"Mother Shipton's Prophecy"

Mother Shipton was born about 1486. She is reputed to have been a "witch" and prophetess.

Some, requests for her "prophecy" have been made, so I will reproduce  the one herewith, supposedly written in 1562: (about 58 years BEFORE  the PilgrimsAND 447 years ago.)

Carriages without horses shall go; And accidents fill the world with woe:  (Car wrecks)

Around the world thoughts shall fly; In the twinkling of the eye:  ( e-mail)

Water shall yet wonders do; Now strange, but shall be true:   (produce electricity)

The world upside down shall be;(Polar Shift) Gold be found at the root of a tree:   (Bad is good-good is bad)

Through lands man shall ride; And no horse nor ass be at his side:   (Trucks and cars)

Under water men shall walk: Shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk:   (submarines)

In the air man shall be seen; In white, in black, and green; (airplanes)

Iron in the water shall float; As easy as a wooden boat: (Ships today)

Gold shall be found and shown; In a land that is not yet known: (California Gold Rush 1849)

Fire and water shall wonders do; England at last shall admit a Jew: (steam engines ) & (Jews there now)

The world to an end will come; In eighteen hundred and eighty-one: "1881" (ok she missed it 128+ years so what about the rest she said?) Ok so she missed it! See other prophecies on the"P"and"V"links, bless you.
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