AD's in Newspapers Every FALL. So In 2019, (more than $4,000 in) ADS will appear to about 1/2 million News Papers printed every week for 15 weeks in a row. "IF" one person reads that paper then 1/2 million PEOPLE every week for 15 weeks from September 2019 till December 14, 2019. 

 My Web site at Parowan Prophet Dot Com  I have said that 100 Million will DIE in the USA.  And about a Million DIE in Utah.  So I ask if Utah Press Papers in Utah will help SAVE Lives of People. I take the Blame for what is said in the AD's, Leland i.e. the Parowan Prophet. Com

 Thousands are spent every year with Newspaper Ads WARNING about Nuclear World War 3  SO many say I am like the boy who cried Wolf so many times when he saw the wolf that people became appathetic to his warning.
 So when they also saw the Wolf it was too late for them to be ready WHEN THE WOLF CAME and devoured them.
   The MORAL of the story is the WOLF did come,  AND PEOPLE WERE not Prepared. 

  These are the weekly ADs to be in the Utah Press Association's 
WEEKLY till December 14, 2019  CLICK HERE

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  Jesus was asked who are the FEWwho would be saved. Luke 13:23-30
   I have warned for over 40 years, and FEW believe.
$$ thousands every year, so what are LIVES Worth? Do Church Leaders TRY to save lives? NO, they don't even know what will happen soon. The Blind lead the blind. Matthew 15:14  Jesus said they both FALL into the ditch.                        
  READ How to Survive the Nuclear War
  World War 3 soon. After 12/14/2019
  You are a living HUMAN, with a BRAIN, so you have more than animal instincts.            Use your Brain to think and reason.
   "And the Lord GOD took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it"   Genesis 2:14-15       So after our first parents were cast OUT of the garden of Eden, the People became wicked. 
 See the rest of the story that Moses did not tell.   CLICK HERE
So God caused a FLOOD to destroy them.  Noah was called to save some people in the Ark. Just AS I have been called to save some people in Shelters from Nuclear Radiation in Nuclear Fallout across the USA.
  The "word"  Ararat means "holy land."  The ARK landed on "holy land."

 Genesis 8:4   "And the ark rested...UPON the mountains of Ararat." NOTICE that "holy land" is the WORD Ararat. ALSO, it was NOT one place, BUT MountainS, with the "S" OR mountainS of "holy land"  WHEN water receds the first place to see is high ground.    So men named the HIGHEST ground Mount Ararat.
 I was born in Bakersfield. So was it Bakersfield California, Missouri, or Vermont? ALL 3 States have a Bakersfield. Noah's ARK landed on "holy land"as waters receded. Do you think that the FLOOD got 3.2 miles DEEP to cover the Mountains in Armenia? "Ararat" is"holy land" OR high ground sticking out of the water.
TODAY, peope think it is IN Armenia, It really has nothing to do with the Flood,
except that high ground with SNOW that melts and waters flow into Lake Van. Then down the Euphrates River to Sumer in Iraq, and the Persian Gulf as we call it today.

  Shem's descendant Enoch, was the Father of the Hebrew Phoenicians, who were Sailors on boats. Some who had come from high ground in the Tarim Basin in China where the Flood really was. Google Chinese Pyramids.  8,000 year old Pyramids in China. Twice the Size of Egypt. 
Tarim Basin is A big Valley 300 miles WIDE and 1,100 miles long in the Valley.  Some of his children floated down the Euphrates River from near Ararat.  See the TARIM BASIN CLICK HERE and HERE Video

Now for you who can read, AND USE YOUT BRAIN. NOW Think that Mt. Everest is 29,029 feet, the highest Mt. on earth. Genesis 7:4 tells it RAINED for 40 days. So "IF" water fell in Rain at 700 feet PER Day: then IN 40 days it would go up to 28,000 feet and still NOT cover everything.  24 hours in a Day, so do you think it RAINED 29 feet Per Hour, for 40 days. 7X4=28  IF your house flooded in the Tarim Basin and you got on the roof and water covered the roof TOP and everyone did drown.

THEN after the Flood, people would build Pyramids higher than ROOF TOPS to escape to. People did the same in the Americas. Pyramids also.

Just as Bakersfield California is close to Morro Bay on the Pacific Ocean, where I Fished as a Kid just 2 hours from home.  And thousands of miles from Bakersfield Missouri, or Bakersfield Vermont. WHY do you study HIStory?  So when you read the Bible it will make some sense to you.  Are you Reasonable?  Are you able to reason? 
 Have you EVER heard ANY words of Prophecy from any of the imposter, pretend, play, false, phony, Prophets around today? 
No you have NOT; so have you EVER heard ANY prophecy, or Visions, OR warning at all. NO, They are doomed.  And you too, if you do not learn how to live.
WAKE UP READERS, why did God give you a brain to think? We can teach an animal to do tricks and obey. But they are not able to reason. Not Reasonable like you humans. God expects more from you than animal instincts. God expects you to REPENT and Change what you can see is wrong.