  To the Utah Governor April 7, 2011  

    "I read of your concern today in the Spectrum about the coming Earthquake.  And Please look here where it was foretold BACK on January 10, this year. Yes published on the internet at 4:35 in the morning. 
   So scroll down to UPDATES  
1/10/2011 @ 4:35 am           It will be a BIG Quake. 


       I tried to reach the Governor in 1995 read it.  The link above.

  Someone please explain to me the reason that so few click on my site. Reader "do you" tell people that you want to live to click here? OR do "you" want them to die?  
Today April 8, 2011 Gold has hit a record "Hi" @ $1474.19 per ounce.
 AND Silver Today has hit a 31 year "HI" @ $40.61 per ounceBecause of this WAR  Silver will more than double when war begins and will go past $240 per ounce = 6 times today. Silver may hit $300 Get into Silver NOW. Not paper but real Silver you can touch. And Gold will almost triple to $4000 per ounce. Food and other necessities will cease to exist. (He who has the bullet's has Gold and Silver.)
Today April 21, 2011 @ 1:22 p.m. Gold hit $1507.21 per ounce. Silver up @ $46.44 That means your Dollar buys less today than yesterday, inflation is here. 
  Today I told you so August 28, 2011 Gold is $1830 Per Ounce. UP $300 in 4 months.  $2000 before Christmas  and  maybe $3000 by New Years day.
1/10/12  I was wrong. War didn't begin as I thought it would. But today 1/10/2012 I think Silver will break $30 again tomorrow. The last few pounds I have bought has all been below $30 and I think under normal markets it will go to $60 this year. Nothing else will double this year! So buy real Silver Bullion NOW! When war begins it will jump to $100 and much higher as I said in the past.

   WalMart expects food and clothing price increases by Summer.
        When "normal" food costs should go down as crops are harvested.  
 It makes me glad that in the "Fall" 2010, I bought $ thousands, in Gold and Silver.
Having Gold and Silver will NOT save you, but using it as a tool to help others can save you in the long run. Some of the wealthiest people in the world will die because they would NOT listen to the prophets and prepare. Will you listen and prepare? 

  And I bought many $ thousands all "last Year"  2010 in Precious Gems. WHY? 

  Because during time of war, precious Gems, Gold and Silver can often save lives or get something to eat when Stocks, Paper dollars, Real Estate, and Toys like boats, planes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other "Toys" have no value.
    Get OUT of anything "Paper" get real things you can hold in your hands.

   During the 2nd. World War many fled their home-lands with GEM'S 
   sew'n in their Coat Linings.
 Many bought their Freedom with hidden Gem's.

    So that is why I set up www.GodsStones.Com last year 2010 to help and 
    to make it possible 'now' for people to prepare for WAR coming soon.  
    If your religious leaders don't know what you now know; then why listen
    to them any longer?   They will get you killed.    

  God gave you a 'Brain' to think. Even when millions will die in ignorance.

  God has opened the door for you to live, so will you walk through that door or
 just stand there TILL it is too late? Is your life worth a date out to some movie? You have money to spend 'now' so get your priorities right; before it is too late.
        OR you can't continue to live with the people that you care about. 

    So says The Parowan Prophet. You could live when millions are dieing.

          Will you listen to me and prepare? OR just Die?  

      Moses had the same problem I have in getting people to look and live. Numbers 21:4-9 In the Bible that hypocrites say that they believe. 
                   People just would rather die, than look!

"This will be the best security for maintaining
our liberties. A nation of well-informed men,
who have been taught to know and prize the
rights which God has given them, cannot be
-- Benjamin Franklin
You MuST see this-
Since Obama and 2008 the National Debt is double.
That is disasterous for just 3 years in office.

You Must see this-     
Daily Price of Silver at: 
  Gold is too high priced PER ounce for most people to deal with. Silver can be bought in quantities most can afford. The price of SILVER for the Past 5,000 years has been about 15/1; that means 15 ounces of silver gets 1 ounce of Gold. That ratio is out of order now. So gold has to drop to less that 1/3 the current price. And thats not going to happen. Silver @ $30 and Gold at $1500 is 50/1 when history shows 15/1.
25 years ago in 1987 you could buy a 1 pound loaf of Bread for .55 cents. Silver was $7.01 per ounce.
That means 12-3/4 loafs of Bread for "one" ounce of Silver. Last week at WalMart I bought Whole Wheat Bread for $1.50 a loaf. And Silver was $30 per Ounce. So I could buy 20 loaves of Bread for the "One" ounce Silver
What cost $1 in 1987 (25 years ago) cost $1.90 in 2010 so your dollar was about cut in half. But NOT with Silver.
Buying Silver @ 32 with Gold @ 1750 is like buying Gold @ 560 -See Silver is way behind & will Explode to 50+ when Israel attacks Iran That is a 60% gain. When the USA is attacked it will make a 400 % gain. That Beats the Banks 1% paid, so expect $5--$6 gasoline soon. In 1996 JUST (6 YEARS AGO) I could buy 4 gallons of Gas for 1 Oz Silver. Now in 2012 I can BUY 7 1/2 gallons for 1 Oz of Silver. Both are up $ By 2015 I think 12 Gal= 1 Oz. Gold in 2002 was $300Oz + 10 years to 2012 is 5 times more at $1500Oz and will double WHEN WAR begins.
And will double again to $6000Oz within 5 years. Silver will follow to $150Oz = 5 times 2012. Buy Silver now.   
December 28, 2011; I wrote a Letter to the Editors of Southern Utah Newspapers. 5 Counties. Many thousands readers.
We have been betrayed. Utah Senators Hatch and Lee December 15, 2011 Voted to approve “The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011’ (NDAA 2011) permanently abolishes the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial. The NDAA 2011 says because I have more than 7 days food at home I can be called a terrorist. Because I have a Utah Gun Permit I can be classified a terrorist. Because I make public outcries about the elected leader’s betrayal of the US Constitution, I am a threat to the establishment and can be arrested by the words of NDAA 2011 and be held indefinitely without trial. 

My web link on the net said in August 1994 they would free O.J. Simpson and they did 15 months later. See Facts Won’t Matter on my web site. 
Google Parowan Prophet. 
I also said Banks would fail, (Foretold in 1994) A revolution and riots in the USA. The US Government broken to pieces. The Iraq wars of 1991 and 1993 would expand into Syria, Iran, Turkey, India, and Africa. December 24, 2011 the last troops left Iraq. But we will be back again. Banks will fail in 2012. Thomas S. Monson will die soon. Leland Freeborn  in Parowan, Utah 84761 UPDATE Nov 15, 2015    

As always Editors take out what they don't think is important. The Letter ran to 5 Counties January 12, 2012 - Blue part edited out. So the Southern Utah Mormons will not know I foretold Monsons death. Just like when I foretold Saddam Hussein's capture 10 days before it happened on December 13, 2003. The night the Spectrum was printing my letter on their press in St. George. The letter was written to the Editor 10 days before they caught him. Headlines they caught him in the same issue as my letter to the Editor that they will get him soon.  
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What is a Prophet For? See 
When WAR begins in December Gold will rise to $5000 per OZ. at 50/1= Silver @ $100 per OZ. Remember 911, Today 9/11/2012 Gold is $1730 and Silver @ $33.50
 Soon Gold will Double and Silver Tripple. Gold to #3500 and Silver to $100 =35/1