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 I have already met with and asked the "City Councils" of Parowan, Santa Clara, Enoch, Brian Head, Cedar City, Paragonah, Leeds, Mesquite, Colorado City, to have a Community meeting for one hour to tell their citizens how to prepare for Nuclear Fallout in December. Thousands of lives can be saved with some knowledge of how to pepare. 10/3/14 Saint George readers "you must warn" your friends because the leaders there won’t speak to their 75,000 people to save lives. This email 10/3/14 from Mayor Jon Pike to me. "Mr. Freeborn, Thank you for your email.
I don't really see a reason for us to meet again.
I have mentioned the things you brought to my attention to each of the city council members. We believe we are doing all that is justified to be as prepared as possible for any event. It's possible that a catastrophic event may prove to be very difficult to handle, but we'll do all we can. Thanks, Jon"
So we will watch to see if Saint George Utah leaders "do all they can" and tell people how to prepare for December Fallout I told him about.
I'm sure leaders who can't lead will have to answer for thousands of lives. 75,000 people there and if 1/3 die, they will be on the hot seat.   
The Spectrum & Daily News.  Sunday September 28, 2014 C5


When Las Vegas is Nuked in December will you be prepared? Have you done all that you came to the earth to do?

DECIDE, IF you want to live; OR die, a long, slow, sick, painful death with “fallout” from “Nellis-AFB” You won’t be fortunate enough to die with the first missile. Fallout Symptoms of NAUSEA, VOMITING, Diarrhea Loss of appetite, fever. Hemorrhage, nosebleeds, infection, Sore mouth and throat. Emaciation, loss of hair, (See Isaiah 3:24 - to 4:1) Death, STINK! Who buries you? Your family?

“THREE” things effect damage/sickness from fallout. “Shielding- Time- Distance-” The MORE OF EACH the BETTER are your chances for survival. Expected  effects  from “Fallout  Radiation” R Sickness. “20-200” R Vomiting and nausea for about one day, many survivors. 

200-300  R  Same, about 20% Deaths in 2 to 6 weeks so  expect  a  dormant  period,  slow  dying. 
400  R  Same,  about  50%  Deaths  WITHIN 1  month.   400-600  R  Same,  all  sick  within 5 hours, IN ALL PERSONS About 75%  Deaths,  less than 1  month.  600-800  R  Everyone  sick  within 2  hours, FEW survivors. 800- 5000  R  Sick  WITHIN the hour, ALL Fatal within 1  week.

Write this down now, all my site will be down from “EMP blast” before the people are. You want to live, maybe tell friends and family too.

Buy  a  National  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric  Administration  Weather  Radio  for  $20  at  Wal-Mart  and  buy  extra  batteries.  To  put away  till  you  know “FALLOUT”   is   coming.   NOAA   has “EMP  hardened  Radio”  broadcasting  the  fallout  rates  in  your  area. Now we are only a couple months from the surprise attack so get your radio ordered. Wrap the radio box it comes in with “Aluminum Foil” to shield it from EMP and put it where you remember “With Dishes” to see daily. Then as millions leave their shelters “too soon” you will be able to hear and know to still stay sheltered. Wait till rems are rem “Per Hour” or 12 rem’s PER Day.

Then you can go out for a few hours at a time. But you must return to “O” rems in your shelter. Or your body dose will get to large  and you become sick too. Repeated “Sub-lethal” Exposures add up Don’t get more than 25-R in any “one” (1) DAY; 125 R - in ANY (1) Week, or you may get sick. 300 R - in any 3 months, or you are getting poisoned to die.  Your body can't repair itself, fast enough.
KEEP “TIME” on your side, be protected ! Plan a shelter now. Why don’t you TELL friends to see my site soon! FREE home 

shelter plans on my web site.    They might thank you!  ParowanProphet.Com

Nellis Air Force Base is 73 miles and 1 hour 10 minutes from Mesquite

Nevada, and 114 miles or 1 hour 50 minutes from Saint George Utah. Both
of those places will get heavy bomb fallout near Christmas time
that can kill
most of the people unless they are prepared. Why should many thousands
of people have to die because of ignorance and not knowing what to do?

When they can have a chance to live because the bomb Blast damage is far
Ignorance is the killer when they can learn how to prepare. Fallout
will spread out 300 miles East.
    Fallout Radiation Gamma Rays are like
tiny deer rifle bullets, thousands of tiny bullets. You need solid MASS all
around you
, 200 pounds per square foot to absorb those tiny rays before
they split the cells in your body. Just like X rays you can’t feel them pass
through you until you get sick later. That overloads your blood with dead
cells. Too much radiation and you are doomed to die later. Below ground,
or most inside room under a table with stuff on top and around to absorb
Gamma rays
. Distance from fallout outside. Use distance to your advantage
and time for Fallout to decay or loose the power to kill. 

     Water for two  weeks stay, food, blankets, 10 rolls of toilet paper PER Person.
Have Salt
stored so 4 teaspoons per day and Baking Soda 2 teaspoons PER day
so when you are sick and vomiting. Mix 1 quart water with 1 teaspoon salt
and teaspoon baking soda to replace body electrolytes when vomiting,
or you will die of dehydration. Sip water after you vomit. Radiation affects
your digestive system first. Have one gallon of water per day 14 gallons
PER Person
; jello, tang, kool-aid to help with salty water taste. 5 gallon
cans FULL of water, so when empty with garbage bags for human waste.
Pee and dung into can. Fallout does not discriminate it kills everything alive.

You must choose to live or die of terrible sickness days later. If you
die who takes care of the children? Don’t be selfish, just protecting them to
live without you
. Books, 3-100 hour candles, Scriptures, Note paper, Guns,
ammo, matches, wash-cloth, soap, Baby wipes, paper-towels, deodorant,
change of clothes, patience and a new 14 day attitude.
Millions will be worse
than you are. At least you know what to do. It is NOT the end of the world
just start of World War 3 for 42 more months. 100 million will die in USA,

2 Billion on earth. Revelation in Bible says 1/3 humanity killed with fire! 

You are alive! Stay alive or see hell. Plan to live like 200 years ago.  Cars

     won’t run, no electricity, no Doctors, Medical help. The dead are seeing hell,
      you are alive. So is God, he said this will happen. Read Leviticus 26 and
Deuteronomy 28 and Matthew 4:4 Read the Bible in 70 hours.

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